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- Signature: Classic Japan -

Signature: Classic Japan - Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossom Tour

4/11/2024 - 4/24/2024 / 2024-04-11   

Mr. Scott Perkins

It was well organized and the guides were knowledgable and informative. Some hotels were nicer than others .

Signature: Classic Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

4/1/2024 - 4/14/2024 / 2024-04-01   

Mr. Richard Marencic

Very thorough and detailed. We loved seeing the gardens, shrines, temples, museums, Naoshima, UNESCO sites and GEAR theatre. We also connected in a positive way with the Taiko drum and Ikebana activities. Our only request would be to have a less rigorous schedule. We would be happy to see fewer items and have two to three nights stays.

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Signature: Classic Japan Autumn Leaves Tour

10/30/2023 - 11/13/2023 / 2023-10-30   

Mrs. Vita Land

Everyone prompt. Excellent guides and driers

Signature: Classic Japan - Cherry Blossom Tour

3/25/2019-4/7/2019 / April 12, 2019   

Corrine from California

excellent guide and drivers. excellent itinerary. couldn't think of including anything else on this tour except some dedicated time for shopping/seeing other things, but would have to drop things already included on the tour. Yuca took special care of us as we were the 'seniors" on the trip. the kimono dress up day was much more fun than I expected !

Signature: Classic Japan - Autumn Leaves Tour

11/18/2018 - 12/1/2018 / December 5, 2018   

Joseph & Marie-Louise from California

A great tour. How did you manage to arrange it that all of the trees would change color to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows when we were there?


3/26/2018 - 4/8/2018 / April 16th, 2018   

Renuka & Sri Dushyanta from Australia

Overall, we would rate the tour very highly. We were very pleased with the detailed itinerary and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Of course, there are certain aspects of the tour that we thought could have been tweaked but we will give that feedback in the appropriate sections. The various aspects of the tour from the fortunate viewing of the cherry blossoms which came early, to the wonderful weather except for the last two days and to the cultural experiences just came together so well to make the tour just so magical for us. We would like to commend the tour planners for this. We would also like to commend the guide and the driver. Especially Shika san the driver who was always helpful, always on time and so reliable, considerate and cheerful. The tour guide Mark who actually went beyond the call of duty to assist a very needy participant that we thought was way beyond the scope of his job.