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Best of Hokkaido & Honshu: Lavenders & Summer Flowers

Join this 15-day summer tour through the enchanting lavender flowers of Hokkaido plus the top sightseeing destinations of the Japan mainland.

Tour Code: GTE2246604

Tour Information

Land cost: from USD $6198.00

Single supplement: USD $1260.00

Tour duration: 15 days 14 nights

Hokkaido (Lake Toya / Nanae / Hakodate / Lake Onuma / Noboribetsu / Shiraoi / Furano / Biei / Yoichi / Otaru / Sapporo), Honshu (Osaka / Nara / Kyoto / Koka / Hakone / Mt Fuji / Tokyo)

Tour cost includes:
• 12 nights Western style and 2 nights Japanese style accommodation
• Meet and greet upon arrival at Sapporo New Chitose Airport
• Domestic flight from Sapporo to Osaka
• Airport transfers on arrival and departure
• Private coach transfers between destinations in Japan
• Comprehensive escorted with AJT professional English speaking tour guide
• Breakfast everyday
• 9 lunches and 5 dinners
Admission fees and activities
• All entry fees to sites, activities listed in the itinerary

Dates & Price
Start Date End Date Twin/Triple Start City End City Style Status
Sun. Jul 12, 2026 Sun. Jul 26, 2026 USD $6198.00 Sapporo Tokyo View Tour

Please Note:
All prices are per person, based on twin (double on request) or triple occupancy.
International flights are not included on our tours - this allows you the flexibility to choose your own departure and get the best value for your money!
We can arrange international flights for US customers if needed, please ask for details.


Day 1

Sapporo New Chitose Airport

Welcome to Sapporo! You will be met at the arrival gate by an AJT representative holding an "All Japan Tours" sign.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Chitose or similar class

NOTE 1: The meet and greet and airport transfer to the first hotel is ONLY available on the first day of the tour after 11 AM. If you plan to stay extra nights before the start of the tour, we will provide full instructions in advance for you to transfer to your hotel on your own.

Day 2

Lake Toya (Mt. Usu Ropeway / Nishiyama Crater Walking Trail / Seasonal Fruit Picking), Nanae (Road Station Nanairo-Nanae)

Our morning at Lake Toya begins with a trip up the Mount Usu Ropeway to enjoy a magnificent view of the lake area below. Next, we take a pleasant walk around teh Nishiyama Crater Walking Trail - a route which highlights both the natural beauty of the surrounding area and town ruins left behind in the wake of a volcanic eruption. Then we enjoy a Seasonal Fruit Picking activity where you walk the fields of the local area and gather some of the fall fruit harvest. After, we take a trip to Nanae, stopping at Road Station Nanairo-Nanae, which sells sweets and other souvenirs from Southern Hokkaido. Finally, we continue on to Hakodate for a relaxing evening at the hotel.

Breakfast / Lunch

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel or similar class

Day 3

Hakodate (Morning Market / Fort Goryokaku / Red Brick Warehouses / Motomachi / Mt Hakodate Ropeway)

Today, we will enjoy touring all the best sights of Hakodate, starting with the Morning Market. City residents gather each morning to find deals on the freshest seafood and produce in a daily routine that can offer visiting travelers a taste of the local culture. From there, we will go to the city's largest, most beautiful park - Fort Goryokaku. Once a Western-style fortress built in the waning years of the Edo era, Fort Goryokaku was slowly landscaped into a prominent public park with its moats now bordered by over a thousand cherry trees. Moving on to the port district, we will explore the old Red Brick Warehouses, built in the early 1900s to accommodate the sudden influx of international trade that occurred around that time. The old buildings were renovated into a commercial shopping complex with a broad variety of stores. Then, at Motomachi, we'll see a district popular among the foreign traders that first came to the city for international commerce, which includes many Western-style buildings. Finally, take the Mount Hakodate Ropeway up to the observation point, which offers stunning views of the city below.

Breakfast / Dinner

Hakodate Kokusai Hotel or similar class

Day 4

Onuma Park, Noboribetsu (Jigokudani Hell Valley / Oyunumagawa Natural Foot Bath)

The day begins with breakfast at the hotel, followed by a drive to Onuma Park. The two main features of the park are Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma, which are separated by a thin strip of land and several small islands, many of which are connected by bridges and easily accessed on foot. From there we drive up to Noboribetsu, and into the mysterious, primordial beauty of Jigokudani "Hell Valley". Take the safe walking paths through this rocky crater, where water roils inside nearby bubbling pools and sulfurous steam rises from jagged cracks in the landscape. A hot river, flowing from out the area, eventually reaches the perfect temperature at the Oyunumagawa Natural Foot Bath. Here, we will take some time to relax and soak our feet in the refreshing hot stream. After, we head to our hotel in Noboribetsu for a relaxing evening.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Noboribetsu Manseikaku or similar class

Day 5

Shiraoi (Upopoy National Ainu Museum), Furano (Ice Cream Factory - Making Experience / Tomita Farm - Furano Flower Fields)

In the morning we will go to Shiraoi, to the Upopoy National Ainu Museum - a newer museum facility that celebrates the cultural heritage of the native Ainu people, including exhibits on Ainu language, culture, history, crafts, music, and dance. Then we take a drive to the idyllic town of Furano, where we will visit a local ice cream factory, which offers a hands-on experience making delicious ice cream! Later we will travel to Tomita Farm to view their famous lavender fields. Reaching full bloom in summer, the lavender flowers cover the fields of Farm Tomita in a sea of purple . There are also long fields of lavender arrayed next to other rows of white, red, and yellow flowers. Once we have finished admiring the beautiful fields, we go for a relaxing evening at the hotel in Furano.

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Furano Prince Hotel or similar class

Day 6

Biei (Blue Pond / Panorama Road / Shikisai Hill / Takushinkan), Sapporo (Clock Tower / Odori Park / Susukino)

After breakfast, we will spend the morning in the nearby town of Biei, starting with a stop at the Blue Pond. Natural deposits of aluminum hydroxide have changed the color of this pond to an especially striking shade of blue. We continue from there to Panorama Road, which features a view of peaceful farms and fields that have often been featured in Hokkaido advertisements, and make many travelers long for a life in the country. At Shikisai Hill, Biei presents a dazzling array of flowers in a great variety of bright colors, all arranged in long rows like a floral rainbow. Before returning to Sapporo, we will visit the Takushinkan, which displays works from one of Hokkaido's most famous landscape photographers - Shinzo Maeda. Maeda popularized the peaceful surroundings of Biei with his photographs. In the afternoon, we will drive back to Sapporo to explore Hokkaido's capital. We first make our way to the city center for a look at the Sapporo Clock Tower, with vintage American colonial architecture and a clock brought over from Boston, USA. From there we will walk through Odori Park - a central park stretching across twelve city blocks, offering a peaceful place of relaxation in the heart of busy Sapporo. Then we're off to experience some of that urban energy in Susukino - Sapporo's vibrant entertainment district, which is lined end-to-end with bright, eye-catching storefront signs.

Breakfast / Lunch

ANA Crowne Plaza Sapporo or similar class

Day 7

Yoichi (Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery), Otaru (Sakaimachi Street - Kitaichi Garasukan & Music Box Museum / Otaru Canal / Otaru Sushi District )

Today we will drive to Yoichi to visit the Nikka Whisky Distillery. This distillery, opened by Masataka Taketsuru, produced and sold the first Japanese whisky. A tour of the facility provides visitors with insight into the whisky production process, as well as a tasting of the local Nikka label whisky. Next, we will travel to Otaru for a leisurely stroll through the port city's heritage district. As you walk up Sakaimachi Street, you can see Otaru's history in old Western-style fisheries, shops and houses. On the way, we'll explore Otaru's reputation for excellent glass craftsmanship at the Kitaichi Garasukan, where glassmakers transitioned from making simple glass fishing buoys to crafting fine glassware and artwork. At one end of Sakaimachi Street we'll discover the Music Box Museum, a cozy museum and shop selling a large collection of charming music boxes. After, we will take a walk along the Otaru Canal, which had once fallen into disrepair at the introduction of modern docking facilities, and has since been converted into a charming vintage promenade. Finally, we will make our way to the Otaru Sushi District, where you will be free to find your own sushi dinner from among the shops selling various kinds of sushi.

Breakfast / Lunch

ANA Crowne Plaza Sapporo or similar class

Note: Due to COVID regulations, Yoichi Nikka Whisky may be unavailable to visit. In this situation, we will tour Tanaka Shuzo, a historic brewery in Otaru. It includes a tour of the production facility and sake tasting.

Day 8

Sapporo (Historical Village of Hokkaido / Shiroi Koibito Park / Hokkaido Shrine / Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery / Hill of the Buddha)

In the morning, we go into the Historic Village of Hokkaido where horse-drawn carriages and trolleys are still seen and used. The village offers insight on its history and an open-air museum as well as through their buildings, which exemplify architectural evolution from the Meiji and Taisho eras into the modern age. Then visit Shiroi Koibito Park, a theme park founded by a local chocolate company. Its famous Shiroi Koibito cookies are buttery with a white chocolate center. They are a popular favorite with locals and tourists alike. After lunch, we travel to Hokkaido Shrine, an elegant shrine complex situated next to Maruyama Park under the protection of four Shinto kami (deities). Then we will tour the Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery, which produces one of Japan's most popular beers. Finally, we will pay a visit to the Hill of the Buddha, designed by the Japanese modernist architect Tadao Ando, this statue sits in a large stone rotunda surrounded by thousands of lavender flowers and includes a pristine reflecting pool.

Breakfast / Lunch

ANA Crowne Plaza Sapporo or similar class

Day 9

Sapporo New Chitose Airport - Osaka Kansai Airport

After breakfast, free for leisure until transfer to New Chitose Airport for your domestic flight to Osaka. Upon arrival in Osaka, you will be met at the arrival gate by an AJT representative holding an "All Japan Tours" sign.


Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport or similar class

Day 10

Osaka (Osaka Castle), Nara (Todaiji Temple / Deer Park), Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Shrine)

In the morning, we will visit Osaka Castle, whose construction began in 1583 on the ruins of the Ishiyama Honganji Temple. The castle was the largest of its time and played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century. From Osaka, our coach departs to Nara, the oldest capital city of Japan. We will visit Todaiji Temple, the largest wooden building in Japan. The temple also houses the largest bronze statue of Buddha at 15 meters (49 feet) meters high, and the surrounding park is filled with over 1,000 Sika deer. In the afternoon we will travel to Kyoto, a historical city that was spared from air raids and saved from the atomic bomb during World War II for its cultural and historical value. We will visit to the stunning vermilion colored Fushimi Inari Shrine, whose 4 km (2.5 mile) long tunnel of scarlet torii gates was featured in the film Memoirs of a Geisha. This complex wraps around a bamboo wilderness that includes mountains, streams, and ponds, the perfect backdrop for a scenic hike. We will stay two nights in Kyoto.

Breakfast / Lunch

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel or similar class

Day 11

Kyoto (Arashiyama - Tenryuji Temple & Garden - Sagano Bamboo Forest - Togetsukyo Bridge / Golden Pavilion / Green Tea Ceremony with a Maiko / Gion Geisha District)

Today we will continue our tour of Kyoto, once the capital of Japan and still considered its cultural center. First is a visit to Arashiyama to see Tenryuji Temple where you can have a glimpse of traditional Zen landscape garden design. Then proceed through a dense bamboo forest, past several small shrines, tea shops and private houses before arriving at the Togetsukyo Bridge over Hozu River. Continue on to Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion) covered with 18-karat gold leaf. This three-story structure was originally built by the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu in 1397. Then, enjoy a relaxing Green Tea Ceremony. This activity was once only available for the social elite. Today, it will be even more special as your host will be an apprentice Geisha, known as a Maiko. We will end our day in the Gion Geisha District, where its streets are lined with ochaya (teahouses), exclusive establishments where guests are entertained by Geisha and Maiko.

Breakfast / Dinner

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel or similar class

Day 12

Kyoto (Kiyomizu Temple), Koka (Miho Museum / Koka Ninja Mansion), Shinkansen Bullet Train Ride

Continue your tour of the historic city of Kyoto at Kiyomizu- dera – a famous temple in Japan that is best known for its large wooden stage that overlooks a hillside of natural scenery. We will then continue to the famous Miho Museum. The Miho Museum has stunning architecture that accentuates the surrounding nature while exhibiting a variety of items from different ancient civilizations. It was designed by the renowned architect, I. M. Pei, and is named after Koyama Mihoko, one of the richest women in Japan and the founder of the museum. This museum is also listed as one of the "1000 Places to See Before You Die". From there, visit Koka Ninja Mansion. This mansion used to be resided in by ninja, equipped with many ingenious traps and devices, designed to prevent intruders and to provide a means of escape in times of need. Next, we will experience a Shinkansen bullet train ride, which can reach speeds of up to 300 km/hr. We will stay at the Onsen Hotel at Hamanako Kanzanji onsen, where you can soak in the therapeutic waters of a spa bath and feast on dinner in the comfort of your hotel.

Breakfast / Dinner

Grand Mercure Lake Hamana Resort & Spa or similar class

Note: If Miho Museum is close, we will visit Kyoto National Museum or Sagawa Art Museum instead.

Day 13

Hakone (Hakone Ropeway / Owakudani), Mt Fuji, Tokyo (Shibuya - Shibuya Crossing - Hachiko Statue)

After enjoying Japanese breakfast at the hotel, we will travel to Hakone and take a 20 minute ropeway from Togendai to Owakundani. Much of the area here is considered an active volcanic zone since its creation from the eruption of Mount Hakone some 3,000 years ago. There, you can experience hot springs and hot rivers, where sulfurous fumes still linger. Owakundani also has splendid views of Mount Fuji in good weather. From Hakone we will proceed to Mt. Fuji on our private coach. Along the way, enjoy the changing scenery, from thick vegetation to lowlands and rolling clouds. We will stop at Mt. Fuji 5th station (depending on weather) to admire the world famous peak. In the afternoon we will travel to Tokyo. Our last visit for this day is Shibuya. We will be able to see the famed Shibuya Crossing in action and cross the street with the crowd. We will then take photos with the Hachiko Statue at the crossing, which is a monument dedicated to a loyal dog that waited even after his master passed away.

Breakfast / Lunch

Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro or similar class

Day 14

Tokyo (Tsukiji Outer Market / Drive by Imperial Palace / Sushi Making Experience / Asakusa Sensoji Temple / Tokyo Skytree)

Today, you will visit Tsukiji Outer Market – a bustling outdoor street market known for its fresh and delicious seafood, produce, and kitchenware. From there, we drive by the Imperial Palace, which offers splendid views of the meticulously maintained front lawn and garden areas, the moat, and the old stone walls. Next, enjoy a fun and simple Sushi-Making Experience, where you can enjoy creating your own sushi, and eating it afterwards! Then, we visit Tokyo’s oldest temple complex – Asakusa Sensoji Temple, featuring the Kaminarimon Gate, in which hangs an enormous red lantern. Leading up to the temple is Nakamise Street, which is lined with shops selling all manner of Japanese souvenirs. At the end of the day, we ascend Tokyo Skytree to the observation deck (Tembo Deck), which offers a panoramic 360-degree view of the Tokyo cityscape.
Note: For Sushi Making Experience, if you are vegetarian, on gluten-free diets, have seafood allergy, or don't eat raw fish, please contact us for other ingredient options.

Breakfast / Lunch

Hotel Mystays Premier Narita or similar class
Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro or similar class (NOTE 2 & 3)

NOTE 2: If you wish to stay in the center of Tokyo for the last night instead of Hotel Mystays Premier Narita, we can arrange for you to stay at Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro (or similar class). In this case, airport transfer is not included. We will provide full instructions for you to get to the airport in advance, or we can arrange shared shuttle service for you at US$65.00 per person per way.

NOTE 3: If you will be flying out from Haneda Airport (HND) instead of Narita Airport (NRT), we can arrange for you to stay at Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro (or similar class) instead of Hotel Mystays Premier Narita. In this case, airport transfer is not include. We will provide full instructions for you to get to the airport in advance, or we can arrange shared shuttle service for you at US$60.00 per person per way.

Day 15

Tour Ends

After breakfast, our tour officially ends. Checkout time is 11 am and Narita Airport can be reached by hotel shuttle bus.


NOTE 4: If you would like to stay longer in Japan, please contact us to book hotel accommodations.