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Sushi Making Experience
Picture | December 11th, 2017 | Eileen

Sushi is a world-renowned food that has gained popularity in recent years. What was once a quick street food being now, in some places, a luxury meal. With that in mind it is no wonder why tourists to Japan want to experience making the food.

In one of the many unsuspecting buildings in Tokyo there is a restaurant that offers a sushi making experience. All Japan Tours set up the session for their clients to enjoy during the closed hours of the shop. This way the restaurant staff could focus all their energy on helping the clients make the most out of the experience. Also, all their tours that include Tokyo in their itinerary have this experience.

The staff had the tables prepared with pieces of sashimi, a small hot pot, rice, wasabi, pickled ginger, and tempura. Each seat had a sushi chef hat and jacket for the clients to wear. They also prepared gloves for the clients to use when making sushi. Vegetarian versions of sushi were available for those who did not eat fish.

Once everyone settled down into their seats, Arasaki-san introduced himself as today’s sushi instructor. Before teaching them, he demonstrated how to cut a yellow tail fish. As he began cutting the raw fish, he explained the different parts and what they are called in Japanese. When Arasaki-san finished his demonstration, he started to give directions on how to prepare the sushi.

Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, and albacore were the pieces of fish prepared to make the sushi. The first step was to shape about 15 grams of rice into an oval in your right hand. With your left pick up a piece of sashimi and place a small amount of wasabi. The next steps were a bit difficult, as you had to place the rice on the piece of fish and flip it over. Then you had to shape and press the two together in a way that does not constrict the rice too much.

As the sushi making experience came to an end, Arasaki-san asked one person to come up and be the representative for the group. He then handed them a certificate saying that they are now sushi chefs. It was a fun experience and everyone had a great time learning how to make sushi.

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