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Kawagoe Warehouse District

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Kawagoe Warehouse District

Kawagoe Warehouse District

Kawagoe Warehouse District is made up of structures that are known as kurazukuri. They are clay walled warehouse buildings that used Edo period architecture. All of these structures can be found on Kurazukuri Street, which stretches over hundreds of meters. In the past Kawagoe was an important commercial town that supplied Edo (present day Tokyo) with valuable resources. It was because of the thriving trade that many of the merchants became wealthy. This allowed the merchants to build their warehouses and stores with thick clay walls. The fire in 1893 destroyed much of Kawagoe and gave the merchants the opportunity to rebuild their shops with reinforcement against fires.

Since then these warehouses have been converted into shops, restaurants and museums. There you can also find the iconic Toki no Kane or Time Telling Bell in the Edo style tower. It rings at four different times per day. A short walk from the area you can find Candy Alley. It is a street where you can find many shops selling Japanese sweets, snacks, and cakes. Then in October there is the Kawagoe Festival that has been around for more than 360 years. It is held in the warehouse district and features beautiful floats that can be seen at the Kawagoe Festival Museum if you cannot make it out on the actual day.