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Lavender in Furano

Lavender in Furano

The city created the Furano Lavender no Mori, lavender field, in order to commemorate the 80th anniversary of its municipal government. The lavender is seen by many visitors every summer in Hokkaido’s city of Furano. The wind carries the lavender’s pleasant aroma, seducing its guests in its fields and hills of violet ardor. Though it has not been a full century since it was cultivated and brought to Hokkaido, the Lavender has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hokkaido. This is particularly because the prices of imported lavender have decreased, which allows farmers to expand their lands full of lavender. Also, thanks to the location and climate of Furano, lavender is able to grow and flourish in this location; lavender is difficult to cultivate in areas of high humidity and temperatures, which is not the case in Furano.

The recommended and best locations to view lavender fields are farms like that of Farm Tomita and its associated field, Lavender East. There are plenty of busses that transport visitors to visit the lavender fields, and shops, cafes, and souvenir shops in case guests want to do a little shopping. Also, if guests want to take a break from walking, short rides can be taken on the Lavender Bus; imagine riding through lavender fields and taking pictures while breathing in the scenery of these extensive and vibrant fields. If you want to see lavender and other flowers without the hustle and bustle, then you can go to Flower Land in Kamifurano. Here they have a craft-making experience where you can make a lavender pillow. All you will need to make it is lavender potpourri, cotton and pillow case. They also offer a tractor bus to go through the flower fields.