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The Shibazakura Festivals of Hokkaido

There are two festivals in Hokkaido that celebrates the beautiful shibazakura flowers called the Shibazakura Festival. Both the Takinoue Park and the Higashimokoto Park in Hokkaido celebrates the shibazakura and holds a festival dedicated to the flower every year.

Hokkaido is known for its beautiful fields and hills of flowers during the warmer parts of the year. After the snow thaws, spring soon arrives and sprouts colorful life into its scenery. One of the most popular attractions in Hokkaido is the beautiful fields of flowers throughout Hokkaido, which attract thousands of visitors every year. There are two festivals in Hokkaido that celebrates the beautiful shibazakura flowers called the Shibazakura Festival. Both the Takinoue Park and the Higashimokoto Park in Hokkaido celebrates the shibazakura and holds a festival dedicated to the flower every year.

The town of Takinoue is located in Hokkaido and is most known for its beautiful hills of pink shibazakura, peppermint herbs, and turkey farming. Besides the shibazakura, which only blooms for one month, this town is known for being the number one producer of peppermint in Japan and for its turkey farms. The Takinoue Shibazakura Festival is celebrated at the park every year from around early May to early June. There is plenty to do at the festival, including a helicopter ride to view the entire park and plenty of photo opportunities. The festival at Takinoue Park features plenty of pink shibazakura flowers that covers over a hundred thousand squared meters and is one of the largest pink moss flower parks in Japan. One of the most popular, but expensive ways to experience the park is by helicopter ride to get a complete spectacular view of the park and festival. There are plenty of food and entertainment for guests to enjoy while they visit this beautiful park.

The other festival in Hokkaido that celebrates the blooming of the shibazakura is located in Higashimokoto Park in the town of Ozora. This park is known as one of the best places in Japan to view and experience the pink shibazakura flowers. Higashimokoto Moss Pink Park is a on a mountain slope and is covered in shibazakura from early May to early June. Guests can climb up the slope of mountain while visiting the park to get a fantastic experience of the beautiful shibazakura. The pink shibazakura flowers covers over one hundred thousand square meters of the hillside and feature many shades of pink shibazakura flowers. At the top of the park is the Yamazumi Shrine where the mountain god resides and is the brother of the famous Sun Goddess Amaterasu. The shrine also features a rare pink torii gate because torii gates are painted either orange or red. The festival features various activities for guests visiting the park and during the festival. There are small touring cars available for guests that are unable to make it to the top of the slope by foot. There are also fun go kart rentals available and a public foot bath with great views of the shibazakura. The festival features many fun events such as food and entertainment. Like the Takinoue Shibazakura Festival, the event lasts almost for an entire month and the Higashimokoto Shibazakura Festival features different entertainment events throughout the month. There are many music events and other activities throughout the month that is sure to make any visitor’s experience better.

Both of the shibazakura festivals in Hokkaido offer a great experience and are sure to make anyone fall in love with the pink shibazakura flowers.

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