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Where to Stay in Harajuku: Cherry Blossoms & Origami Rooms
Picture | February 28th, 2020 | Dayna Hannah

MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS isn’t your average place to stay in Tokyo. Its fun-filled “Sakura” (cherry blossoms) and “Origami” themed rooms are a study in cuteness, luxury, and interior design. Located in the heart of Harajuku, both rooms boast fully-stocked kitchenettes, instagrammable furnishings, and originality not found in other hotels.

If you’re a true-blue Japanophile, you might already be familiar with the name MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON. The talent agency ASOBISYSTEM created this project to spread Japanese pop culture around the world. Their online publications showcase the latest fashion crazes, food trends, anime releases, and more. In December 2018, they partnered with the real estate development company Rokuyon and opened the Airbnb MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS.

Depending on which room you book, you’ll stay on either the fourth or fifth floor. From the outside, MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS is an unassuming building that doesn’t look much different from a typical Japanese apartment. Waiting for you on the other side of the door, though, is anything but ordinary. When you stay here, your immersion into Harajuku’s kawaii culture doesn’t end when you turn in for the night.

MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS’ “Sakura” penthouse apartment uses different shades of pink and white that mirror Japan’s unofficial national flower. But what draws your eyes the most is the cherry blossom tree that towers over your bed, tying the room together. Mixed with creative lighting and soft textures, the Sakura Room somehow delights both your inner child and your adult sensibilities.

During the day, you can lounge on the sofas and stools under a neon light that displays the kanji for cherry blossom (桜). The living area and kitchenette make it more than possible to bring back your favorite treats from Harajuku and enjoy them in privacy.

With the belief that this room would mostly appeal to groups of young women, the designers shaped the layout to make the most of the space. Between the king-sized bed and three air mattresses, up to five people can comfortably sleep in the room. The vanity table also has enough space for two, so everyone can get ready for a night on the town at the same time.

The Origami Room carefully balances whimsy and traditional Japanese aesthetics. In the living area, multi-colored umbrellas hang from the ceiling instead of lampshades. The benches and stools take inspiration from Japanese tea houses, and there are origami cranes and Japanese fans tastefully placed around them. There is also a matcha-making tea set to use at your leisure.

The bedroom is reminiscent of a ryokan with tatami floors, futons, and zaisu (legless chairs). There are two levels for futons with a small staircase that doubles as luggage storage. Both futon spaces are 2.6 meters wide and can accommodate six people in total. On the lower level, a sliding door decorated with rice paper affords a little privacy.

Across from the futons is the powder room where two people can sit together. Both the “Origami” and “Sakura” powder rooms offer hair driers, straighteners, cotton swabs, hair ties, and cotton pads as amenities. Other conveniences slightly differ between the two.

No matter which room you choose to stay, you can count on finding daily necessities such as a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. In the bathrooms, there are bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. However, the “Sakura” room also offers sets of pink slippers and bathrobes. The “Origami” room, on the other hand, has haorikimono jackets.

If you think you’ll need extra entertainment on your Japan trip, note that the “Sakura” room might suit your needs better. It has a Google Home and an Android TV mobile projector with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, games, and more. The “Origami” room doesn’t offer the same facilities.

Although there’s a limit on how many people can stay overnight, you’re free to invite guests to your room for parties. As it happens, MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS actively encourages this with their rooftop garden. As a guest, you’re free to use the rooftop garden, which has a panoramic view of Harajuku.

The roof can be a quiet getaway or a venue for a private event. Don’t worry about needing to organize too much, MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS has both DJ and barbecue equipment that you can reserve. Be aware that this space is available to non-guests and might be booked during your stay.

MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS costs around ¥40,000 (about US $400) per night, although the price can fluctuate depending on the time of year. Thankfully, there is ample space to share the bill with a group of friends if that figure seems a little hefty for you. However, with that amount, you don’t just get a decked-out room. You’re also staying in one of the most convenient locations in the city.

MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS is within a 5-minute walk of the ever-popular Takeshita Dori Shopping Street. It’s here where you’ll find the center of Harajuku fashion with shops selling cute accessories, toys, and souvenirs. At the end of the road is Harajuku Station, which is on the Yamanote Line. Alternatively, you can also easily reach Omotesando Station, which connects to the Ginza, Chiyoda, Hanzomon, and Romacecar Lines.

You don’t necessarily need to board a train to reach other sightseeing destinations in Tokyo, however. MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS is within walking distance (20 minutes or less) of Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, and Shibuya Crossing. And, the nearest convenience store is less than a block away if you need any small items like bottled drinks, phone chargers, or snacks.

If visiting Harajuku is high on your Tokyo bucket list, MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS will add a splash to your stay. Not only will you be in the middle of the city’s most kawaii neighborhood, but you’ll be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Harajuku as soon as you wake up. Find out how you can add a stay in MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS to your All Japan Tours vacation when you contact us.

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