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All Japan Tours offers unlimited vacation possibilities to explore and experience an unforgettable trip to Japan. Whether you’re interested in Japanese cherry blossom tours, festival tours, autumn leaves tours or special interest tours, our Japan tour packages will bring your vacation dreams to reality.

Choose tours based on style, interest, date, or season. Our Japan group tour packages are fully escorted, and we can also arrange special-interest private tours, custom group tours, and other Asia country tours to match your specific needs. | Why All Japan Tours

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What Can We Offer for Your Japan Trip ?

Japan Travel Packages

Need inspiration? Want something special?

All Japan Tours has a broad selection of professionally designed Japan travel packages that reach across a wide array of travel interests and come with a variety of perks. From active walking tours to luxury small group tours, cherry blossom tours to Japanese garden tours - we have them all.

Our Japan cherry blossom tours are our most popular tours because we highlight the top places to see sakura, the most renowned flower in the country. Experience Japanese cherry blossom festivals, a cherry blossom dance show performed by geisha, and sakura views from Mt. Fuji, to gardens in Kyoto.

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Our Japan autumn leaves tours give you exclusive access to beautiful gardens, temples, shrines, and famous landmarks while enjoying the colorful autumn scenery along the way. We offer Japan tours to rural parts of Japan, historical towns, World Heritage sites, and diverse shopping districts.

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Our Japanese festival tours cover festivals from all seasons. Matsuri (festivals) can range from celebrations to honor a shrine`s deity to joyful seasonal occurrences. Participate in one of the biggest festivals in Japan, the Kyoto Aoi Festival, or check out the Gion Summer Festival on one of our Japan tours.

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Top 12
in Japan

Take a look at our Top 12 Attractions in Japan and discover the incredible experiences that our guests ask about again and again! Seasonal festivals in Kyoto, Sapporo, and Takayama, an Alpine Route through sheer walls of snow, a peaceful walk under a canopy of Wisteria, and a chance to watch the snow monkeys bathe - these attractions immerse travelers in a more authentic Japan. Take a look at our Top 12 Attractions in Japan and discover the incredible experiences that our guests ask about again and again! Seasonal festivals in Kyoto, Sapporo, and Takayama, an Alpine Route through sheer walls of snow, a peaceful walk under a canopy of Wisteria, and a chance to watch the snow monkeys bathe - these attractions immerse travelers in a more authentic Japan.

Takayama Festivals

Experience the Takayama Spring & Autumn Festivals during your trip to Japan, one of Japan's most beautiful festivals.

Witness the beautiful Takayama Festivals in Japan, not once, but twice a year. We offer a list of Japan tour packages that allow you to experience the lavishly decorated floats, known as yatai, which feature karakuri (mechanical puppets) that dance and move impressively. Whichever season you prefer, we have a Japan tour package reserved for either Takayama Festivals.

Lavenders in Hokkaido

Get lost in the lovely Furano Flower Fields surrounded with lavender flowers, and enjoy views of the spacious fields in Biei.

Our Hokkaido lavender tours showcase the best spots to indulge in lavender beauty during its flowering season. Take a Japan trip to Farm Tomita in Furano, known as one of the best places in Japan to see spectacular backdrops of lavender. Our lavender tours will also take you to a small town called Biei, overlapping with picturesque hills, vast fields, and the popular Panorama Road.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is an amazing route that goes through the Northern Japan Alps.

Visit the famous and long demanded Alpine Route in Japanese Alps. Requiring varying modes of transportation, this route takes you through mountains and valleys for some of the most scenic views in all of Japan. From high mountain peaks reflected in the surface of calm, crystal lakes to the lower elevations at the Kurobe Dam and the famous site of the snow corridor, this route is sure to be unforgettably beautiful.


Take delight in viewing elegant wisteria flowers at Ashikaga Flower Park and Kawachi Fuji Garden during your tour to Japan.

Wisteria are dream-like flowers that hang like pink and purple chandeliers. On our Japan Wisteria Tours, you will visit places like the Kawachi Fuji Garden and Ashikaga Flower Park. The Kawachi Fuji Garden features picture-worthy flower tunnels you can walk underneath, while the Ashikaga Flower Park is significant for their "Great Wisteria", a famous tree that's over a 150 years old.

Snow Monkeys

Watch Japanese snow monkeys bathe in hot springs at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park on a Japan winter tour.

Our snow monkey tours will take you to the Jigokudani Yaenkoen Park, where you can see Japanese Macaque, known as "snow monkeys". Thousands of people come to see the monkeys, whom are native to northern Japan and can be recognized by their red faces and light brown-grey fur. Watching the snow monkeys bathe up close is quite an experience, so don't forget your camera!

Japan Winter Festivals

Our Japan tours will take you to the best winter festivals in the country, where you can admire giant ice sculptures and unique fairgrounds.

Believe it or not, some of the best festivals that attract millions of visitors each year are located in the coldest parts of Japan. We have arranged tours to travel to the Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru Snow Light Path, Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival, Asahikawa Winter Festival, and the Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival. Experience seeing illuminated ice sculptures on one our tour packages.

Awa Odori Dance Festival

Join a tour that visits Japan's largest dance festival, Awa Odori, and enjoy traditional music accompanied with lots of food in a lively celebration.

Attracting over 1.3 million visitors per year, Awa Odori is the largest dance festival in Japan. We have a Japan tour package showing you the best of Japan, including this famous dance festival. It is also called the "Fool's Dance", which originates from 400 years ago. Many instruments including taiko, shamisen, and flutes are accompanied with the dancers that parade through the city.

Gion Summer Festival

Spend your Japan vacation indulging in traditional Japanese culture and stunning floats at the Gion Summer Festival.

The Gion Matsuri is Kyoto’s largest annual festival and one of Japan's most famous. We have arranged Japan tour packages that include this 1100 year old celebration, which originally began as a religious ceremony dating back to 869. The main event occurs on July 17th and July 24th, where locals and visitors gather to view two extravagant procession parade floats.

Kyoto Aoi Festival

Book a trip to Japan that includes a taste of Japanese history at the elegant and popular Kyoto Aoi Festival.

Every May 15th, the Kyoto Aoi Festival features a large parade of over 500 people dressed in Heian Period (794-1185) styled clothing to illustrate a graceful procession. We provide several tours that highlight one of Kyoto's most celebrated festivals. The Kyoto Aoi Matsuri takes you back to the 10th century, where traditional makeup and impressive costumes can be appreciated.

Shibazakura Festivals

Admire thousands of ground cherry blossoms at the Fuji Shibazakura Festival & Takinoue Koen Park Shibazakura Festival during your Japan tour.

Known as the ground cherry blossoms, our Shibazakura Festival tours will take you to attractions that are blanketed with vivid shibazakura. See the Fuji Shibazakura Festival, featuring over 800,000 spectacular moss phlox with the great Mt. Fuji in the background. Also visit Takinoue Koen Park, noteworthy for its hillside covered with 100,000 square meters of shibazakura.

Baby Blue Eye Flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park

Take your Japan tour to the majestic flower gardens at Hitachi Seaside Park, widely known for its hillside of 4.5 million baby blue eye flowers.

Scientifically known as Nemophila, the largest collection of baby blue eye flowers can be seen at the Hitachi Seaside Park. There are over 4.5 million baby blue eyes blooming from mid-April to mid-May, referred as "Nemophila Harmony" during its annual bloom. The Hitachi Seaside Park features vast, gorgeous flower gardens of tulips, poppies, roses, kochia, and more.

Tohoku 3 Great Summer Festivals

Join the fiery celebration at Tohoku's 3 Great Summer Festivals during your Japan trip.

Be keen on Tohoku's Three Great Summer Festivals all in one Japan tour package. These summer festivals known as Aomori Nebuta, Akita Kanto, and Sendai Tanabata are lively experiences you don't want to miss. Enjoy magnificent views of lantern-lit floats, high-spirited dancing, music performances, kanto skills, firework displays, thousands of colorful streamers, and more.

Top 12 Places to Visit in Japan

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Japan Cherry Blossom Guide

Cherry blossoms in Japan have been a major attraction for tourists. The most common question people ask is "when is the cherry blossom season?" It is an easy yet difficult answer because it depends on the area we are talking about.

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Japan Autumn Leaves Guide

Autumn leaves in Japan are almost as popular as the cherry blossom season. Kōyō is the Japanese word for autumn leaves. Kōyō and momiji (maple leaves) use the same kanji and has been that way since the Heian Period.

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The Latest Article, Gallery and Video of Japan

Our tour and travel blogs offer a range of helpful information to help you prepare for your trip to Japan and increase your excitement for the wonders you'll find there! Our expert blog offers helpful tips and tricks for navigating the country, insider information on traveling to Japan, and our take on Japan's top sights and experiences. Our tour and travel blogs offer a range of helpful information to help you prepare for your trip to Japan and increase your excitement for the wonders you'll find there! Our expert blog offers helpful tips and tricks for navigating the country, insider information on traveling to Japan, and our take on Japan's top sights and experiences.

Trip Planning FAQs

What travel style is most suitable for me? Group tours or private tours?

The best travel style for you will depend on your personal travel preferences and budget. Group tours are popular because they are more cost-effective than private tours, more hassle-free, and offer the chance for friendship within tour groups. Most of our group tours use a private coach for sightseeing, your driver will take you to the closest parking and you just need to walk to each destination from there. A private coach is a more flexible and a more hassle free way to visit Japan, this allows you to see as much of Japan as stress-free as possible. Private tours are often more costly, but offer full control of the travel pace and the sights you want to see, at the budget you set. If you would like to travel at your own pace, then custom private tours are for you. For a small group of 2 or 3 people, public transportation is the most cost efficient way to travel Japan. However, there is a lot of walking if you travel by public transportation since some attractions are far from the station, you will need extra days to visit the same sites compared to our group tours, and also you will need to able to walk 3-5 miles per day. We can also offer private tours by using private van. If you are looking for a private tour for 2 people with the same quality as our group tours, it will cost almost double the price. The larger the group size, the lower the cost per person.

Where are the best places to visit in Japan for first time travelers?

Japan is a country with more places to see than might be expected of its size. For first-time travelers to Japan, the cities of Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Takayama, Kanazawa, Nara, Kyoto, and Hiroshima are most recommended. Tokyo's glittering lights, tall skyscrapers, fine dining, and cultural experiences make it the number one place to visit. Kyoto is a must-see for its ancient temples, shrines, and gardens. It is also one of the best places for a spring cherry blossom tour. First time travelers enjoy Hakone and Mount Fuji's natural beauty, and a tour to see the autumn leaves in fall is especially lovely. Nara is near Kyoto and a top city for temples and beautiful nature. If you have enough time, go to Takayama and Shirakawago for ancient Japan historical sites and an authentic cultural experience, and go to Hiroshima for a walk in the Peace Park, past the A-Bomb Dome. More time means you can visit all the best Japanese cities!

For a second time traveler to Japan, what destinations do you recommend?

A second trip is the perfect chance to explore a more real, authentic Japan atmosphere. The most recommended destinations for a second-time traveler to Japan are Tohoku, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Okinawa. Take a trip out of central Honshu to visit the Tohoku region, where you can see the Aomori Nebuta Festival and the Sendai Tanabata fireworks in an exciting summer tour. Venture off the main island to the beautiful nature landscapes up in Hokkaido. Go down into Shikoku to discover the amazing treasures of Naoshima Art Island and the local Awa Odori dance festival of Tokushima. Go further south into Kyushu for the shrine at Takachiho or the Hidden Christian Sites at Nagasaki. Second-time travelers will enjoy a summer vacation in Japan to Okinawa's beautiful, perfect beaches. Japan has endless destinations to appeal to the second time traveler!

What is the cost of a trip to Japan?

The prices will range widely depending on the destinations, duration, and your demands for comfort. Let's take one of the most popular itineraries as an example - a 7-day tour to Tokyo, Hakone, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. For 2 people staying in 4-star accommodations, it will cost about US$3500 per person as a private Japan land tour, using public transportation (bullet train, local train, subway and taxi). If you join in a group tour with a similar itinerary, the trip usually costs about US$2700 per person.
No matter how much you want to spend on a trip, as the best Japan tour company, we are always happy to tailor make a private tour itinerary that best fits your needs. In addition, our early bird discount can also help you save more.

How many days are needed for a Japan tour?

The length of the trip will depend on the destinations and how much of Japan you want to see. For a single city vacation package (Tokyo or Kyoto), two to three days are required. If you want to visit three to four cities (Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto & Nara), you will need around one week. A 10-day Japan vacation package usually would cover five to six cities (Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka & Hiroshima). For a two-week trip to Japan, you can add Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and Kanazawa to the popular sights in central Japan.

Do you offer luxury tours?

Yes, we do. Our Ultra-Deluxe Luxury Tours include luxury accommodation, private transportation, high-class dining, and exclusive cultural experiences. We also offer Luxury Train Travel Packages for a one-of-a-kind, stylish trip by rail through the amazing landscape of Japan. A Private Jet Journey is another one of our luxury tour options, offering you perfect control of what you see as you fly from one incredible destination to the next in your luxurious private jet that includes whatever amenities you want. We are glad to arrange a luxury travel tour tailored to your preferences.

I love your service and want to travel with AJT again. Do you offer tours to other countries?

Yes, we do. Through our sister company, All Asia Tours, we offer group tour packages to China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and can arrange private tour packages to any country in Asia that interests you. Starting with one of our Japan tour itineraries that take you through Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, you can connect it to an extension in Korea to savor a bowl of spicy kimchi, or to China to walk atop the Great Wall outside Beijing. If you want to travel anywhere in Asia, All Japan Tours can plan a tour to suit your needs.

When is the best time of year to visit Japan?

Any time of the year is the best time to visit Japan! In March and April, you can see beautiful cherry blossoms, in May there are seasonal flowers, such as Wisteria, Baby blue eyes, and shibazakura (phlox moss). The summer months from June to August is the best time for festivals like Awa Odori, and there are amazing fireworks festivals, too. In Hokkaido, fields of lavenders are in bloom at this time, as well as many other summer flowers. Autumn is the best time to see the bright autumn leaves, as the fall foliage changes to vibrant colors, and winter is good for the Sapporo Snow Festival, skiing in the mountains, and seeing snow monkeys! We have group tours available in every season, and can plan a private tour around your schedule.

When can I see cherry blossoms?

You can see the cherry blossoms at different times in spring, depending on where you travel - earlier in the south, and later as you move north. Southern to Central Japan sees cherry blossoms from late March to mid April. This is the perfect time to see the pretty pink flowers anywhere from Nagasaki and Fukuoka to Kyoto's Maruyama Park, all the way over to popular Ueno Park in Tokyo. The Tohoku region's cherry blossoms bloom around late April, if you travel up to Sendai or Morioka. Up in Hokkaido, late April to early May is the perfect time for a stroll in a park in Hakodate or Sapporo to see the famous cherry blossoms.

Is Japan good for families?

Japan is great for families! It is one of the safest countries in the world, and offers a range of attractions to appeal to both children and adults. Kids who like anime will love Akihabara Electric Town and The Ghibli Museum. You could plan some Disney days to enjoy at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea, or include some time at Universal Studios Japan in your itinerary. Families can also enjoy Japanese culture together, including a Ninja Mansion, watching sumo or learning how to make sushi. We can help to plan an itinerary that is sure to provide endless amusement for the kids, without leaving adults and seniors out of the fun!

Is Japan good for honeymoons?

Yes, it is. Japan offers some of the most breathtakingly romantic locations on the planet, more Michelin star restaurants than any other country, luxurious hotels and ryokans with onsen baths, along with memorable cultural experiences you can't find in any other honeymoon destination! We can even arrange an authentic Japanese wedding ceremony at a Shinto shrine, officiated by priest or priestess. Plan a honeymoon trip with seasonal scenery that will stand out in the honeymoon photos, like spring cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, or snow-capped mountains. There are also a range of cultural activities that couples can enjoy, like tea ceremony, ikebana flower arranging, nature hikes, and more!

Do you work with travel agents?

Yes, we work closely with travel agents from around the world, and we are a preferred tour supplier for Japan travel. Our published tours can be sent to clients as they are listed on our site, or can be customized to fit their specific needs.

How far in advance should I book my trip?

It depends how far in advance you prefer to plan. We book last-minute trips all the time, and also arrange tours that are planned years in advance. The main points to consider when booking last-minute are holiday and festival availability, and seasonal demand (e.g., cherry blossom season in Japan).

I am considering one of your tours. What's next?

Please contact us by telephone (1-909-988-8885 or Toll Free 1-855-325-2726 ), e-mail (info@alljapantours.com), or via your travel agent when you are considering a trip. At that point, we can answer any questions regarding weather, recommended destinations, or special events taking place, and help you determine the best itinerary and destination(s). Once you are ready to book one of our trips, contact our office or your travel agent to make arrangements to place your trip deposit. We then book all services and generally have confirmations within 24 hours, depending on the extent of your services.

Is airfare included in the price of your tours?

Internal flights are included in our tour prices unless otherwise specified. The addition of international airfare is an additional cost to the listed tour price. Many of our clients prefer to book their own international flights using airline miles. As regards the operation of our tours, our services begin when you arrive at your first international destination.