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- The Golden Route Japan Tour -

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Summer Tour

6/24/2024 - 6/30/2024 / 2024-06-24   

Ms. LaGrone & Mr. Limpede

There were a few too many shrines and temples. The best part was learning about the culture and local customs. Our tour guide, Kim, was excellent and gave us insights into how the locals live as well as how society runs--things that tour brochures do not cover. If we were to return to Japan we would want to have Kim as a guide again as she was so pleasant, engaging and competent. The tour overall gets a rating of 4 but she gets a 5+.

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Summer Tour

6/24/2024 - 6/30/2024 / 2024-06-24   

Mr. Stalvig & Mr. Sparer

Well worth the price. If i hadn't booked this tour, i wouldn't have been able to see half the attractions and probably would have had to pay more. Kim-san made sure we were able to see everything on the itinerary, even with crazy weather making us switch things around. Nakano-san was a very capable driver and helped everyone get on the right bus. I really couldn't even imagine trying to book everything on my own and all of the hotels were top notch (right at the center of everything). Very pleasant experience.

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Summer Tour

6/23/2024 - 6/29/2024 / 2024-06-23   

Annette, Kananiuluwehi, & Pilialoha Jones

This tour is exactly what we wanted for our first time in Japan. It's really just a taste of Japanese culture leaving you wanting to come back for more. We loved the tea ceremony, sushi making, Shinkansen (even if it was only for 1 stop), and the onsen hotel.

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The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer

6/16/2024 - 6/22/2024 / 2024-06-16   

Teresa, Terry, Chloe & Trent

I cannot rave enough about this tour. Miharu and Joyce (subbed for 2 days) were our top notch hard working guides. I appreciate the history and interesting side stories were communicated on the bus, so at most locations we were able to explore on our own. The hotels, meals and coach were very comfortable & enjoyable. Everything was ready and prepared when the group arrived. The itinerary is well paced and full so you get your money's worth. The sushi making, Ninja throwing and Maiko tea ceremony & performance were so much fun and a compliment to just sight seeing. This was a very memorable trip with a great group of fellow travelers. All in all, a very well organized tour and I would not hesitate to book another with AJT.

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Summer Tour

6/10/2024 - 6/16/2024 / 2024-06-10   

Mrs. Takei-Kramp & Mrs. Ishisaki

This was my first trip to Japan, so I didn’t know what to expect. Our group spent a few days pre and post tour. The tour was fabulous! We took, “The Golden Route (Reverse) Japan Tour”. Every place we went, we spent just the right amount of time. Our tour guide (Barbara), gave us a lot of information about each of the places we visited along with the history, I found this to be very valuable. We kept on schedule and followed the itinerary to the tee. The bus driver and Barbara were both pleasant and nice, they took good care of us and our well being.

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The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer 2024

6/2/2024 - 6/8/2024 / 2024-06-02   

Mr. Lindquist

The best decision we made was to book a tour through AJT. Our guide, Miharu, did an excellent job and provided information and history before we arrived at each stop on our tour. She kept the itinerary focused and gave us just enough time at each location to get a taste of it. We cannot wait to return to Japan and visit some new places.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse)

5/05/2024 - 5/11/2024 / 2024-05-20   

Mr. Crary

We gained great appreciation for the culture and history of Japan through the sites we visited. The transportation was comfortable and convenient, and our guide, Trend, was outstanding, knowledgeable and entertaining. The accommodations were terrific, and it was so convenient to have two meals included each day. We enjoyed every aspect of the tour and we'd highly recommend it to others!

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse)

5/20/2024 - 5/26/2024 / 2024-05-20   

Ms. Kolluri

This tour was amazing with everything so well organized. The transportation was comfortable, accommodation was great (pretty much got 4-star hotels) and all the important touristy places were covered. It'd be hard for anyone to do the same itinerary on their own for sure. My fav. aspect of the tour is that it was not rushed and had ample time at each of the spots making it more enjoyable. Most importantly, our guide TREND was brilliant. She did an excellent job in taking care of the group, keeping it entertaining and educative. She always ensured we were all comfortable everywhere and especially in the restaurants where the menu was hard to understand given I had dietary restrictions leaving few choices. I'd recommend this tour to anyone who is looking for the highlights of Japan.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse)

5/05/2024 - 5/11/2024 / 2024-05-05   

Ms. Cameron

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Japan and would highly recommend All Japan Tours to anyone planning a vacation there. I had so many wonderful experiences during my trip, and got to see many amazing highlights of the country. I thought the guides were exceptional; in particular, Barbara was extremely helpful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about Japan.

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The Golden Route Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

4/10/2024 - 4/16/2024 / 2024-04-10   

Mr. Omar Tayara

My trip to Japan with the travel group was absolutely amazing! We had the chance to explore a variety of breathtaking places, from serene temples to bustling fish markets. The itinerary was packed with diverse activities, ensuring there was something for everyone. Our tour guide was phenomenal—knowledgeable, entertaining, and super friendly. The bus driver was also really nice and made sure our travels were comfortable. Even before the trip, the staff was incredibly helpful and quick to address any questions or concerns I had.

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