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Onsen in Japan

Best Onsen in Japan

photo of Kaga Onsen

Chubu | Ishikawa

Kaga Onsen

Kaga Onsen is a mecca of hot springs and is located south of Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture.

photo of Kawaguchiko Onsen

Chubu | Yamanashi | Mt Fuji

Kawaguchiko Onsen

Lake Kawaguchi has a few ryokans (Japanese traditional inn) with onsen (hot spring) baths that has views of Mount Fuji.

photo of Yudanaka Onsen

Chubu | Nagano

Yudanaka Onsen

Yudanaka Onsen is a hot spring resort that has been around for hundreds of years.

photo of Nozawa Onsen

Chubu | Nagano

Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture and has 13 traditional style public baths.

photo of Gero Onsen

Chubu | Gifu

Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen is one of the three best onsen in Japan as said by Hayashi Razan, a Confucian poet from the Edo Period.

photo of Atami Onsen

Chubu | Shizuoka | Izu Peninsula

Atami Onsen

Atami Onsen has been around since the 8th century and the water from the onsen was transported to Edo Castle.

photo of Wakura Onsen

Chubu | Ishikawa | Noto Peninsula

Wakura Onsen

Wakura Onsen is a hot spring area located next to Nanao Bay on the Noto Peninsula.

photo of Okuhida Onsen

Chubu | Gifu | Okuhida

Okuhida Onsen

Okuhida Onsen was discovered by Takeda Shingen’s troops and has healing waters for a variety of ailments.

photo of Kanzanji Onsen

Chubu | Shizuoka | Lake Hamanako

Kanzanji Onsen

Kanzanji Onsen is the center attraction of Lake Hamanako and offers a wide variety of water qualities.

photo of Shirahone Onsen

Chubu | Nagano

Shirahone Onsen

Shirahone Onsen is a rural hot spring resort surrounded by nature in a deep gorge by Mount Norikura, a sacred mountain.

photo of Shibu Onsen

Chubu | Nagano

Shibu Onsen

Shibu Onsen is located in Yamanouchi and maintains a traditional atmosphere reminiscent of the Edo Period.