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Nada Sake District

Nada Sake District

Sake is fermented rice in Japan and the Nada Sake District is one of the biggest producers of the alcoholic beverage. It has been an area where sake has been made since around 17th century. Sake makers in the district created a group to help each other, which is called Nadagogo (灘五郷). There are some reasons that Nada became a prime location to make sake. The first point to note is its location. Cold weather is a favorable condition when making sake and Nada has cold winds coming from the nearby Mt. Rokko (六甲山). Also, this place is good for transportation. When Nada started producing sake, Nada port made it really easy to ship the alcohol to Edo (present day Tokyo).

The second point is suitable ingredients for making sake, which are mineral water called Miyamizu (宮水), and rice called Yamadanishiki (山田錦). The Miyamizu in Nada has good properties to assist the fermenting process. When the Yamadanishiki is excellent and combines with the Miyamizu it creates a high quality product. Thus these two ingredients are necessary for Nada to be famous sake area. The final point is the skill of successful management. The Nadagogo help each other when one is one the brink of bankrupting even when they are rivals. Also, they got many clients in Edo because of their fast shipping logistics.