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Article | July 10th, 2021 | Anne


Tokyo city is one place that is known for the superlatives it has to offer with everything; the highest skyscrapers line the sky with huge train stations on the ground. While it is completely modern and seeped in the city life, it also offers pockets of peace and culture like no other city in the world. The best boutique hotels in Tokyo are ones that offer relief from the busy life of the city around you. While there are plenty of supersized hotels, too, they don’t offer the same level of comfort and relaxation that smaller boutique hotels can.

A growing number of visitors and tourists are turning to boutique hotels as a way to experience Tokyo in a more intimate manner. We have compiled a list of the most well-designed and comfortable but small boutique hotels that will surely add a lot to your vacation.


The K5 hotel building used to be a bank in the 1920s, but it is now a haven for travelers seeking a thoughtful design when it comes to where they stay. The Swedish grace and traditional design are interwoven into the structure. The flowing greenery, amazing cuisine, famed craft beer, and Chinese-inspired mixology give K5 a unique outlook. The talented architects behind K5 turned out 20 comfortable rooms that can help you relax and unwind.

The hotel was renovated by Claesson Koivisto Rune with a focus on the original features and look. The most inspired touch is perhaps the patterned, colored glass on the windows of the hotel that captures light in a mesmerizing way and brings a glow to the interior.

All the custom furniture is installed by Alloy, Time and Style, and ADX. The pieces are made with traditional materials such as Japanese stucco and cedar. Local craftsmen produced every stool, dining table, and built-in inside the K5 hotel. The ceilings and walls are painted with traditional Japanese methods. The Swedish designer does incorporate some Scandinavian flare with custom designs of the Claesson Koivisto Rune.

You can rest assured that the K5 hotel offers rich coffee, delicious food, relaxing rooms, and enjoyable bar space. The rooms are very aesthetically pleasing with soft beds, wooden furniture, cozy colors, and fresh plants. There are 5 categories of rooms that increase in luxury with every level. It has a Kabi restaurant that has even become renowned in Tokyo for its great food. It is inspired by different cuisines from Japan, France, and Denmark that result in some truly fascinating dishes. You will absolutely love the Switch Coffee stand if you enjoy freshly brewed coffee. It has a rich taste that will refresh you, making you ready for a day of exploring in Tokyo.



The Trunk Hotel offers a chance to transform yourself by living your truth without any pressure. The hotel’s design and interior are inspired by Japanese style and beauty. It is located in the heart of the Shibuya district that is a lively scene. The lifestyle and energy that comes from Shibuya allow you to spend your time living comfortably. It is also very close to Cat Street, a complete hipster magnet famed for Harajuku’s street fashion culture. You have plenty of added amenities as well as a minibar in the room.

There are 11 standard rooms and four suites that have different furnishings, layouts, and sizes that have a contemporary Japanese aesthetic. The clean décor, artworks, and wooden furniture designed by an Osaka designer all offer a very nice space to rest. The hotel is also known for its soothing outdoors with gorgeous green plants, big tables, and wooden décor.


The Azabu Ten Tokyo hotel is perfect for individuals who want to spend some time in a calming space with solitude. The hotel is designed to allow guests to put themselves first as they take in the beautiful surroundings carefully created by the architect. You can get a fresh start with your time here. The design combines inspiration from traditional Japanese style with the elegance of European style.

It is one of the best boutique hotels in Tokyo because each room has its own character, theme, and color. This means that you can get a different experience every time you come here. All the rooms are quite chic, spacious, and comfortable. There are also plenty of amenities that you can take advantage of.

It has a Cassina IXC Restaurant that has a blend of Japanese and Western cuisine to suit any taste buds. The dishes come from the Nouvelle cuisine and use Japanese traditional techniques for cooking, which completely transforms the food.


The Hotel Gajoen in Tokyo combines tradition, elegance, and luxury in one hotel scene. It has art galleries that you can get inspired from with pre-Japanese era war art that depict scenes of tranquil gardens and flowing rivers. There are 8 categories for the room, each offering its own brand of luxury. You can also take advantage of the lounging areas for work or just to relax in the Library and Executive rooms. You can also host events, business meetings, and conferences in their 25 rooms and banquet halls.


The Kimpton Shinjuku hotel in Tokyo takes inspiration from the art scene and fashion sense of New York. The most amazing part is that every time you go to the hotel, you will have something new to check out. They have art installations and pop-ups that change constantly, which can be quite fun to check out. The hotel is built in the Shinjuku district that offers a hustling bustling scene like no other. But this doesn’t mean you won’t get to relax; the Kimpton hotel offers peace with luxury, relaxing rooms, a terrace bar, and amazing service.

It also has a Jones Café and Bar that is quite a delightful retreat. They are known for their rich espresso and craft beers that result in quite a fun time! The restaurant has a cozy ambiance, and the food also tastes delicious.


The Hotel Niwa in Tokyo is the perfect place to relax since the ambiance is so serene. It is near Tokyo Dome City and the Jimbocho Antiquarian Bookstore. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi around the entire property that you can take advantage of to keep up with work or just to post your travel updates on Instagram.

There are spa bathtubs with every room that you can use to release all your stress. There are also massage chairs in the lobby that you can use for free. The Niwa Hotel has 5 kinds of hotels that each have their own level of luxury and amenities. The hotel staff is also pretty accommodating when it comes to guests.

There are also two restaurants called Yukuri and Lieu. Yukuri has authentic traditional Japanese foods that you can enjoy with local sake. The view from the restaurant of the stream and the beautiful garden makes the food even better. Lieu takes inspiration from French cuisine with fresh seafood, seasonal vegetables, and premium cuts of meat.

Niwa Hotel Tokyo


The Gate Hotel by Hulic in Tokyo combines fine dining, elegance, and comfort that makes your vacation definitely worth it. They have 6 kinds of rooms with air injection tech and Slumberland mattresses for the ultimate relaxation. It also has a radiance shower that can de-stress you completely. The added comfy robes, nightwear, and all-natural toiletries make the entire experience even better. The fresh Nespresso coffee is also the perfect way to wake up in the morning too.

You can see the entire Tokyo skyline and the Tokyo Skytree from their Restaurant and Bar. It has Western-inspired cuisine that has fresh ingredients and high-quality liquor from all around the globe. Having the meal from the comfortable inner lounge or the terrace with fresh air and exquisite view can both be great experiences.


The Shinjuku Granbell Hotel in Tokyo has a multi-story building with an amazing exterior with more surprises in store when it comes to the interior. The huge windows let the natural light stream in, and the huge ceilings also make it more spacious. The elegant black interior with the warm wooden paneling, chic prints, and colorful murals look fabulous.

It has a trendy bar with free DJ events that you can have a fun time at. The nightlife of Shinjuku with the Kabukicho’s entertainment district of clubs and bars are pretty close to the hotel. The hotel has around 380 suites and rooms that were created by different designers but share a contemporary vibe. Every room has a minimalistic décor with black and navy blues dominating the scene. The hotel has a fitness center, spa, and pool. There are also different cuisines of Western, Japanese, Italian, and French foods available.


The Hotel KOE in Tokyo was inspired by the global perspective. That’s why they have spots for Tomorrow, Now, the World, and Japan. The lifestyle that Hotel KOE promotes is of embodying a new baseline for new cultures. It pivots between fashion, stay, and music has the three main priorities for the hotel. The fusion of ordinary life from around the world creates an extraordinary experience of culture.

There is an element of tea ceremony traditions with a modern twist in the rooms. The high-quality, contemporary space values the importance of showing off the materials used in the rooms. Instead of prioritizing ornamentation, the rooms focus on making sure that the main features are of the highest quality.

It is known for its bar, art hub, café, space for live music, restaurant, retail store, and more. The hotel also has plenty of surprises in store for its guest. We don’t want to give too much away, but one of the delightful surprises is that the check-in counter of the hotel often turns into a DJ booth. And yes, the DJ is Masaya Kuroki from Maison Kitsune.


One @ Tokyo Hotel is in the Oshiage where you can see the modern cityscape like the Tokyo Skytree. Being in the surroundings of Oshiage, you will be able to have unique encounters and discoveries. It is based next to the east bank on Sumida River in Sumida Ward. After the Great Fire of Meireki, there were many shrines, estates, temples, and storefronts that were relocated to the east side. This is why people benefit a lot from the hustle bustle energy of the area.

The rooms are quite comfortable and come with Wi-Fi. The hotel even provides a smartphone that you can use while on your stay too. They also provide a Chromecast, so you can even watch digital content on the large TV surface.

They have a ONE Table restaurant where a 15m counter that links the bar with the reception area. It is often used by guests for different activities.


The Hotel and Residence Roppongi hotel revolves around a multi-national, multi-purpose, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural identity. They have serviced and residential apartments that are perfect for short and long stays. They have different facilities such as offices, hotels, and residences, making it quite a unique hotel. The rooms have various themes that you can choose from based on your situation and feelings. It has an award-winning design when it comes to rooms. For example, the Garden Suite has a grass field on the floor as soon you open the door. It is inspired by the hanging garden style, which can refresh your spirit completely.

It has five restaurants that you can get delicious cuisine from throughout the vacation. The Coconoma restaurant is known to have many specialty foods that can please your soul and body. There is also a sushi restaurant where first-class chefs work.

Hotel & Residence Roppongi


The Hoshinoya Tokyo Hotel is in the economic center of the city, quite near the Imperial Palace and the Tokyo station. While it does have quite a grand façade, the 17-floor hotel actually has a relaxing ambiance. There are many fundamental qualities of the hotel that are rooted in Japanese tradition and hospitality, which make the hotel surprisingly intimate.

They have a Zen garden where you will find soothing planters and boats. The Ryokan hotel maintains its traditions, providing seasonal sake, tatami floors, an ochanoma lounge, and guests even receive a kimono in their rooms.


The Candeo Hotel in Shimbashi, Tokyo, is the best choice for individuals who want to take advantage of many amenities and comforts. The rooms have a refrigerator, a flat-screen TV, and amazing air conditioning. The free Wi-Fi ensures that you can stay connected. The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk, baggage storage, and room service. They also serve breakfast and even have a hot tub where you can relax to your heart’s content.

We recommend checking out the renowned dim sum place called Din Tai Fung near the hotel that people flock to from all over the world. You can also visit the Karasumori Shrine and the UCC Coffee Academy of Tokyo that are both within walking distance from the hotel.

Candeo Hotel Shinbashi


The Cotoha Hotel Okachimachi in Tokyo offers free Wi-Fi, great room service, and a 24-hour front desk. It also has a bar where you can let loose and enjoy yourself. Every room has a flat-screen TV that comes with satellite channels. The private bathroom has plenty of amenities like slippers, bathrobes, and a hot shower system. The hotel will even provide you a fridge if you need one. Couples in particular love this location.

The hotel offers Asian and American breakfasts to all its guests that you can enjoy at your leisure. The property is quite close to the Sensoji Temple that is the oldest temple in the region. You will also find other popular sites like the Edo Tokyo Museum.


The Hoshino Resorts is a casual hotel that is known for its fun vibe. It has different unique rooms that you can stay in, just a minute away from the Otsuka Station. If you like the retro Tokyo style, you will surely get a hit of nostalgia when you hear the streetcar bells around the hotel. The rooms incorporate Japanese style into the design with an elevated bed that uses vertical space. The tatami floor is comfortable to walk around barefoot, which offers a homely feeling.

They also have a homey, casual café called the OMO Café that is definitely quite charming. The dining room brings together local life and a hotel experience in every plate of food. They also have an OMO lounge where you can comfortably sit and work or even relax with a book. The hotel also hosts drinking, culinary, and cultural tours that you can take depending on your preferences.


The Aman Tokyo hotel is designed to combine an environment of serenity with the urban dynamism that Tokyo is known for. It has a traditional Japanese design in every corner with washi paper doors, ikebana displayers, and engawa platforms. You will find comfort in the ryokan rooms, huge lobby space, and the soothing Aman Span.

It offers a generous, minimalist, and warm design when it comes to the rooms. Each room is outlined with the timeless simplicity of Japanese décor and natural textures that can be quite comforting. It overlooks the amazing city skyline with floor-to-ceiling windows that also bring in natural light.

You will find calming vibes in your spirit, mind, and body in the Misogi Retreat, where you can cleanse the body. The Japanese meditation and movement practice with acupuncture and healthy food in the three-night retreat can be life-changing.

The dining experiences offered at the Aman hotel offer seasonal foods in a unique way. Each season is celebrated in its entirety through beverages and food. You can even get a delicious complimentary breakfast daily at their Arva restaurant with amazing views of Tokyo from the windows.


The Wired Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in Tokyo because it combines theatre with the hotel experience. It has the Asakusa Kokono Club that has stood the test of time, retaining its gorgeous magnificence from the Edo era. The restaurant, theater, and hotel are all united so that guests can eat, watch, stay, and enjoy!

It offers a place to connect with the culture, locals, city, and performers that will result in the most memorable experiences for you. The guest rooms combine two themes of Modern and Japanese that blend in well with the city. You can also enjoy the entertainment they prepare for you; they often have performing arts events on the second floor that can evoke emotion and engage your five senses.

The hotel is the perfect location for sightseeing since it is close to the Tokyo Skytree and Sensoji Temple. They also offer guidance on experiences and food cultures that can give you an authentic experience of the Edo era. The restaurant offers a place where locals, guests, and performers can gather over a warm and nostalgic meal.

Wired Hotel Asakusa


The Andaz Tokyo is designed on the Toranomon Hills, where the culture and designs merge together to show off the exciting city of Tokyo. The skyscraper has an amazing view of the entire city that you can bask in from your Modern-Japanese, spacious guestrooms. The hotel is also close to shrines and temples that are centuries old, with the Tokyo Tower and Imperial Palace quite close by too. You will be able to see the amazing sunset sky of Tokyo from the Rooftop Bar with a seasonal cocktail as well.

The biggest suite of Andaz Tokyo is on the 49th and 50th floors of 210 sq/m. It has a huge living room, a study room, and a bedroom. There are two bathrooms with plenty of vanities to make it worth your while. Plus, the 180-degree view of the entire Tokyo skyline from the Tokyo Bay to the Tower makes it one of the best guestrooms in the city.

Andaz Tokyo


The Nohga Hotel Uneo Tokyo knows the importance of being connected to the place around you. This is why their main focus is on the shared experiences from the community that offer a wonderful time. You will have plenty of memorable experiences in the local area of Ueno. Ueno is truly the main gateway to the heart of Tokyo, where the Edo culture still continues. With local restaurants, museums, traditional shops, and Ueno Park, there is a lot for you to explore.

The guestrooms are designed with refined traditional Japanese features. You will see artworks and original items from the neighborhood’s craftspeople. You can also unwind at the popular Bistro Nohga that offers a contemporary menu. Every ingredient comes from the local shops in the neighborhood from people the hotel staff knows personally.

Nohga Hotel Ueno Tokyo


The Hotel the Celestine Ginza has a lounge and rooftop garden. The hotel is pretty close to the Mita Subway Station, and you can easily go to popular tourist spots like Roppongi and Ginza. The hotel is also close to the Shinjuku and Shibuya districts, where most of the Tokyo attractions are. Just a fifteen-minute walk away, you can also go to the Zojo-ji Temple and Tokyo Tower. The rooms are truly the greatest since they have an amazing city view, flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi. The rooms have a truly cool, sophisticated décor with amazing pops of color that set a great tone. You can relax next to the large picture windows and natural sunlight. The hotel has a great European-styled design with a relaxing library. There is also a comforting lounge on the 14th floor that is open 24/7.


The Lively Azabujuban Tokyo hotel is situated in one of the best neighborhoods of Tokyo. It is a quiet neighborhood with quirky cafes, bars, restaurants, and cute boutique shops. You will find that the Azabu-Juban area is the best place to savor the smells, sounds, and sights of city life.

It also has a Lively Bar on the topmost floor of the building that offers an amazing view of the Tokyo skyline, especially the Tokyo Tower. Whether you go for the house special or classic meals, you will also get a taste of seasonal foods and the high life of the city. The environment is quite sleek and pristine, so you can truly feel comfortable here.

There are 62 rooms in the hotel that you can use for business or leisure. Every room has a premium SERTA American manufactured mattress that provides high-quality sleep. The gel foam and thick mattress completely cushion the body for the best night of sleep you have ever gotten.


The Kitano Hotel in Tokyo is a refurbished building of the Kitano Arms that was created in 1964. It is a luxury hotel that is situated in the perfect location near the Ginza, Marunouchi, and Nagata-cho areas. You will receive true Japanese hospitability as well as the finest services.

You will receive concierge service, a luggage store, a 24-hour front desk, and free Wi-Fi. There is also a fitness center as well as massage, acupuncture, and spa services that can calm you down. Guests can also see the tea ceremony that is traditional to the Japanese culture. The rooftop lounge is the perfect place to unwind with a great skyline view of the renowned Imperial Palace.

The Kitano Hotel Tokyo


The Aoyama Grand Hotel is built in the culture and fashion center of Tokyo, Aoyama, which attracts tourists from all over the world. It is built on a Bell Commons site that gives the hotel a rich experience. It has a mid-century but modern style with spacious luxury and interior designs. It has an all-day restaurant with seasonal Japanese foods, an Italian eatery with premium ingredients, a rooftop bar with amazing views, and even a sushi restaurant. You can also hold different events in the Aoyama Grand Hall that bring in plenty of natural light through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


The Hotel Allamanda Aoyama premium hotel provides lifestyle, food, and fashion. It combines music and art, but the Aoyama area is also a business base where local and international companies have created their headquarters. So, whether you are coming for business or sightseeing, it is the best hotel to choose.

There are 42 guest rooms where you will get amazing service and a famed Simmons bed to sleep in. They also provide pajamas made with gauze material that is gentle on the skin too. Even though it is directly in the middle of the busy region of Aoyama, it offers a tranquil getaway. It also has a spa center and fitness center too, so you can recover and relax.

The best boutique hotels in Tokyo are ones that offer a sense of calm and peace as well as a cultural retreat for all guests. They need to be comfortable enough to count as a getaway and close enough to popular tourist locations. You can choose any of the above 24 best boutique hotels in Tokyo, and you will surely have a great vacation.



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