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Sapporo Factory

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Sapporo Factory

Sapporo Factory

The Sapporo Factory was built on the very first brewery in Japan by the Hokkaido Development Commission, also known as the Kaitakushi, in 1876. It was formerly called the Hokkaido Development Commission Brewery until the Sapporo Beer Company bought the building around 1888. When the Kaitakushi was abolished by the government it helped the Sapporo Beer Company to stabilize their business. It was then that the name changed to Sapporo Brewery. The business continued operations all the way up to 1965. From there the facility was used as a beer museum. When the facility moved its processes to Eniwa in 1989, construction plans were underway to convert and commercialize the complex. The building was then redeveloped into a commercial complex and opened its doors in 1993.

The design of the Sapporo Factory was done by Minoru Takeyama who was the architect for the Seoul Station and the Shibuya 109 building under the Taisei Corporation. The building is divided into seven areas. What gives it character is the “Atrium” with its open ceiling from the basement to the fourth floor. Visitors can enjoy shopping at the various outdoor, variety and interior goods stores. From November to the end of December a huge Christmas tree is brought over from Hiroo Town in the Tokachi area and is decorated and lit up. A small, functioning brewery can be observed within the building, and the beer itself can be enjoyed afterwards at the Akarenga's beer hall or at a tasting bar.