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Best Temples in Japan

photo of Kiyomizu Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizudera is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto and is most known for the wooden stage that is 13 meters tall.

photo of Golden Pavilion

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Golden Pavilion

Kinkakuji Temple, also known as Golden Pavilion, is a Zen Temple in the northern part of Kyoto. It is known for its top two floors, which are covered in gold leaf.

photo of Ginkakuji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Ginkakuji Temple

Ginkakuji Temple, also known as the Silver Pavilion, is a Zen temple that was built to be a retirement villa for Ashikaga Yoshimasa.

photo of Tenryuji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Tenryuji Temple

Tenryuji Temple is one of the most important temples in the Arashiyama District and has a garden that has been around for centuries.

photo of Kongobuji Temple

Kansai | Wakayama | Mt Koya (Koyasan)

Kongobuji Temple

Kongobuji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site also known for having the largest stone garden in Japan.

photo of Horyuji Temple

Kansai | Nara | Nara City

Horyuji Temple

Horyuji temple is part of the “Seven Great Temples of Nara” and the oldest wooden structures in the world can be found in this area.

photo of Todaiji Temple

Kansai | Nara | Nara City

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple is one of the major landmarks in Nara. It is known for housing the largest bronze statue of Buddha in Japan.

photo of Byodoin Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Uji

Byodoin Temple

The Byodoin Temple was built by Fujiwara Yorimichi, the Chief Adviser to the Emperor, in 1053. It was originally a rural villa owned by his father.

photo of Ryoanji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Ryoanji Temple

Ryoanji Temple has one of the most famous rock garden in Japan, which brings in hundreds of visitors a day.

photo of Sanjusangendo

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City


Sanjusangendo is a temple that houses over 1001 statues of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy.

photo of Tofukuji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Tofukuji Temple

Tofukuji Temple is best known for its autumn colors around the Tsutenkyo Bridge, which extends through a valley of maple of trees.

photo of Saihoji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Saihoji Temple

Saihoji Temple is commonly known as Kokedera (Moss Temple) and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kyoto.

photo of Kodaiji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Kodaiji Temple

Kodaiji Temple is located in the Higashiyama District and was built in memory of Toyotomi Hideyoshi by his wife Nene.

photo of Daitokuji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Daitokuji Temple

Daitokuji Temple features five different rock gardens that embody the teachings of Zen Buddhism.

photo of Nanzenji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Nanzenji Temple

Nanzenji Temple is located at the foot of the Higashiyama Mountains and is one the head temples of the Rinzai Sect of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

photo of Shitennoji Temple

Kansai | Osaka | Osaka City

Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple was the first temple built by the state as well as one of the oldest temples in Japan.

photo of Okunoin Temple

Kansai | Wakayama | Mt Koya (Koyasan)

Okunoin Temple

Okunoin Temple located in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan is regarded as one of the most sacred places with the largest cemetery site in Japan.

photo of Garan

Kansai | Wakayama | Mt Koya (Koyasan)


Garan is located on Mount Koya and is said to be the original location Kukai started the new Shingon Buddhism religion.

photo of Ninnaji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Kyoto City

Ninnaji Temple

Ninnaji Temple is the head temple of the Omuro School, which is part of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism.

photo of Enryakuji Temple

Kansai | Kyoto | Mt. Hieizan

Enryakuji Temple

Enryakuji Temple is known for their monks that hike great lengths to obtain a form of enlightenment every day.

photo of Yakushiji Temple

Kansai | Nara | Nara City

Yakushiji Temple

Yakushiji Temple is one of the oldest imperial temples in Japan as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

photo of Kofukuji Temple

Kansai | Nara | Nara City

Kofukuji Temple

Kofukuji Temple is one of the oldest and among seven of the great temples from the Heian period.

photo of Toshodaiji Temple

Kansai | Nara | Nara City

Toshodaiji Temple

Toshodaiji Temple is one of the oldest Buddhism temples in Japan with a Chinese Tang Dynasty architectural style structure.

photo of Kinpusenji Temple

Kansai | Nara | Yoshino

Kinpusenji Temple

Kinpusenji Temple is the head branch of Shugendo religion called Kimpusen-Shugendō located in Yoshino district, Nara Prefecture.

photo of Chikurin-in Temple

Kansai | Nara | Yoshino

Chikurin-in Temple

Chikurin-in Temple was originally called Tsubakiyama Temple and was said to be built by Shotoku-Taishi.

photo of Hasedera Temple

Kansai | Nara | Asuka

Hasedera Temple

The Hasedera Temple was first built in 686 and was dedicated to Emperor Tenmu, who was suffering from illness.