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Shiogama Fish Market

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Shiogama Fish Market

Shiogama Fish Market

Shiogama Fish Market (塩釜水産物仲卸市場, Shiogama Suisanbutsu Nakaoroshi Ichiba) is a wholesale market where it is open to the general public. It is one of the most important fishing ports in Japan and is one of the busiest places for processing fish. The fish market is 15 kilometers northeast from Sendai and is main supplier of seafood for the city. Shiogama Fish Market has the largest unloading of tuna in Japan, which are of high quality and has buyers coming various parts of the country for the auction. There are about 140 stalls and shops selling a variety of fresh and processed seafood products. It is also a place where you can get the local specialties like Matsushima oysters and sasa kamaboko (roasted fish paste shaped like a bamboo leaf). Since Shiogama Fish Market offers such a selection of seafood that it is no wonder that the city boasts the highest density of sushi restaurants per capita. If you are feeling hungry you can purchase a miso and rice set to make your own seafood bowl. This allows you to go around the market getting the freshest ingredients for a well-earned breakfast. It is recommended to go to the market after 9 am because that is when the business transactions are finished at the port.