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Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama Castle

The castle town of Matsuyama is most famous for its landmark structure, standing as one of the twelve “original castles” of Japan, Matsuyama Castle. While at the Matsuyama Castle situated on a hilltop, located at the center of the city acting both as a major tourist attraction and the symbol of Matsuyama, visitors can choose to walk or board a ropeway up to the castle grounds built by Kato Yoshiaki in 1603. Although the current 3 storied Tenshu we see today was rebuilt in 1820, due to the original burnt down by a lightning strike, the castle still acts as a perfect example of feudal castles in Japan. Travelers can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city from the top of the castle also well-known as one of the best locations for viewing cherry blossoms during spring in Matsuyama. The special exhibits in the castle offer guests information about the history during a time where the samurai warriors were among the social elite of Japan. The castle complex in Matsuyama is quiet unique and can be explored with multiple defensive turrets available for tourists to view. At the base of Mount Katsuyama, visitors can take a stroll along the Ninomaru and the area, once occupied as the main residence of the local feudal ruler of Matsuyama domain filed with gardens and ponds, along with tea houses for couples to enjoy at this historical location.