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Yudono-San (湯殿山) also known as Mt. Yudono is home to one of the holiest sites in the Dewa Sanzan. The shrine was the last one founded in the Dewa Sanzan by Prince Hachiko after the years he spent in penance. There are strict rules to follow when entering the grounds like taking off your shoes and going through a purification ritual. In addition to this there is absolutely no photography or video recording allowed of the area. It is also taboo to speak of what you saw outside of the temple. The mystery and secrecy has been kept of Mt. Yudono. It is one of the places that you must see with your own eyes to understand. Even the great poet Basho wrote a haiku that did not reveal anything about Mt. Yudono. The translated haiku says, “I cannot speak of, Yudono, but see how wet, My sleeve is with tears.” Yudono-San represents rebirth, Dainichi Buddha, in the Buddhist Pure Land as it is the final destination in the pilgrimage through Dewa Sanzan. It is said that the deities Oyamatsumi no Mikoto, Onamuchi no Mikoto, and Sukunaihikona no Mikoto reside on Mt. Yudono as well as being affiliated with Dainichi Buddha.