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Custom Group Travel Sample Itineraries

Create a custom itinerary-personalized you and your groups needs.

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Custom Group Travel Sample Itineraries

Custom Group Travel Sample Itineraries

Custom group travel can suit a variety of needs. Whether you have a group of students visiting Japan for a school trip, a large family wishing to travel together, or a group who all share the same interest, a custom group is the perfect choice for you. Use the search filters below to find a sample itinerary which best matches the needs of your party and we will customize it to suit your travel dates, interests, and budget.

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        Tour#: GTZ5827005

12-Day Hokkaido Ski & Snow Festival arrow readmore icon

Lake Shikotsu / Noboribestu / Shikabecho / Lake Onuma / Hakodate / Lake Toya / Niseko / Otaru / Sapporo

    40 reviews

Join our 12-day Ski Tour, featuring a visit to Niseko Ski Resort, plus the Sapporo Snow Festival and Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival!

        Tour#: GTC5833558

9-Day Japan Birding & Snow Monkeys arrow readmore icon

Tsurui / Lake Kussharo / Yorousi / Rausu / Notsuke Peninsula / Karuizawa / Yudanaka / Mt Fuji / Tokyo

    40 reviews

Join our 9-day Birding Tour of Japan, to top birding destinations including Hokkaido, Kushiro, the Shiretoko Peninsula, and Mount Fuji.

        Tour#: GTU5877636

10-Day Okinawa & Amami Birding with Snow Monkeys arrow readmore icon

Okinawa / Amami Island / Tokyo / Karuizawa / Yudanaka / Mt Fuji

    40 reviews

Join a 10-day Birding tour of Japan, to destinations including Okinawa, Amami Island, Karuizawa, Yudanaka, and Mount Fuji.

        Tour#: GTP5884040

11-Day Japan Spiritual Tour arrow readmore icon

Tokyo / Mt Fuji / Hamanako / Ise Shime / Kumano / Koyasan / Kyoto

    40 reviews

Explore the spiritual side of Japan on a custom Japan Spiritual Tour, featuring both cultural and sacred experiences in Tokyo, Hakone, Mount Fuji, Ise Shima, Kumano, Koyasan, and Kyoto.

        Tour#: GTM590949

15-Day Japan UNESCO World Heritage Tour arrow readmore icon

Tokyo / Nikko / Tomioka / Kawagoe / Mt Fuji / Matsumoto /

    40 reviews

Discover the incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Japan on this tour - a 15-day itinerary that includes Nikko, Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and Koyasan.

        Tour#: GTJ5892294

14-Day Japan Traditional Art & Craft Tour arrow readmore icon

Tokyo / Hakone / Mt Fuji / Matsumoto / Takayama / Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa / Kyoto / Osaka

    40 reviews

Study the traditional arts and crafts of Japan on our custom Japan Traditional Arts and Crafts Tour, including creative experiences in Tokyo, Hakone / Mount Fuji, Matsumoto, Takayama, Kanazawa, Kyoto, and Osaka.

        Tour#: GTT591106

14-Day Japan Wellness Tour arrow readmore icon

Nikko / Kusatsu Onsen / Tokyo / Mt Fuji / Hakone / Ise Shima / Kyoto

    40 reviews

Recharge and refresh while on our Japan Wellness Tour, on a 14-day tour that includes Nikko, Kusatsu Onsen, Tokyo, Hakone / Mount Fuji, Ise Shima, and Kyoto.

        Tour#: GTB5924928

15-Day Japan Wildlife Tour arrow readmore icon

Shiretoko / Tokyo / Hakone / Mt Fuji / Hiroshima / Okunoshima / Kurashiki / Himeji / Kyoto / Nara

    40 reviews

Experience the incredible wildlife of Japan on our Japan Wildlife Tour, traveling to Hokkaido, Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima, and Kyoto, featuring a day on Okunoshima "Rabbit Island".

        Tour#: GTO5932523

14-Day Japan Winter Birding & Snow Monkeys arrow readmore icon

Tokyo / Ura-Myogi / Shiotsubo Onsen / Kanbayashi Onsen / Kanazawa / Kaga / Satsumasendai / Izumi / Arasaki / Yatsushiro / Yunomoto Onsen / Miike Pond / Tsurui Village / Lake Kussharo / Koran / Rausu / Notsuke Peninsula / Nemuro / Lake Furen / Cape Kiritappu

    40 reviews

Join our custom 14-day Japan Birding Tour, and discover the delightful birds of Japan, including top birding locations in Honshu, Kyushu, and Hokkaido.

        Tour#: GTC6081552

15-Day Japan Winter Photography Tour arrow readmore icon

Sapporo / Kushiro / Tsurui Village / Lake Kussharo / Kawayu Onsen / Shibetsu / Rausu / Shiretoko / Notsuke Peninsula / Shunkunitai / Nemuro / Cape Kiritappu / Tokyo / Kawazu / Mt Fuji / Matsumoto / Yudanaka Onsen / Takayama / Shirakawa-go / Kanazawa / Kyoto / Nara

    40 reviews

Join our Japan Photography Custom Group Tour, and capture through the lens of your camera its beautiful nature, iconic locations, exciting festivals, and cultural wonders.

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