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Japan Band and Concert Tours

All Japan Tours offers a wide range of options when traveling in Japan. We can customize your concert tour to fit the needs of your group. This includes arranging any of the necessary amenities to ensure an unforgettable experience, such as exploring Japan, providing exchange programs with fellow Japanese student musicians, and setting up concert performances where the group can gain the experience of performing internationally at unique venues.

Cultural Exchange Program

Our company can set up cultural exchange programs where students can perform jointly with other Japanese student groups, from orchestra clubs to Japanese traditional music clubs. In addition to performing, your group can also participate in classes where you can learn how to play Taiko drums or any other unique instruments of Japan. The Cultural Exchange Program provides a learning experience for students to communicate internationally through music. Upon request, we can also arrange various workshops, including calligraphy lessons, tea ceremonies, practice sessions, and performances lead by famous local conductors.

Homestay Experience

At All Japan Tours, we believe one of the best ways to learn and adapt to local customs is none other than staying with a welcoming Japanese family. Experience Japanese hospitality at its very best while learning the traditions of the country from a local’s point of view. Enjoy homemade Japanese meals aside from sushi with new friends, and you may even pick up some of the language after the stay.

Concert Performance Venues

Let us arrange your concert performances at Japan’s temples, shrines, schools, concert halls, theme parks, or other venues. Participation in festive events are also possible, depending on the specific travel dates of your group. To go above and beyond, an extra advertising service will be provided for your group’s performance in the form of ads, flyers, and local announcements. This will bring awareness to the local community, ensuring an unforgettable full house experience.

Explore and learn the culture of Japan

Besides exchange programs and concert performances, we also offer tours to any of the sites in Japan. Your group will have the opportunity to visit many of the popular tourist spots in the country, as well as hidden gems. Check out some of the seasonal attractions, like winter illuminations, cherry blossoms during spring, autumn leaves in the fall, and the firework festivals of summer. Our professional seasoned tour guides will lead and educate your group every step of the way.

Private Coach Transportation

Booking with our company means you will be traveling to each location on luxurious private coaches. Relax in comfort as you are transported to each location without the hassle of carrying your luggage and instruments. Private coaches also ensure visiting more locations of interest with the elimination of lost time from transfers like with public transportation services.

photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours
photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours
photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours
photo of Japan Band and Concert Tours

Plan your trip

When you contact us through e-mail or phone, we will discuss the type of trip and services you're interested in. There are many things to consider when planning your trip to Japan, such as your travel date, length of stay, destination cities, points of interest, and budget. Based on this information, we will create an initial “sketch” itinerary that includes an outline of recommended travel routes, destinations, accommodations, transportation type, and services we can provide.

Many of our clients select one of our existing Group Tour itineraries and adjust it according to their interests, budget, and other modifications. We also have clients that have their own ideas about their intentions and plans, or even a specific itinerary in mind. However you envision your tour to Japan, you can depend on us to provide first-rate service and exceptional pricing. A minimum of 15 travelers is recommended to get the best rates. (Although we can accommodate smaller parties at higher rates).

Our Japan Custom Group Travel Inquiry Form is designed to give us a clear picture of your interests and preferences, so that we can create the ideal vacation for you. If one of our itinerary is the ideal base plan for you, please mention so in your inquiry. We will customize the plan so that the plan will meet your specific needs and desires.

Reviews for Our Custom Group Travel

  5.0 stars based on 8 REVIEWS

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Sapporo Festival Private Tour 2019

2/3/2019 - 2/11/2019 / 2019-02-03   

Our Private Land Tour surpassed a regular land tour. We were able to work very well with the tour planner / guide and our driver to make adjustment throughout the whole travel from the planning stages to the time during our trip in Japan.

Hawaii Group

Private Journey

1/13/2019 - 11/17/2019 / January 22, 2019   

Second time with Alljapan. Excellent service. Very helpful. Absolutely flawless travel. Thank you.

Susan from New Jersey

Private Tour 1019

10/19/2018 - 10/27/2018 / November 19, 2018   

The All Japan Tour for the Kaneda tour was a "Magical Tour"! Your preparation and organization or this tour was superb! The most impressive part of my trip was the portrait of an amazing people and culture revealed to us by Miharu who explained what we would see - took us to see it - then cemented those observations after the sightings. IT felt like a true Geisha explaining what we seeing and giving us an understanding as to why we were seeing this. For example the explanation that sky scrapers near the Imperial Palace lacked Windows on the top floor to peer into the emperor's living quarters. I felt I saw a side of Japan and Japanese culture that 98% of visitors to Japan never are privy to. I have a huge respect for the way Japanese people conduct and respect their life and other human life. Thank you for this "Magical" tour!

P.S. 1. We did great at the Kawagoe festival and back to Tokyo. 2. I only got about 2200 pictures to remember this tour- Including 1 of Fujiyama.

Leonard & Betsy from California

Private Tour 1019

10/19/2018 - 10/27/2018 / November 19, 2018   

My husband and I had an amazing time; it was the best escorted tour we have ever taken. There was a lot of attention to detail and we were very well taken care of. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide and driver than Miharu and Mr. Nakano. The hotels were excellent, the meals were amazing and the tours were well chosen. It was my fourth trip to Japan and my husband’s first time and we are ready to go back.

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. We hope to be contacting you again in the near future for another memorable trip.

William & Carol from California


10/21/2017-11/3/2017 / November 7th, 2017   

Just returned from the amazing trip of Japan.
The trip was great, without any glitches.
Tour guide was Mr Ito was very good and driver Yamado was good.
Most hotels were good.
Kyoto hotel had A C issues.

Most important Japan was amazingly beautiful. People were nice, places were memorable. In spite of two Typhoons, weather was fine for most parts.

Thank you for arranging this trip.

Jay from Florida

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