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Natural Sceneries

Natural Sceneries

Japan has many natural types of scenery that have formed over hundreds of years. Some of these sceneries appear when certain conditions are met. For example the sea of clouds that can be seen from the Unkai Terrace in Tomamu form when certain weather conditions are met. Other sites are season specific like the Zao Snow Monsters that appearing during the winter time. The snow monsters are formed utilizing the trees on the mountain, which gives them the strange shapes. Some of these places are protected as national parks and world heritage sites. There are natural sceneries that can be seen throughout the year without fail.

Amanohashidate Sandbar is three kilometers long and is lined with about 8000 pine trees. The view from the mountains of the sandbar is listed as one of the three scenic views of Japan along with Matsushima Bay. As much as there are forests covering the country there is a place where the Tottori Sand Dunes are located. It is the largest sand dunes in Japan and stretches across 16 kilometers. Off the coast of Shikoku in the Naruto strait you can find the Naruto Whirlpools. These whirlpools can be seen from the Onaruto Bridge or by a sightseeing cruise that goes right next to them.

photo of natural types of scenery in Japan

Natural Sceneries in Japan

photo of Kushiro Marshlands

Hokkaido | Kushiro

Kushiro Marshlands

The Kushiro Marshland is the largest wetland in Japan and is one of the breeding grounds for the Japanese red crowned crane.

photo of Drift ice

Hokkaido | Abashiri

Drift ice

Starts appearing around January, but the best time to see it is in February when it is the coldest.

photo of Shiretoko Nature Cruise

Hokkaido | Shiretoko

Shiretoko Nature Cruise

Goes around the Shiretoko Peninsula; allows visitors to see the beautiful scenery of the land.

photo of Blue Pond

Hokkaido | Biei

Blue Pond

The Blue Pond is located in the center of Hokkaido near Biei right outside the Shirogane Onsen.

photo of Ice Breaker Cruise

Hokkaido | Abashiri

Ice Breaker Cruise

Ice Breaker Cruise is one of the best and easiest ways to see the drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk coast of Hokkaido.

photo of Unkai Terrace

Hokkaido | Tomamu

Unkai Terrace

Located in Tomamu, originally only known by the staff that did early morning maintenance in the summer.

photo of Oirase Mountain Stream

Tohoku | Aomori | Towada

Oirase Mountain Stream

The Oirase Mountain Stream is the only outflow of water for Lake Towada and is one of the best places to see autumn colors.

photo of Zao Snow Monsters

Tohoku | Yamagata | Zao

Zao Snow Monsters

Zao Snow Monsters are a winter phenomenon that is a result of Fir trees being covered with snow and ice.

photo of Goshikinuma

Tohoku | Fukushima | Urabandai


Goshikinuma is a collection of five lakes that vary in color depending on the season, angle, and time.

photo of Matsushima Bay

Tohoku | Miyagi | Matsushima

Matsushima Bay

Matsushima Bay is one of the most scenic places in Japan and has 260 islands covered with pine trees.

photo of The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

Chubu | Gifu | Shirakawa-go

The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are best known for their Gassho style houses.

photo of Kurobe Gorge

Chubu | Toyama

Kurobe Gorge

Kurobe Gorge is a forested ravine located in the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps and has the steepest gorges in Japan.

photo of Mikata Five Lakes

Chubu | Fukui

Mikata Five Lakes

The Mikata Five Lakes have different concentration levels of salt and is also known as the “Five Colored Lakes.”

photo of Shin-Hotaka Ropeway

Chubu | Gifu | Okuhida

Shin-Hotaka Ropeway

The Shin Hotaka Ropeway has one of the largest elevation gains and features double decker gondola cars.

photo of Mount Fuji

Chugoku | Yamaguchi

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and has been worshipped as a sacred mountain. The perfect cone shape of the mountain is iconic of Japan.

photo of Takeda Castle Ruin

Kansai | Hyogo | Asago

Takeda Castle Ruin

Takeda Castle Ruins are situated close to a quarter mile above sea level and takes a little bit of a hike to reach.

photo of Amanohashidate

Kansai | Kyoto


Amanohashidate is a sand bar on the Miyazu Bay and is one of the three scenic views of Japan.

photo of Tottori Sand Dunes

Chugoku | Tottori | Tottori City

Tottori Sand Dunes

The Tottori Sand Dunes are located in the city of Tottori and spans over 16 kilometers along the coast of the Sea of Japan.

photo of Shimanami Kaido

Chugoku | Hiroshima | Onomichi

Shimanami Kaido

A famous toll road connecting Honshu Island to Shikoku Island from Hiroshima Prefecture to Ehime Prefecture of Japan

photo of Miyajima Island

Chugoku | Hiroshima

Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island is located one hour away from Hiroshima by ferry. It is mostly known for the torii gate that gives the illusion of floating on the water during high tide.

photo of Naruto Whirlpools

Shikoku | Tokushima | Naruto

Naruto Whirlpools

The signature natural occurrence located at Naruto city located in Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku Island.

photo of Kujukushima Islands

Kyushu | Nagasaki | Sasebo

Kujukushima Islands

A group of 208 small islands ranging in the west coast of Nagasaki Prefecture forms the Kujikushima Islands.

photo of Mount Inasa

Kyushu | Nagasaki | Nagasaki

Mount Inasa

One of the top three locations providing the best night views of Japan.

photo of Takachiho Gorge

Kyushu | Miyazaki | Takachiho

Takachiho Gorge

A naturally formed scenic area located in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

photo of Beppu Hells

Kyushu | Oita | Beppu

Beppu Hells

Iconic hot springs designated as national beauty sights located in Oita Prefecture, Japan.