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Haguro-San (羽黒山) also known as Mt. Haguro is the easiest to access out of three peaks in the Dewa Sanzan. You can reach it by car or bus, but the walking path is recommended to reach the summit. There are 2446 steps that go through a cedar forest with trees over 600 years old. On the stone steps there are a total of 33 with figures carved into them. If you can find all 33 you will gain prosperity. The shrine on Mt. Haguro was the first to be founded by Prince Hachiko in the Dewa Sanzan. After spending years in penance, Prince Hachiko went to Mt. Gassan and Mt. Yudono to worship the mountain gods, which he then enshrined at Mt. Haguro in the main shrine. Close to the beginning of the stone steps people can see the five story pagoda that is unpainted with shingles. Mt. Haguro symbolizes birth in Buddhism Pure Land as it is the first stop in Dewa Sanzan pilgrimage. The deities Ideha no Kami and Uga no Mitama no Mikoto correlate to Kannon also known as Bosatsu, Goddess of Mercy. Visitors have the opportunity to stay at a building referred to as Saikan that requires advance reservations. You will have the chance to witness the early morning ceremony at the shrine.