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Suizenji Garden

Suizenji Garden

The Suizenji Garden is located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The garden was commissioned by Lord Hosokawa Tadatoshi in 1636 as an oasis to enjoy tea. The Izumi Shrine took the place of the once Suizenji temple, where the Hosokawa clan are enshrined and where the garden got it’s named from. Upon entering the garden, visitors are met by the pond as a centerpiece, which was the deciding factor for lord Hosokawa to choose this location to practice the way of the tea. The clear waters of the pond are said to have come from underground channels over decades of natural filtration from Mount Aso. The water is also known as the longevity fountain, granting health and produces the most calming tea. Throughout the year visitors can stroll along the paths to see the lawn of this garden which has been specially designed to imitate the Tokaido Highway, an ancient road connecting Kyoto to current day Tokyo. The hill and pond are instantly recognized by locals as Mount Fuji and Lake Biwa of Japan. Noh performances take place at Suizenji Garden every spring and fall at the Takigi Noh stage within the garden, along with Kokin Denju-no-ma which was moved to this location in 1912 from the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. Suizenji Garden has been designated by the Japanese government as a historic site of natural beauty. With over 80 years of work before completion of this natural retreat for the Hosokawa clan, visitors can experience the atmosphere which was once only for the elite class in Japan to enjoy.

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