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Roppongi: Harry Hedgehog Cafe
Picture | September 15th, 2017 | Eileen

Japan is known for having animal themed cafés everywhere. Right now the most sought after animal café is the hedgehog themed one. I know you must be thinking Sonic the Hedgehog, but these little critters are much more adorable than the video game counterpart. Harinezumi is the Japanese word for hedgehog. Most Japanese people will not know what you are talking about when you say hedgehog, even if you try to make it sound like the katakana spelling.

At Harry Hedgehog Café you can enjoy a 30 minute or hour visit holding, petting, and feeding them (for an extra charge). The great thing about Harry is their online reservation system, which is English friendly. You do not need a reservation, but it is recommended especially if you are planning to visit the café on a weekend or holiday. Otherwise there is a waiting line available outside the building. Harry is located 3 minutes away from the Hibiya Line Roppongi Station exit 3. It is around the corner of Hotel Arca Torre down the small street. At the end there is a three story building with the bunny café on the 3rd floor and Harry on the 2nd.

When you first enter the staff will ask if you have a reservation and then check to see if you are in their system. Afterwards they will seat you where there will be adorable hedgehogs waiting for you, usually asleep. They will ask you to pay first before they even place a hedgehog in front of you. Also if you wish to feed them they will charge you 540 yen for 5 insects.

Here are the rules to follow while at the café:

1. Our café is priced base on the total time of your stay. Please keep track of your time while you are here.

2. Even if you do not pet the animals, the fee will be charged for the seats.

3. You can hold 2 hedgehogs at the maximum for 30 minutes

4. When you take a picture, please do turn off the flash.

5. Please do not exchange animals with other people. Do not put animals face close to each other and let them out of the box. If the animals got injured or broke its bone, we might ask you for the full price of the animal. Please follow the staff’s direction. In case you do not follow the rules, we may ask you to leave.

6. Children Under 12 years old must be accompanied by their guardians. We are not responsible for any injuries, infection, allergies, or stain and damage of clothe caused by the animals. Please contact the doctor if you are allergic to the animals.

7. The appointment is available from 1 hour. Even if you will be staying here for 30 minutes, we will ask you the fee for 1 hour. (This means reservations are only offered in 1 hour sessions)

8. Please notify when you want to touch the animal.

How to pick up a hedgehog:

Step 1: Scoop them up from both sides of their body with both hands.

Step 2: Keep your hand in the position that they feel comfortable and fit in.

Step 3: Use both hands to wrap them up. Some hedgehogs like to get stroked from the tip of their nose to the back.

When stroking: Do not touch their face suddenly. First let them check your smell, and stroke their head to their tail.

After following all the instructions you then can enjoy holding the little bundle and feeding them if you chose to purchase the food. Be careful though, some of them like to search for a confined spaced to sleep in.

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