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Manza Onsen

Manza Onsen

Manza Onsen (万座温泉) is located on the slopes of Mount Shirane, which is part of the Joshin Etsu Kogen National Park. The onsen was one of the most secluded hot spring resorts, but thanks to the development of roads it has become easier to reach the area. It boasts the most sulfuric hot spring waters in Japan. The hot spring resort town has a variety of health benefits that helps improve metabolism and blood circulation. Sulfuric waters from Manza Onsen are popular with females. The reason is that the qualities of the water are known for treating the skin and producing great results. Manza Onsen is also one of the highest elevated hot spring resort towns in Japan. Due to the high elevation of the place you are rewarded with great views of the area from the open air baths. The trademark color of the hot spring water is milky white due to the acidity levels.

Another sight that is a treat is the karabuki jets, which is volcanic steam erupting from the crater cracks. It utilizes the rainwater that has been soaked into the ground and transforms it into steam. This spectacle can be seen at the entrance of the Manza Plateau. On a daily basis there is at least 5.4 million liters of hot spring water gushing out. There are a few establishments to stay at in Manza like ryokans, Manza Kogen Hotel and Manza Prince Hotel. In many of the places to stay at there is an open air baths. The Nisshinkan in the Manza Kogen Hotel has great views of a rock garden around the open air bath. There are a few trails available to enjoy the surrounding nature and in the winter season there are skiing activities. If you are looking for another adventure, then you can hike up Mount Shirane to see the most acidic crater lake called Lake Yugama. The water in the lake is cobalt blue and is beautiful to look at.