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Arita Pottery Town

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Arita Pottery Town

Arita Pottery Town

This small town located in the western part of Saga prefecture is famous throughout Japan for its Arita yaki, which means Arita porcelain. It is said that the history of Arita porcelain goes back to the Sengoku period when Toyotomi Hideyoshi brought back skilled Korean craftsmen, who later found the kaolin material used to make porcelain in Arita. During that time Arita became the first place in Japan to produce porcelain. Travelers visiting Arita can find many of the town’s attractions heavily related to porcelain making, including museums, archaeological sites, local shops and even shrines located in Arita.

Some of the popular tourist attractions located here includes Tozan Shrine, The Kyushu Ceramic Museum and Arita Porcelain Park. Tozan Shrine was dedicated to the most influential Korean potter who helped making porcelain in Arita. Porcelain is used in making the torii gates and the guardian dogs of the shrine, making it a unique shrine in Japan. The Kyushu Ceramic Museum houses historical artifacts also providing information on the history of porcelain, which is regarded as one of the best museums in Kyushu. Lastly, the Arita Porcelain Park is a large open air theme park with a large palace, museum and a porcelain workshop for visitors to explore.