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TRAVEL | Where to Stay


Article | Dayna Hannah

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Just because you’ve finished sightseeing for the day doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! You’ve heard before about Japan’s wide variety of hotels and accommodations. There are the infamous capsules that are no bigger than a single-sized bed, as well as hotels with bizarre themes like robots and Godzilla. It’s also possible to live it up in luxury at a traditional Japanese-style ryokan, where you can bathe in a hot spring on your veranda.

With the rising number of tourists coming to Japan for cherry blossom festivals and the autumn leaves season, hotels are stepping up their game. New locations are opening across the country, and they’re not your average accommodations! Some large hotel chains are appealing to travelers that love Japanese pop culture to keep up with the competition.

Now, anime fans have a place that they can call home—or rather, several! The APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU decided they wanted to be the very best, like no one ever was, and announced a collaboration with the Pokémon Company. Together, they’ve created accommodations that are fit for a gym leader.

The APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU group provides spacious rooms for travelers. Their deluxe, family, and traditional Japanese-style apartments are perfect for big parties, parents with young children, or if you’re making a long-term stay. All of the suites can comfortably fit four people, and you can also book adjoining rooms for up to ten.

No matter what kind of accommodations you choose, you’ll have a fully stocked kitchenette, dining, and living spaces at your disposal. Cooking appliances include a refrigerator, microwave, IH stovetop, and electric kettle. You can also rent a rice cooker, toaster, vacuum, or iron from the multilingual front desk.

If you plan to stay several nights, you’ll find onsite 24-hour coin laundry, although it’s possible to book rooms with private washing machines at MIMARU Shinmachi Sanjo and Horikawa Rokkaku. The staff will empty trash cans and replace towels and toiletries every day, but additional cleaning depends on how long you spend with them.

Their services don’t stop when you walk out the door. During your stay, you’ll find a smartphone in your room that you can use as a Wi-Fi hotspot while sightseeing and make free long-distance phone calls to select countries. However, you’ll find that you won’t have to venture too far to reach your destinations.

Every APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU location is conveniently within a few minutes from train stations or bus stops in Tokyo and Kyoto. You’ll find the Pokémon-themed rooms in five of their hotels—three in Kyoto and two in Tokyo.

MIMARU Tokyo Ueno East - A 39m2 Western-style room with two Hollywood twins that four people plus two children can share.

MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori - A 38m2 Western-style room with two Hollywood twins and bunk beds designed to fit four adults and two children.

MIMARU Kyoto Shinmachi Sanjo - A 39m2 Western-style room with two Hollywood twins and bunk beds for four adults and two children.

MIMARU Kyoto Station - A 39m2 Western-style room with two single beds, one sofa bed, and one bunk bed, with enough room for four adults and two children.

MIMARU Kyoto Kawaramachi Gojo - A 40m2 Western-style room with two single beds and a bunk bed that can comfortably accommodate four adults and two children.

Note that at MIMARU’s Tokyo hotels, children between the ages of 0 and 6 can stay for free, while Kyoto’s locations offer this deal for those 12 and under.

When you walk into your Pokémon hotel room, Snorlax’s footprints will lead you across the carpet and to your bed. The red and white comforter with a pokéball print is one of several touches that sets your experience apart. At the head of your bed is a cuddly Snorlax plushie. Unfortunately, you can’t take him home, but there are plenty of other goodies that MIMARU provides for their guests.

In addition to Snorlax, you’ll find original Pokémon merchandise that is exclusive to MIMARU’s hotels. A sleepy image of Pikachu decorates a welcome card next to a pokéball drawstring bag and hand towels. The design on the hand towels differs by city, and you can catch them all by staying in both a Tokyo and a Kyoto Pokémon room.

The Gifts from the Pokémon Room in Tokyo

The Gifts from the Pokémon Room in Kyoto

In the kitchen, you’ll find accouterments typical to APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU with a slight twist. The mugs, plates, and dinner table feature pokéballs to add to the joy of your home-cooked meals. Motifs of your favorite pocket monsters stretch across the wallpaper in a whimsical yet tasteful pattern.

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU first began accepting reservations for the Pokémon rooms in December 2019, and they quickly became incredibly popular. If you want to stay here on your Japan trip, plan well in advance to guarantee your spot, and act fast! The collaboration with the Pokémon Company will end in December 2020.

According to their website, prices can fluctuate in the neighborhood of ¥20,000 and ¥70,000 (around US $200.00 - $700.00) depending on when and where you stay.

If you’re unable to capture a Pokémon room in either Tokyo or Kyoto, don’t despair! Apartment Hotel Mimaru’s Ueno Okachimachi location has one more option for Japanophiles. In collaboration with the Japan Ninja Council, this branch offers a “shinobi modern” apartment.

Unlike the Pokémon rooms, the ninja-themed lodging is Japanese-style, with six single-sized futons and one bunk bed. Up to eight people can stay in the 75m2 accommodations without trampling each other. The contemporary furnishments seamlessly blend with ukiyo-e prints, shuriken, and kunai throwing knives that serve as delightful embellishments.

Travelers looking for hotels in Japan that add a splash to their journies without sacrificing quality needn’t look further than the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU. Find out how you can add this to your All Japan Tours itinerary when you fill out our inquiry form.

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