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Japan Trip Cost

Japan Trip Cost

We know that tours to Japan can be costly, and want to help you plan an itinerary that will meet all your requirements. That is why the tour specialists at All Japan Tours have developed a range of high-quality travel packages to cover a range of preferences and budgets. No matter what part of Japan you want to see or what season you want to experience, All Japan Tours has a tour that can meet your target travel expense budget. Joining one of our group tours is the most budget-friendly travel option, with a variety of group sizes and destinations, durations between 5 to 27 days, and multiple departures for every season.

For more of a personal touch, we have our Fully-Customizable Private Tours, which give you more flexibility with the itinerary, duration, and hotel accommodations. The trip cost for a private tour is usually more pricey than a comparable group tour, although a wide range of options will lower the total trip cost. Taking larger private groups, using more public transit, planning additional free self-guided days are all good ways to lower the cost of a custom trip to Japan. No matter the group size, trip budget, or other travel needs, we are confident our tour specialists can help you find a tour to suit your needs.

Group Tours

We offer five different group tour styles to choose from to match your interests and budget: Budget, Deluxe, Deluxe-Plus, Signature, and Active Tours. Our tour styles provide departure dates throughout the year to ensure there is always something to suit you, whatever your budget, preference, or taste. Our group tours vary from 5 to 27 days. We are confident that you will find something appealing and fascinating to you amongst our selection of Group Tours.

Private Tours

Private tours, while more customizable, also have a tendency to be more costly. Without sharing expenses across a group of people as you would in a group tour, some expenses will be increased. Even so, it is possible to keep a private tour within a modest budget.

AJT offers a few different types of private tours for a variety of situations. Our most budget-friendly option is our Essential Private Tours. These are starting at around US$2500 per person for a 7-day trip. Our Essential tours feature carefully-selected budget hotels close to the station and local guides in a few key locations. Our Essential tours are great for people on a budget who feel that they require only a small amount of guidance before they’re ready for independent exploration.

If you are not quite confident in your ability to explore Japan alone, our Classic Private Journeys are another excellent option. These tours include deluxe accommodations close to the station, local guides at each city, and public transportation. From city to city, you will enjoy Japan’s famous Shinkansen Bullet Train. Between sites, you will ride Japan’s public transit system, equally famous for its timeliness and cleanliness. Your guide will accompany you throughout the train systems, to each sightseeing area, and onward. Once your guide has shown you through each city, you will navigate between cities via Shinkansen on your own, with full instructions provided beforehand. These tours start at US$3500 per person for a 7-day tour.

For larger groups or those who may require private vehicles, our Deluxe Private Journeys feature private transport between sites and Shinkansen Bullet Trains between cities. For passengers with limited mobility or family with small children, the train stations can be difficult to navigate multiple times a day. Having a private van and private driver makes traversing Japan much simpler. Your guide will be available to you throughout the tour to show you the sites and through the train stations when traveling between cities. Enjoy carefully selected deluxe hotels during these tours. These tours start at US$6,000 per person for a 7-day trip.

Our Ultra-Deluxe Private Journeys feature the best dining and accommodations Japan has to offer as well as custom and unique experiences for each group. Enjoy luxury vehicles throughout your tour, along with a private guide and driver. These tours start at US$12,000 per person for a 7-day trip.

Our Active Private Journeys are tailored to the energetic passenger. Select tours include multisport activities to engage interest of the active traveler. These multisport activities might include cycling, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, rafting, climbing, and more. These tours start at US$4,000 per person for a 7-day trip.