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Hagi Pottery Town

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Hagi Pottery Town

Hagi Pottery Town

Hagi City is a famous former castle town located on the coast of the Sea of Japan located in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This area was once the center of local political power ruled by the Mori Clan for over 250 years. Although the original Hagi Castle constructed by Mori Terumoto has been destroyed through time, today visitors can still see the original foundation where the castle was once situated and some of the stone walls which remain to this day. The former castle town at Hagi provides a travel back in time, a view of well-preserved samurai residences and merchant quarters surviving to this day. The Kikuya Residence which belonged to a former samurai clan which later thrived as a well-known merchant in Hagi, stands today as an designated Important Cultural Property as well as an architectural example of homes for wealthy merchants of the Edo period. Valuable historic treasures including the household items, paintings and weapons are available for travelers to view during their visit to this grand residence. Large tatami filled rooms with a view of the traditional Japanese style garden is another highlight at this location. Many museums in the area including the Hagi Museum and Kumaya Art Museum provide exhibits for visitors to learn about the history of Hagi, as well as displaying ancient treasures and artifacts from the feudal ages in Yamaguchi. A visit to the Hagiyaki Pottery Museum where priceless Hagi potteries are exhibited is a must at the hometown of Hagi-yaki pottery, a unique skill brought into Japan from Korea. Be sure to have a taste of the amazing seafood dishes famous at Hagi including the famous Fugu fish for the more adventurous traveler.