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- The Golden Route Japan Tour -


3/30/2015 - 4/5/2015 / April 20th, 2015   

Norman and Eloise from California

We wnted to tell you how very pleased we were with the arrangements which you made for us. The Golden Route Tour was excellent. And the hotels which you arranged for us afterward were also excellent. We particularly appreciated the perfect location of the Meitetsu Grand Hotel in Nagoya.


4/6/2015 - 4/11/2015 / April 13th, 2015   

Brit & Yoko from California

We really enjoyed our trip to Okinawa. The plane was very tiring. Our tour guide, Jeorge Choi, was very good. He was knowledgeable in everything we saw. It was nice to be in small group of four. He took very good care of us. Thank you for arranging this wonderful trip for us.


3/29/2015 - 4/4/2015 / April 7th, 2015   

Sylvain from Califonia

Thank You for the extraordinary tour that concluded on April 4. Every aspect of the tour was well organized, and we had an excellent tour guide, in Mrs. Kim Kida, who\'s very professional, caring, organized and a wonderful sense of humor. We also had an excellent drive: Mr. Hasegawa. I will like to request these two professionals, on my next tour to Japan in the near future.


10/6/2014 - 10/13/2014 / October 16th, 2014   

Mr Kolman from Turkey

We returned from Japan few days ( takayama autumn festival 2014 )
It was a wonderful trip.We really enjoy.
I would to thank you and also to our guide Ms. Kim Kida.
She work a lot. I could see that all participants was very satisfied.
All places that was indicated in your programme was fully visited.
I will recommend to all my friends.
I wish success in your business life
Thank you once again.


7/27/2014 - 8/2/2014 / September 15th, 2014   

Melodie from Alabama

I wanted to email you thanking you for your help in arranging us such a wonderful trip to Japan! We enjoyed our Golden Route Summer Tour, July 27- August 2, 2014. Our tour guide, Kim Kida was excellent. Our bus driver, Uetake was outstanding. They both made us feel welcome in Japan. We learned so much about Japan through this tour and Kim Kida! Uetake was an excellent and safe bus driver. This tour makes us want to go back to beautiful Japan. Well done All Japan Tours! I cannot thank you enough. It was a wonderful trip. My sons, Cody and Justin Jones had a great time. Wonderful family memories for us. Attached is our tour group photo! We made many new friends!


8/25/2014 - 8/31/2014 / September 3nd, 2014   

Laurel from Washington

We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour - we saw so many things and had so many wonderful meals! We especially enjoyed our Tour Guide - Mr. Ito (Ito-San) he brought just the right amount of information, knowledge and humor into his talks. He was polite and patient the entire trip - even when some people in the group would stay longer than he asked at some locations - he kept things calm and under control. Not an easy job with so many of us all wanting to go in different directions! I will be sure to recommend your tour to friends in the future.


7/15/2014 - 7/22/2014 / July 31th, 2014   

Bonnie from California

I just want to thank you for such a great tour!

Kim Kida was an AMAZING tour guide. There wasn't any question that we had that she didn't know the answer to and made us feel most welcome asking her anything. She made us feel the joy and awe the beautiful country of Japan. My 18 year old nephew had a good time the whole time and that is saying something. Kim gave us the perfect amount of structured and free time. I can't write enough good things about her!

Our bus driver was Mr. Hasegawa, which says a lot that I remember his name. He was extremely skilled at his job but he was also very kind and extremely dedicated to his job. We had impressive holiday traffic one day and he was efficient and kind the whole time.

I wish I could remember the Japanese phrase for "Thank you for being tired." I am sure Mr. Hasegawa and Ms. Kida must have been very tired after our tour but we saw none of that because they were energetic and gracious the whole time (extremely accommodating also - just fantastic).


7/6/2014 - 7/12/2014 / July 20th, 2014   

Fumiko from California

I am back from my Golden Route Japan Summer Tour from July 6-12, 2014. I enjoyed the tour very much with all the variety and things to do in a short time. I also liked the pace and the choice of places to visit, and the food was wonderful. We did see and do everything despite the typhoon that was supposed to hit us and it only rained hard at the Ninja Museum. We saw Mt. Fuji clearly from a distance.

What I liked really well was our tour guide, Kim Kida. Not only was she accommodating to everyone's needs but she was especially helpful to me on my travel arrangements from Osaka to Yokohama after the tour ended. Kim gave me precise directions on taking the bullit train from Shin Osaka to Shin Yokohama without using taxis which saved me a lot of money. There was a free shuttle bus from ANA Crown Plaza Hotel in Osaka to Osaka Station where I bought my bullit train ticket. Then I got on a local train with the bullit train ticket that got me to Shin Osaka in 2 minutes. This was a free transfer. Then I caught the bullit train to Shin Yokohama and used the same ticket to catch a local Yokohama train to Sakura- gicho station. The exit leads to a huge plaza with a escalator taking you to the landmark tower and the covered malls. I walked about 15 minutes to my hotel which is attached to the 2nd mall. A taxi would have taken 30 minutes according to Kim. I am glad I followed her advice because the way I walked was directly to the hotel. I also did not see the streets or taxis around which take one-way streets that are out of the way and the traffic lights are long. It took me 5 hours to do all this so it was a daunting task when you do not read Japanese and speak only a little Japanese.


5/20/2014 - 5/26/2014 / May 28th, 2014   

Arturas from Illinois

Good day to everybody in All Japan tours. I just comeback from Golden Route Japan spring tour. I just loved every minute of this tour. Next day at home I already missed Japanese food. The hotels you can not wish for better. Everything was organized just perfect, on very high professional level. And most important is country of Japan. I enjoy every moment in there. Rich history, warm peoples, local cuisine. Well done, AJT. Thank You so much.


3/19/2014 - 3/25/2014 / May 12th, 2014   

Kazuo from Canada

I apologize for the delay in not sending you a comment regarding our Japan tour but I had to leave on another vacation soon after. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour – the hotel and accommodation, the itinerary, meals were excellent, and best of all we had Yuka as our guide. She was informative, humorous, and took very good care of us all. We had one person on the tour who was very rude at times but Yuka handled him very professionally. Perhaps we might be a bit biased but it’s hard to imagine anyone visiting Japan not to fall in love with their culture, the people and the beauty of this country. Thank you for a wonderful tour.