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Nagano, Matsumoto, Takayama, Shirakawago & Kanazawa Private Tour

Tour Code: GTX4655357

Tour Information

Land cost: from USD $3490.00

Single supplement: USD $0.00

Tour duration: 6 days 5 nights

Nagano - Yamanouchi - Matsumoto - Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa

Tour cost includes:
• 4 nights Western style and 1 night Japanese style accommodation
• Public transportation between destinations in Japan
• Local guides in each city
• Luggage forwarding from Yamanouchi to Matsumoto
• Breakfast everyday
• 1 dinner
Admission fees and activities
• All entry fees to sites, activities listed in the itinerary.


Day 1

Nagano - Yamanouchi

Meet your guide at Nagano Station or your hotel in Nagano. You will travel to Yamanouchi via public transit. Upon arrival, you may visit the Snow Monkey Park. This is the famous location where snow monkeys relax in the Onsen hot spring bath. While the monkeys are free to roam the park all year long, they are easiest to find on cold days and particularly when it is snowing. On these days, they enjoy the comfort of the bath. After enjoying the park, you can proceed to your hotel where you can relax in the onsen for yourself – free of monkeys. You can also enjoy a traditional kaiseki dinner.


Ryokan Biyunoyado or similar class

Day 2

Yamanouchi - Matsumoto

Today, travel to Matsumoto Castle (Black Crow Castle), one of the twelve remaining original castles of Japan. Finish your tour at the Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, which exhibits ukiyo-e style art collections that were popular during the Edo period.


Hotel Buena Vista or similar class

Note: We will courier your big baggage to Kanazawa. Please pack your essentials for 2 nights in a small bag to carry with you.

Day 3

Matsumoto - Takayama

In the morning, make your own way to Matsumoto Station on foot and take the highway bus to Takayama – the journey takes 125 minutes and your bus ticket is included. Upon arrival at Takayama station, you will be met by your guide and tour Takayama. You will first stroll through the beautifully preserved Old Town. After strolling through streets that are reminiscent of the Edo Period (1600 -1868), visit the Kusakabe Heritage House, a designated important cultural property and the perfect architectural example of private residences during the Edo period with thousands of items on display. Experience the traditional atmosphere at the Takayama Yatai Kaikan which exhibits life-sized floats and instruments used in the Takayama Festivals.


Takayama Green Hotel or similar class

Day 4

Takayama - Shirakawago - Kanazawa

Continue to explore Takayama with your guide, beginning with the Takayama Morning Market, where visitors can taste local farm products and snacks. You will then tour Takayama Jinya. This building served as the local government office headed by the officials dispatched from Edo and was in official use until 1969. In the afternoon, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go with your guide via highway bus – the journey takes 50 minutes. Ogimachi Village is the main attraction, we will walk past thatched roof farm houses and cultivated fields and see unspoiled Edo period wooden buildings. Once there, we will go to the Shiroyama Viewpoint, and also Gassho-zukuri Minkaen, which is an open-air museum of farmhouses and structures relocated to this area. Wada-ke House is the largest farmhouse in the area, which belongs to the village leader, is now open for visitors to have a look inside these buildings. From Shirakawa-go, continue to Kanazawa via highway bus – 135 minutes, your tickets are included. Upon arrival at Kanazawa station, make your way to your hotel on your own.


Kanazawa Nikko Hotel or similar class

Day 5


Today, you will be fully guided as you traverse Kanazawa via public transit. Begin with a visit to Kenrokuen Garden, regarded as one of the top three gardens of Japan. Stroll along the garden and enjoy the view of trees, stones, bridges and teahouses. At Myoryuji Temple, you will see how it got the nickname “Ninja Temple”. While the temple is not associated with the Ninja, it was built as a disguised military outpost and so has many hidden defenses, secret rooms, traps, and a labyrinth of corridors and staircases. Step back through time in the Nagamachi Samurai District where many old samurai residences remain at the foot of the former Kanazawa Castle. One such house, the Nomura family residence, has been fully restored and filled with artifacts of the time period to reflect the samurai class. Then, visit the Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center. Kaga Yuzen is a type of silk fabric made for Kimono. You can see many Kimono on display here which use this fabric. Additionally, should you choose to add the experience to your itinerary, you can try on one of the traditional garments. Other optional experiences in the area include a Gold Leaf Craft Workshop and a visit to the Kutani Pottery Kilns which are famous for their detailed and intricate designs.


Kanazawa Nikko Hotel or similar class

Note: Depending on the number of additions made to the itinerary, extra days may be added to accommodate your wishes.

Day 6

Tour Ends

After breakfast, your tour will officially end. You will be free to make your way to your next destination at your leisure.


Note: If you would like further transportation to be included, please contact us for the arrangements.