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Furukawa Fish Market

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Furukawa Fish Market

Furukawa Fish Market

Aomori Prefecture is, among many other things, a seafood- lover’s paradise. For visitors who enjoy fish, adventure, and one- of-a-kind experiences, Furukawa Fish Market is a unique and enjoyable stopping point! Known to some as Aomori Gyosai Sentā, the fish market is among the most popular in the prefecture. It’s also easy to access, with a convenient location just a few blocks away from Aomori City’s largest train station.

From the outside, Furukawa Fish Market looks like many of the other seafood marketplaces that can be found throughout the country. Upon entering the market, visitors will encounter vast rows of vendors sharing their fresh produce, meats, and a variety of local seafood products. This isn’t just another of Japan’s multitude of fish markets, though. What really makes Furukawa Fish Market remarkable is the experience of creating your own tailor-made, one-of-a-kind dishes! Guests at Furukawa are able to make their own Nokke-don, which are the market’s signature rice bowls with toppings. After checking in at the front counter and receiving a bowl of rice, customers may venture up and down the vendor rows to choose the toppings and ingredients that will make up the rest of their meals! Whether you like to play it safe with your favorites or branch out of your comfort zone with something you’ve never tried, the culinary possibilities are just about endless. With a range of food that goes from the most common of seafood and vegetables, to delicacies one can only find in northern Japan, there is really something to satisfy the taste buds of any visitor! Even those who don’t particularly enjoy seafood can find plenty to enjoy. The cost and taste of each bowl will be as unique as each individual who visits, and there is truly something for everyone at Furukawa Fish Market.