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Owl Cafe Experience
Article | October 6th, 2017 | Eileen

In Japan, there are plenty of animal cafes that have caught the interest of both locals and foreigners. Owl cafes are a unique in the sense you will probably not see them outside of Japan. The first time I went to an owl café, I wanted to share the experience with some friends. My friend made the reservation to the owl cafe just in case the place would be busy. Lucky for us we picked a day and time where we had the place to ourselves.

To reach this place we had to walk quite a way from the station down this small road that seemed to continue for a long time. Once we reached our destination we were met with what look liked a small house. We probably would have passed by this place if it was not for the banners outside that said “Owl House.”

Upon entering, we were in a separate entryway with another door in front of us. Soon enough a female staff came out to greet and we asked why there was an extra room. She told us that in case they had too many people come in at least one of the doors would be closed. It was a measure taken to prevent the owls from flying away.

When we were able to enter the next room we finally saw the real owls. Some were relaxing in the coop while others took to the high ground. There was board that showed a total of 7 owls in the café of 6 different varieties. Each of them had their own cute name. When we were shown to our seats, they gave us a drink menu, since a beverage was included in the fee.

As we began taking pictures of the owls, the staff placed a couple of them on a make shift wall. This gave us an opportunity to take photos and pet them. The two barn owls started to clean each other’s beak, which looked absolutely adorable. We carefully approached the aviaries, as to not startle them, and once we were close enough we gently petted their feathers.

Then she told us for a nominal fee we can have an owl of our choice perch on our shoulder or arm. We looked at each other and agreed to have the experience. I was not brave enough to have one on my shoulder, but it was a great experience to put on the glove and carry it on my forearm. Yuu-kun (Eurasian eagle owl) was heavier than I thought when they placed him on my forearm.

After the whole experience, the staff brought a tray filled with feathers. She told us that we can take one as a souvenir. I picked Yuu-kun’s feather as my souvenir. My friends wanted Sea-chan’s, snowy owl, but all of it was gone as their feather was the most popular. Overall, we had a fun time at the café and would recommend the experience.

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