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Japan Private Custom Tour

11/9/2022 - 11/27/2022 / 2022-11-29   

Mr. Tay

Kiyoshi-san: It does not seem like this person sleeps. He is always so prompt in responding to our never ending questions, even when we send e-mails late at night. We also recognize that some of our questions are hard to answer, because Japan had not opened itself to visitors when we made our reservations with AJT, but Kiyoshi-san always takes time and effort to reply to every single one of our question to the best of his ability. When we had to change our itinerary (because Japan finally opened-up), Kiyoshi-san was very prompt in sending us our revised itinerary once we asked for it - we really appreciate this. Kiyoshi-san, thank you for making this trip for us possible. We would not have gone through with this trip, but for your speedy and detailed responses. We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding (as we were hedging on Japan opening up, and also our own work commitment) as we took some time to finally make payment. Kiyoko-san: We are extremely fortunate to have met a tour guide like Kiyoko-san. A very friendly, warm, witty and patient tour guide. Always going the extra mile for us behind the scenes - this is something we really appreciate. All 5 of us are extremely happy with your services. and we are so grateful and lucky to have a tour guide like you. Kiyoko-san, if you are reading this, we want to let you know that we have spread your good- name to our close contacts - anyone who is keen on doing the Nakasendo Trail (or any other tours / hike in Japan), your name is number 1 on the list. You may not see us so soon, but you will likely meet some of our other friends soon. Thank you Kiyoko-san! When you come to Singapore, please remember to contact us and we will bring you out for a nice meal. Thank you AJT for making this trip possible for us.

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves and Cherry Blossoms 2022

11/19/2022 - 11/29/2022 / 2022-12-4   

Mr. Pavosevich

Excellent. Great itinerary, well organized, and wonderfully executed.

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/19/2022 - 11/28/2022 / 2022-12-6   

Ms. Lattore

This was the perfect tour. We were a group of 10; 6 adults and 4 kids. We had the time of our lives thanks to this fantastic private tour. 100% recommendable. All our tour guides were excellent, they went above and beyond for us, specially Hiro. We travel a lot so, we can say this tour was outstanding.

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Japan Private Custom Tour

11/8/2022 - 11/18/2022 / 2022-11-27   

Mr. Bailey

My wife and I booked a Private Custom Tour as our trip included visiting traditional sites, relatives and friends in multiple cities. Our travel agent (Kiyoshi Katsume) was terrific with structuring our itinerary (we had to cancel and re-book due to COVID). The guides/translators were extremely professional, personable, flexible and kind. They helped us with anything and everything that presented itself. We would highly recommend working with Japan Tours.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn Leaves (reverse) 2022

11/7/2022 - 11/13/2022 / 2022-11-15   

Mr. Recinos

The tour had a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. The hotels were very nice and the included breakfasts made it easy. Our guide Billy was extremely professional and easy to talk to. He was very knowledgeable and we were never disappointed for every recommendation he had. If I were going to do another tour I would want Billy to be my guide again. 10/10

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/3/2022 - 11/13/2022 / 2022-11-23   

Mr. Norkin

All Japan Tours did a wonderful job of putting a private tour together for us at the last minute, when a group tour we had planned on was cancelled. Our guides were very helpful in steering us around the country and squeezing in many glorious sights every day. A highlight was the ryokan with the stellar view of Mt. Fuji out our window, the various fun neighborhoods of Tokyo, Todai-ji in Kamakura and the beautiful shrines and gardens of Kyoto.

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/29/2022 - 11/3/2022 / 2022-11-15   

Mr. Evbuomwan

I really enjoyed my first time visit to Japan, and the tour guide was super nice, and patient with me. The tour guide showed me pop culture and traditional/rural areas throughout Tokyo. The tour guide totally helped me on how to use the train stations and proper ettiquette in Japan.

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/26/2022 - 11/18/2022 / 2022-12-1   

Mr. Pettus

The Van was a really beneficial thing to have. We did not have to think and figure out train schedules when we had the van. Riding trains is fun, but requires more thought and planning and there is also some time pressure. With the van, there is none of that. We appreciated the excellent English-speaking ability of all the guides. That made life so much easier. The best part was that many of them were so willing to be so helpful. Yuki helped us ship a box back to the USA at the post office. It was really hard and took a long time. She also helped us use a takuhaibin service for the first time which also took extra time and effort. The guides and drivers never complained when we went over the 8 hour time period. They were also willing to do what we wanted as long as it was reasonable. We all felt so extremely blessed by the generosity and hospitality of the japanese culture and people. Our guides and drivers were the best example of that as it felt like they would do anything they could to help us have the best trip possible.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (reverse) 2022

10/24/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-7   

Miss Laurent-Marke

Overall, this was a truly incredible experience and the level of service throughout the organisation process was fantastic. We very much appreciated the swift responses to our questions and requests, and the attempts to fulfil our wishes throughout. Billy was a warm and enthusiastic guide, who clearly loves what he does. As a first trip to Japan, this was a fantastic snapshot introduction to such a wonderful country.

Samurai, Gardens, & Arts: Autumn Tour 2022

10/21/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-2   

Mr. Moore

An absolutely stunning itinerary that shows so much of Japan and its culture. My wife and I could not have asked for a better first tour in this country! Every day was filled beautiful scenery and locations. I wish I could go on this tour for the first time again, it was truly magical. Our guide, Miharu, was the absolute best. During the drives between locations, she shared many stories and background information about culture and lifestyle. Some of the stories were so funny! If you're looking for a tour out of the big cities and more relaxed, this is the one for you. Be prepared for a lot of walking, but it is so worth it!