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Kurokawa Onsen

Kurokawa Onsen

Kurokawa Onsen is a hot spring area located north of Mount Aso which is an active volcano in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The hot spring town is known for retaining the traditional aspects of Japanese onsen areas, a place carefully coordinated without modern buildings and neon signs interfering with the atmosphere. The steam from the hot springs creates a unique aspect in this town, with vents open as a natural facial moisturizer for visitors to experience. Natural colors of the surrounding along with wooden buildings and a flowing river also contribute in providing travelers an authentic Japanese onsen vacation. Among the ryokans and public bath houses in the area, some have been providing service to the samurai warriors in search of healing springs. The famous outdoor baths of Kurokawa attract visitors to participate in Rotemburo Meguri, which consists of travelers purchasing a wooden pass that provide admission to 3 different hot spring ryokans for you to soak in. This activity is only participated at Kurokawa Onsen for travelers to experience all the different ryokan hot springs at an affordable price of 1300 yen. Travelers can also take part in an honor system bath house, where no one is available to provide service with entrance fees as little as 100 yen per person. Travelers spending a night at the traditional ryokans may also experience the kaiseki cuisine, also known as eatable art, the most traditional meal that have been served to people of elite status and samurai warriors for hundreds of years in Japan.