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Japan Band Tours

Japan Band Tours

All Japan Tours offers a wide range of options when traveling in Japan. We can customize your concert tour to fit the needs of your group. We can arrange any of the necessary amenities to ensure an unforgettable experience. This includes touring anywhere in Japan as well as setting up concert performances where the group can showcase their skills.

photo of Japan Band Group Tour concert
photo of Japan Band Group Tour concert stage

Arrange Concert Performance

Our company can arrange concert performances at temples, shrines, schools, concert halls, theme parks, and other venues. Depending on the dates your group decides to go on, we will be able to set up performances at festivals. If you have member(s) in your group who have oversized instruments then we can help with renting the musical equipment in Japan.

photo of Japan Band Group Tour concert performances
photo of Japan Band Group Tour concert theme park stage

Tour Anywhere in Japan

Along with arranging the concert performance, we can provide tours at any of the sites in Japan. Your group will have the opportunity to visit many of the popular tourist spots in the country as well as hidden gems. There are seasonal attractions like winter illuminations or certain flowers blooming period. It is good to keep this in mind when choosing dates for your group to travel.

photo of Japan Band Group Tour concert performances
photo of Japan Band Group Tour concert theme park stage

Private Coach Transportation

Booking with our company means you will be traveling to each location on a private coach. This will help eliminate the stresses of using the public transportation while bringing along all your equipment. Relax in comfort as you are transported to each site.

photo of Japan Band Group Tour private coach bus

Cultural Exchange Program

Our company can set up a cultural exchange program where you can perform together with other various Japanese groups like orchestra clubs. In addition to performing, your group can participate in classes where you will have a chance to learn how to play taiko drums or any other instrument that is unique to Japan. We can also arrange workshops, practice sessions, and performances with the local conductors.


As an extra service we can advertise your group’s performance to the general public through ads, flyers, posters, and local announcements. This will help bring awareness to the local community of your group performing.

Our Japan Custom Group Travel Inquiry Form is designed to give us a clear picture of your interests and preferences, so that we may better understand your travel preferences and interests, and create the ideal Japan vacation for your group.