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- The Golden Route Japan Tour -

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn

10/15/2023 - 10/21/2023 / 2023-10-15   

Mrs. Rachel Campbell

I am an inexperienced and nervous traveler. I am very glad we chose to book with All Japan Tours, because it made our vacation enjoyable and stress-free. We got to experience a wide range of sites-- natural beauty, temples and shrines, and local markets. We booked extra "personal" days before and after the tour, and when they sent us our tour guide packet it included specific directions for how we could get between the airport and the hotel, down to which train lines to take to which stops. This helped us navigate the trains without issue. AJT is very helpful and flexible! Joyce was an amazing tour guide! She taught us a lot of cultural and historical information, which helped us better understand the sites. She was flexible and smart- - she would tweak our schedule order to avoid being stuck in city traffic, which let us maximize our time at the sites so that we missed nothing. Couldn't ask for a more upbeat or helpful guide.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse)

10/9/2023 - 10/15/2023 / 2023-10-09   

Mr. Luis Segarra

We had such a great time. The tour was great. Joyce our guide was great. And our bus driver was great. Japan was our first international trip and our 25th anniversary and we couldn’t be happier. We saw so many good things in a short time and we could not have done that without AJT. It’s hard to pick our favorite activities as we loved all of them and can’t imagine which we would cut if we had to. When I saw the green tea ceremony and the sushi making, I didn’t think I would like either and honestly, they sounded like time fillers, but having done them I can say we really enjoyed both. They were fun and interesting and we are thankful to have done them. We love Joyce. She did a great job keeping us organized and keeping us informed, but she was also very kind and helpful. I believe we would have said these things either way, but we did have a personal situation that she volunteered to resolve for us. In short, my wife left her phone in a taxi before the tour began and Joyce was able to get the phone recovered for us. She didn’t have to do that and we didn’t ask her to. We were asking her for nearby electronic stores that sold unlocked phones and she asked us why and we explained the situation. She called the taxi. No phone. She messaged the company. They message back. No phone. They will investigate further. Next day they call Joyce. They have the phone. She arranges to have the phone shipped to the Tokyo Metropolitan Hotel where we would arrive in a couple days. Upon arriving at that hotel, the concierge has the phone on top of their desk, and they give us the phone and we pay for the shipping in cash. It will be impossible for us not to give Joyce a 10/10 after taking care of that for us. But also, she did do a very good job on the tour.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse)

9/25/2023 - 10/31/2023 / 2023-09-25   

Ms. Sharon Shizue Casareto

Joyce was excellent and let us know what to expect in our day as well as describe to us what a day in Japan was like. The picture book and posters were great! Her suggestions for my car sickness (up to Mt. Fuji) was appreciated.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse)

9/25/2023 - 10/1/2023 / 2023-09-25   

Mr. Buck

Good pacing of tour and variety of sights. Joyce was very informative and helpful all throughout. Top notch tour guide!

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn

9/17/2023 - 9/23/2023 / 2023-09-17   

Ms. Cindy Grace Jose

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer (Reverse)

8/21/2023 - 8/27/2023 / 2023-08-21   

Mr. Ciavarella

My wife and I just returned from the Reverse Tour. We had a wonderful time! Visiting Osaka Castle and walking the streets of Kyoto's Gion District were just a few of the many highlights of this unforgettable tour. Joyce, our guide, was exceptional! She provided many interesting insights into Japanese customs and culture. Joyce was a helpful presence from ordering food, to proper temple etiquette to how best to navigate Japan's rail system. We hated to say goodbye, after less than a week! Highly recommended!

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer (Reverse)

8/21/2023 - 8/27/2023 / 2023-08-21   

Mr. Eghan

This tour exceeded my expectations it covered a lot of places and experiences. My 2 favorite were visiting the temple on a hill that had stores leading up to it in Kyoto. The second being the visit to Mount Hakone, had a great view of Mount Fuji and the souvenir shop was great. The tour guide Joyce was also great, I learned a lot from the overview she gave on the locations we were about to visit.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer

8/13/2023 - 8/19/2023 / 2023-08-13   

Mr. Baskaran

Overall we had a great experience. Tour guide was awesome and was very accommodative and flexible. Bus and driver were great. Had an awesome experience.  Thanks for your excellent customer service in responding to my calls and email messages promptly and providing all the required clarification and information.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer

8/13/2023 - 8/19/2023 / 2023-08-13   

Mr. Boschi

We had a great tour! Well planed and supported by the AJT staff and wonderfully executed by our guide Joyce. Cannot praise her and our driver enough. Even in the face of an incoming typhoon she managed to change daily plans to accommodate us so no experience would be missed. Thanks to her ingenuity we managed to still do mt fuji, ropeway, bullet train after all reopen from the typhoon. Thanks again Joyce, you are awesome! I was glad we opted to fly into Haneda and stay in downtown Tokyo instead of airport hotel first night giving us two nights to experience city. All hotels were beautiful and most were convenient to go back out at night on our own except Kansai airport where there were no open restaurants and had to eat in the airport. Would have enjoyed more time in Osaka. We loved the excitement of Dontonbori area and wished we had a night there. Maybe next time! All and all a trip to remember. Beautiful countryside , beautiful people.

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer

8/8/2023 - 8/14/2023 / 2023-08-08   

Mr. Solti

We liked BILLY our tour guide who was very attentive and knowledgeable as well as friendly. We liked the whole itinerary, some days busier than others. We liked the busy schedule and loved to see as much as possible. The bullet train experience was a highlight as well!

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