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Japan Band Tours, School Music Trips, Student Performance Travel to Japan

All Japan Tours offers a wide range of music-related options when looking to plan your tour in Japan with your concert group or band. We will craft the perfect itinerary that makes your music tour of Japan unforgettable. If your ensemble would like to plan a performance in Japan, talk with our travel professionals about putting together a music exchange program, where your student group can study music together with students at a local school. Upon request, we can also arrange workshops with local music clubs or even famous conductors during your stay. If you think your musicians might like to perform together with a local Japanese school choir or orchestra, ask us about planning a shared concert. We can add cultural exchange programs featuring lessons in many traditional Japanese cultural experiences, such as playing Taiko drums or learning tea ceremony, and can even include homestays with local families. We also offer tours to all the most popular tourist spots in the country that you may want to see.
We can arrange a variety of public venues for concert performances, including schools, cultural center, concert halls and parks – even Tokyo Disneyland. If you dream of performing at a Japanese music festival, we can, depending on your travel dates, schedule your band’s appearance onstage at one of these events. We customize your music tour to fit the needs of your group, and can prepare the hotel accommodations, special transportation requirements and meal arrangements that will make your concert tour enjoyable.

Music Exchange Programs & Workshops

Enjoy a highly rewarding music exchange or workshop with a Japanese music club, school band, ensemble, or choir. Travel to a local school, or meet a Japanese band, where you will have the opportunity to trade and perform each others' musical compositions. An exchange of musical performances between concert groups offers a musical challenge and opens each group of musicians up to different methods of performance. It is also a style of communication unlike any other - a one-of-a-kind method of cross-cultural understanding using music as a universal language. Our travel professionals can connect your student ensemble or choir with Japanese schools, music clubs, or other bands to help orchestrate a safe, enjoyable and engaging music exchange. We can also arrange a workshops with local band directors, or even a performance with a famous conductor.

Concert Performance Venues

The addition of a concert performance to your tour itinerary provides your school band, choral ensemble, or orchestra with a fantastic opportunity to perform abroad and an unforgettable memory for you and your students. We can arrange for a concert performance venue to suit the experience you desire for your band or student group. Let us use our expertise to help you iron out the details - we will help you find the best locations for your performance venue, whether you are looking to perform at a school auditorium, cultural center, concert hall, public square, park, and more. We can even arrange for a performance at Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea. Depending on your timeframe, it is also possible to perform at one of Japan's many festival events. We can go above and beyond by providing an extra advertising service for your group’s performance in the form of ads, flyers, and local announcements. Our advertising service will bring awareness of your concert to the local community, making the performance on your Japan tour more unforgettable.

Concert Performance Venues

Let us arrange your concert performances at Japan’s temples, shrines, schools, concert halls, theme parks, or other venues. Participation in festive events are also possible, depending on the specific travel dates of your group. To go above and beyond, an extra advertising service will be provided for your group’s performance in the form of ads, flyers, and local announcements. This will bring awareness to the local community, ensuring an unforgettable full house experience.

Shared Concert

Imagine your student music class, band, or concert trip to Japan including a shared concert - you and your musicians performing beside a Japanese music club or band in a school auditorium, culture center, or other public venue - and then talk to our travel professionals about adding it to your tour itinerary! We put you in contact with local Japanese schools, music clubs, orchestras - whatever complements your music style, and then plan the arrangements that will make your shared concert a success. Our company will work with you to carefully organize the details of your tour - private transportation to and from the concert venue, pleasant accommodations convenient to the location, suitable locations to rehearse, and the amenities that your music group needs to make your stay comfortable.

Perform at a Music Festival

Classical Orchestra, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Choral, Traditional - these styles of music and more are represented at Japanese music festivals. While there are music festival events to enliven every season, the largest take place during the summer months. Each year, musicians the world over come to enchant audiences in Japan with skillful demonstrations of their art. And no matter the genre, if you and your music group, be it student band, orchestra, ensemble, or concert choir are considering a tour to Japan, ask one of our travel professionals about adding an appearance onstage at a music festival to your tour itinerary! We can plan your schedule for your festival performance, rehearsal locations for your band before the festival, and arrange the time you need to network with local or international bands that may be performing.

Cultural Exchange Program

If your student band or concert tour group has the desire to learn a Japanese instrument, inquire with our travel professionals about setting up a Cultural Exchange Program for your tour itinerary. The 13-stringed koto, the long-necked shamisen, the pear-shaped biwa, taiko drums of any size - our company can arrange demonstration lessons for any Japanese instrument that may interest you. This type of cultural exchange brings a more exclusive level of local immersion to your tour, as well as opportunities for students to enjoy cross-cultural communication through music. Many other uniquely Japanese experiences can be included in your cultural exchange program. Ask us about adding lessons in tea ceremony, writing Japanese calligraphy, ikebana flower-arranging, and Zen meditation to your tour itinerary.

Sightseeing in Japan

Besides cultural exchange programs and concert performances, our company offers tours that take your school band or concert group to any place in Japan that you may want to discover. Your group will have the opportunity to visit the must-see landmarks and monuments on your personal bucket list, as well as the unforgettable experiences that Japan is famed for. But depend on our travel professionals to recommend some hidden gems for a custom itinerary that takes you off the beaten path to experience Japan in a more exclusive fashion. Exploring seasonal attractions, like the winter illuminations, cherry blossoms in spring, bright autumn leaves, or the fireworks festivals in summer will make your custom tour even more unique. In addition, you can request a fully guided tour by one of our local tour guides - seasoned professionals who will assist and educate your group every step of the way.

Homestay Experience

While we take pride in finding our tour passengers the best hotel accommodations to suit their preferences, nothing can take your Japan Custom Tour to the next level of native cultural immersion like a Homestay Experience. Your group will enjoy the homegrown hospitality or "omotenashi" that Japan is famous for as you stay with a welcoming Japanese family, while also discovering native traditions from a local's point of view. Many homestay accommodations, known as "minshuku", are usually located in rural areas, which comes with the opportunity to appreciate a more traditional Japanese lifestyle. While there, you can enjoy more homemade Japanese meals, and can have the chance to pick up more of the local language.

24/7 Guided Tours

When you travel with All Japan Tours, you have no need to worry about communication problems, lack of directions, or safety concerns while on a tour. Our tours are fully guided by professional tour guides who remain with you and your group the full length of your trip. Our bilingual guides will be on hand to smooth out any communication difficulties and help you work through emergencies and concerns. They even stay at the same hotel as your group, and we provide your group with contact numbers in case of emergency, so you are never out of touch with your guide or the company.

Private Coach Transportation

Perhaps one of the most difficult considerations when planning a trip to Japan for a large group is working out transportation, not only for the members of your concert group but also for any instruments and equipment you require. Booking with our company means you will be traveling to each location on luxurious private coaches. Relax in comfort as you are transported to each location without the hassle of carrying your luggage and instruments. Private coaches also ensure more time is spent visiting locations of interest to your group, and less time dealing with the hassle of transfers between public transportation services.

Hand-Picked Accommodation

Our travel professionals hand-pick the accommodations for your concert or band tour to suit your budget. We work to find your student group comfortable accommodations that are convenient to performance venues and other scheduled points on your trip itinerary. Possibilities include a youth hostel with 4-8 students per room, 3-star accommodations with twin occupancy, 4-star accommodations with twin occupancy, and so on, but was can prepare any hotel arrangements that fit the needs of your group.

Group Airfare

At All Japan Tours, we arrange your itinerary down to the last detail, and can even book your international flights to and from Japan. We work hard to find the airfares that fit the budget requirements for you and your group.

photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours
photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours
photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours
photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours

Plan your trip

When you contact us through e-mail or phone, we will discuss the type of trip and services you're interested in. There are many things to consider when planning your trip to Japan, such as your travel date, length of stay, destination cities, points of interest, and budget. Based on this information, we will create an initial “sketch” itinerary that includes an outline of recommended travel routes, destinations, accommodations, transportation type, and services we can provide.

Many of our clients select one of our existing Group Tour itineraries and adjust it according to their interests, budget, and other modifications. We also have clients that have their own ideas about their intentions and plans, or even a specific itinerary in mind. However you envision your tour to Japan, you can depend on us to provide first-rate service and exceptional pricing. A minimum of 15 travelers is recommended to get the best rates. (Although we can accommodate smaller parties at higher rates).

Our Japan Custom Group Travel Inquiry Form is designed to give us a clear picture of your interests and preferences, so that we can create the ideal vacation for you. If one of our itinerary is the ideal base plan for you, please mention so in your inquiry. We will customize the plan so that the plan will meet your specific needs and desires.

Reviews for Our Custom Group Travel

  5.0 stars based on 28 REVIEWS

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Custom Group Tour

5/11/2023 - 5/24/2023 / 2023-05-11   

It was a fabulous tour! Kiyoshi and Jeanne Sakamoto did an excellent job of planning a great itinerary and activities. It was very well thought out and proceeded smoothly. The activities were all fun and every place we went was expecting us. I especially enjoyed the luxury Hotel Matsushima Taikanso and the beautiful ocean view room. Hotel Family Sado Aikawa was also lovely. it was so nice to have oceanfront rooms. Enough cannot be said about our amazing tour guide Miharu. She was always prompt, well-prepared and organized, and she filled us with information about the history, culture and personal stories with visual material, and all in a very entertaining manner. She kept us laughing throughout the tour. In addition, Miharu was kind, thoughtful, considerate, caring, flexible, joyful and looked out for everyone. She even provided us with delicious snack and water bottles on the bus. She seemed to sense the needs of our tour group and paced our tour accordingly. She truly made the tour to be the very BEST. Our bus driver Mr. Harada was also the best. We felt very confident in his safe and excellent driving. He was also very kind and friendly, always with a smile on his face. He was very accomodating as well, making extra stops to meet rest stop or shopping needs. Miharusan and Haradasan both went out of their way to make this an incredible and memorable tour. Kiyoshi was also very helpful and answered all my trip/airline related questions. We also appreciated all the information of the places we were going to prior to the trip. Thank you very much All Japan Tours. Thank you Miharu, Mr. Harada and Kiyoshi

Ms. Shibata

Custom Group Tour

3/11/2023 - 3/20/2023 / 2023-03-30   

Our tour guide Barbara was very informative and made sure we learned about the history of the sites we visited. She was flexible when there were changes in plans and was able to find us when we got separated on the train lines. She made sure we got good pictures together!

Ms. Liem

Student Group Tour

2/1/2023 - 2/5/2023 / 2023-02-21   

First of all, the guide was very knowledgeable & helpful. The driver was professional, and we felt safe all the way. You designed the route carefully and also considered our needs and interests. Mr. Katsume was always there to answer my questions and responded promptly while we were planning the trip. I will definitely consider using the company next year to explore Japan!

Ms. Sigmund

Japan Custom Group Tour

10/8/2019-10/19/2019 / October 31   

There were 9 of us in this custom tour to visit Osaka, Kyoto,Kobe, Hiroshima, Hakone, and Tokyo. I cannot say enough about Mr. Kiyoshi Katsume of All Japan Tours who helped us put together our tour and was so patient and prompt in his responses to our numerous changes and questions in putting together our tour. Our tour guides in the cities were EXCELLENT, Very knowledgeable and patient with us. They worked overtime to be with us and help us... all with a smile. We loved the Marriott Hotel in Osaka and the Prince Hotels in Tokyo was older but so centrally located near Shin-Osaka station. Our breakfasts were included. We loved the Marriott Shin-Osaka buffet! We loved our bento cooking class in Kyoto where we learned to make chicken, Musubis, japanese egg, nishime. We loved Hiroshima and Meiji Shrine.

Mrs. Liane Sloan & Friends from Hawaii

Japan Custom Group Tour

9/4/2019-9/10/2019 / September 16   

It was nice experience to on local train . My all tour guide was so wonderful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much

Patel Group from California

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