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The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2022

12/23/2022 - 12/30/2022 / 2023-1-8   

Billy went above and beyond as a tour guide. He made the tour so much fun and informative.

Mr. Little

Japan Private Custom Tour

12/1/2022 - 12/10/2022 / 2022-12-01   

Trip to Japan was our long waited journey since our last booking for Olympic games was cancelled. With AJT during strict provisions in entering Japan since pandemic, were all made possible. Our family had the most wonderful experience throughout the whole 10 days in Japan. We are very glad of AJT's service. From doing our itinerary, promptly replying my mails and questions, the accomodation, sightseeing, transport service from airport to hotel and back. Our patient and hospitable tour guide Ms. Barbara Chin, We might lost from metro without you. We are happy with your company. Absolutely amazing to see Japan and the helpful warm people. Our trip was all worth it! Thank you for organizing everything smoothly and clearly this trip. From: Mrs. Koskinen Tavallisesti kun matkustamme, kuljemme omatoimisella matkalla, siis ostaen lennot ja hotellit itse. Japanin matkan hinta tuntui ennen matkaa kalliilta. Mutta matkan aikana huomasimme, että ohjelma ja järjestelyt olivat huolellisesti suunnitellut. Liikkuminen Tokion metroissa, matka tulivuorelle olisi ollut omatoimimatkalla hyvin hankala toteuttaa. Oppaan palvelut olivat täsmällisiä ja hyvin hoidettuja. Kuljetukset lentokentältä ja lentokentälle oli hyvin hoidettuja. Jälkeenpäin ajatellen , matkan hinta oli ollut kohtuullinen ja olemme tyytyväisiä saamaamme palveluun. Message from: Mr. Kalevi Koskinen

Ms. Marylou

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/9/2022 - 11/27/2022 / 2022-11-29   

Kiyoshi-san: It does not seem like this person sleeps. He is always so prompt in responding to our never ending questions, even when we send e-mails late at night. We also recognize that some of our questions are hard to answer, because Japan had not opened itself to visitors when we made our reservations with AJT, but Kiyoshi-san always takes time and effort to reply to every single one of our question to the best of his ability. When we had to change our itinerary (because Japan finally opened-up), Kiyoshi-san was very prompt in sending us our revised itinerary once we asked for it - we really appreciate this. Kiyoshi-san, thank you for making this trip for us possible. We would not have gone through with this trip, but for your speedy and detailed responses. We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding (as we were hedging on Japan opening up, and also our own work commitment) as we took some time to finally make payment. Kiyoko-san: We are extremely fortunate to have met a tour guide like Kiyoko-san. A very friendly, warm, witty and patient tour guide. Always going the extra mile for us behind the scenes - this is something we really appreciate. All 5 of us are extremely happy with your services. and we are so grateful and lucky to have a tour guide like you. Kiyoko-san, if you are reading this, we want to let you know that we have spread your good- name to our close contacts - anyone who is keen on doing the Nakasendo Trail (or any other tours / hike in Japan), your name is number 1 on the list. You may not see us so soon, but you will likely meet some of our other friends soon. Thank you Kiyoko-san! When you come to Singapore, please remember to contact us and we will bring you out for a nice meal. Thank you AJT for making this trip possible for us.

Mr. Tay

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves and Cherry Blossoms 2022

11/19/2022 - 11/29/2022 / 2022-12-4   

Excellent. Great itinerary, well organized, and wonderfully executed.

Mr. Pavosevich

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/19/2022 - 11/28/2022 / 2022-12-6   

This was the perfect tour. We were a group of 10; 6 adults and 4 kids. We had the time of our lives thanks to this fantastic private tour. 100% recommendable. All our tour guides were excellent, they went above and beyond for us, specially Hiro. We travel a lot so, we can say this tour was outstanding.

Ms. Lattore

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/8/2022 - 11/18/2022 / 2022-11-27   

My wife and I booked a Private Custom Tour as our trip included visiting traditional sites, relatives and friends in multiple cities. Our travel agent (Kiyoshi Katsume) was terrific with structuring our itinerary (we had to cancel and re-book due to COVID). The guides/translators were extremely professional, personable, flexible and kind. They helped us with anything and everything that presented itself. We would highly recommend working with Japan Tours.

Mr. Bailey

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn Leaves (reverse) 2022

11/7/2022 - 11/13/2022 / 2022-11-15   

The tour had a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. The hotels were very nice and the included breakfasts made it easy. Our guide Billy was extremely professional and easy to talk to. He was very knowledgeable and we were never disappointed for every recommendation he had. If I were going to do another tour I would want Billy to be my guide again. 10/10

Mr. Recinos

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/3/2022 - 11/13/2022 / 2022-11-23   

All Japan Tours did a wonderful job of putting a private tour together for us at the last minute, when a group tour we had planned on was cancelled. Our guides were very helpful in steering us around the country and squeezing in many glorious sights every day. A highlight was the ryokan with the stellar view of Mt. Fuji out our window, the various fun neighborhoods of Tokyo, Todai-ji in Kamakura and the beautiful shrines and gardens of Kyoto.

Mr. Norkin

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/29/2022 - 11/3/2022 / 2022-11-15   

I really enjoyed my first time visit to Japan, and the tour guide was super nice, and patient with me. The tour guide showed me pop culture and traditional/rural areas throughout Tokyo. The tour guide totally helped me on how to use the train stations and proper ettiquette in Japan.

Mr. Evbuomwan

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/26/2022 - 11/18/2022 / 2022-12-1   

The Van was a really beneficial thing to have. We did not have to think and figure out train schedules when we had the van. Riding trains is fun, but requires more thought and planning and there is also some time pressure. With the van, there is none of that. We appreciated the excellent English-speaking ability of all the guides. That made life so much easier. The best part was that many of them were so willing to be so helpful. Yuki helped us ship a box back to the USA at the post office. It was really hard and took a long time. She also helped us use a takuhaibin service for the first time which also took extra time and effort. The guides and drivers never complained when we went over the 8 hour time period. They were also willing to do what we wanted as long as it was reasonable. We all felt so extremely blessed by the generosity and hospitality of the japanese culture and people. Our guides and drivers were the best example of that as it felt like they would do anything they could to help us have the best trip possible.

Mr. Pettus

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (reverse) 2022

10/24/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-7   

Overall, this was a truly incredible experience and the level of service throughout the organisation process was fantastic. We very much appreciated the swift responses to our questions and requests, and the attempts to fulfil our wishes throughout. Billy was a warm and enthusiastic guide, who clearly loves what he does. As a first trip to Japan, this was a fantastic snapshot introduction to such a wonderful country.

Miss Laurent-Marke

Samurai, Gardens, & Arts: Autumn Tour 2022

10/21/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-2   

An absolutely stunning itinerary that shows so much of Japan and its culture. My wife and I could not have asked for a better first tour in this country! Every day was filled beautiful scenery and locations. I wish I could go on this tour for the first time again, it was truly magical. Our guide, Miharu, was the absolute best. During the drives between locations, she shared many stories and background information about culture and lifestyle. Some of the stories were so funny! If you're looking for a tour out of the big cities and more relaxed, this is the one for you. Be prepared for a lot of walking, but it is so worth it!

Mr. Moore

Samurai, Gardens, & Arts: Autumn Tour 2022

10/21/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-5   

I've been to Japan a couple of times but this itinerary covers a lot of places that a typical visitor would not visit given the locations and lack of transportation to the areas. The overall tour was great. Miharu, our tour guide, and Izawa, our driver, were wonderful. Miharu was very prepared, punctual, and informative. The both really went above and beyond to guide us each step of the way and did more than what most tour guides I've met would have done. For instance, taking the group out to grab dinner or walking in the city after dinner. Making an effort for us to be on schedule but also changing itineraries around to make the most of our scenic views, such as the sunset, was absolutely amazing. That takes an export guide to plan. The places on the itinerary was fantastic. I love all the shrines, gardens, and unique modern twist of the museums. The food was delicious too, there was a lot to eat.

Ms. Trang

Highlights of Korea and Japan Tour Autumn 2022

10/19/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-14   

Every detail was perfect! Special thanks to Hans in Korea and Billy in Japan !

Ms. Sandy

Golden Triangle of Japan (reverse) Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2022

10/6/2022 - 10/13/2022 / 2022-10-19   

One of the best tours I have been on. Our guide, Ms. Kim Kita was so informative, so professional and was super pleasant to be on the tour with. Really enjoyed her stories and her passion. My daughter really loved being on the tour as well. Our driver Mr. Nakayama was so professional and so pleasant. Both very hardworking and really appreciated their hospitality. Thank you again

Ms. Kang

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2022

10/16/2022 - 10/25/2022 / 2022-10-28   

The overall tour experience is really good. I enjoyed it very much and will take 2nd tour when I get chance.

Mr. Hu

Best Beyond Discoveries: Autumn Tour 2022

10/16/2022 - 10/30/2022 / 2022-11-6   

I wanted to get a mix of both the major sites and the more out of the way, local areas and this itinerary delivered well on that. The overall itinerary and mix of attractions and activities was quite good. We felt we got a LOT our of our two weeks there. The areas in the second half of the tour (which is available as it's own one as the Samurai, Gardens, & Arts tour) would have been difficult or time consuming to reach and navigate as an individual tourist. The ryokan were visited during the second week were wonderful, with Kaiseki dinners that highlighted local fare and enjoyable onsen. Our guide, Miharu, was helpful throughout our tour, helping us know where to find items we were looking for and helping our group arrange travel and find dinner options on free nights, and funny.

Mr. Peterson

Best of Japan Tour Autumn (reverse) 2022

10/7/2022 - 10/16/2022 / 2022-10-25   

The tour was phenomenal, the guide was amazing, funny, and very knowledgeable and the way the driver was able to maneuver the tour bus around the narrow streets was amazing. The group of people on the tour got along so well. We have made lifelong friends. I will definitely be coming back, yearly if possible.

Ms. Ulm

Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse) Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2022

10/6/2022 - 10/13/2022 / 2022-10-19   

Our tour guide Kim was kind, knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humor. We appreciated all of the different places we explored and the activities we experienced. I would definitely recommend this tour agency to people visiting Japan for the first time. The tour makes us want to visit again in a heartbeat.

Ms. Bute

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/4/2022 - 10/9/2022 / 2022-10-19   

Easy to get around with tour guide and informative with fun facts. They enriched our experience with their knowledge.

Ms. Sirimitr

Japan Private Custom Tour

9/30/2022 - 10/10/2022 / 2022-10-25   

It was truly amazing. This was my first time in Japan, and I would absolutely recommend anyone wanting to visit to go with AJT. The staff was patient accommodating every step of the way when planning the tour. We had 3 guides during our tour as we traveled through different cities, and all of them were great! They helped make the trip quite memorable. I would not hesitate to book a tour with AJT in the future.

Mr. Avulov

Grand Tour of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Autumn Festival & Autumn Leaves

9/30/2022 - 10/21/2022 / 2022-10-27   

It was a great trip - educational, fun, great guides and drivers! Although we understand that the goal is to experience Japan as the Japanese do, we would have preferred fewer Japanese dinners, and NOT sleeping in an onsan on the floor. It was very hard for a 72 year old to get off the floor. Please provide a step stool on all buses and vans. Many older folks needs the extra lift. Also a few more instances where we could have had 2 or 3 nights in the same hotel

Ms. Kolton

Japan Private Custom Tour

9/25/2022 - 10/4/2022 / 2022-10-16   

Terrific guides in both Tokyo and Kyoto. They had flexibility to adjust the schedule in small ways and worked hard to find us good vegan food. They were really knowledgeable about history and current living, making our visit very interesting. We were really pleased with the various elements of the itinerary: museum, Zen temple food, nature, art shopping (which we asked for whilst after arriving in Japan), samurai experience, trip to Nara from Kyoto. It was great been shown around by our guides, not only for there knowledge but also we dind't have to worry about how to get around, especially in Tokyo.

Mr. Dixon

Japan Private Custom Tour

9/24/2022 - 9/28/2022 / 2022-09-30   

Ms Hiroko went above and beyond to ensure we had a pleasant and eventful holiday. She went out of her way to make sure we got to see everything we wanted to see.

Ms. Kirstie

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2022

9/18/2022 - 9/27/2022 / 2022-09-30   

The tour was overall very good and I had a lot of fun especially visiting some of the more out of the way places that would be difficult to get to using only public transit.

Mr. Klatt

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn 2022

9/18/2022 - 9/24/2022 / 2022-09-18   

The selected tour stops (including hotels and dinning) were great with blending culture, nature, shopping, and fun. Our guide was excellent and made everything easy so we could relax and enjoy the sites.

Mr. Remington

Best of Japan Tour Autumn with Japanese Alps (reverse) 2022

9/9/2022 - 919/2022 / 2022-09-28   

It’s a great tour showcasing some of the best sites in Japan, our tour guide Miharu Katsume was very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive, she speaks English very well and easy to understand.

Mr. Leon

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2022

9/4/2022 - 9/13/2022 / 2022-09-16   

Everything was wonderful the tour guide she was awesome and great

Mr. Cooper

Anime Flavor: Tokyo & Kyoto Autumn Tour 2022

9/3/2022 - 9/10/2022 / 2022-09-16   

The whole family loved the trip. Wish my wife could have went, maybe next time. I really enjoyed the tour which was called Anime Flavor: Tokyo and Kyoto Autumn Tour with my grown children. We had the best tour guide and driver in my opinion. I highly recommened All Japan Tours to anyone wanting to visit Japan for the first time even a return trip. My chlidren really enjoyed the trip and tour as well, it was their first visit to Japan, they had a blast. We were able to see so much in the amount of time we had. We decided to arrive before the tour so we could visit Tokyo Disneyland which was not included in the tour. Once in Japan the company was able to make arrangements for us to visit Tokyo Disneyland. Once again thank you so much All Japan Tours for a wonderful vacation.

Mr. Thomas

Anime Flavor: Tokyo & Kyoto Autumn Tour 2022

9/3/2022 - 9/10/2022 / 2022-09-16   

We absolutely loved our first trip to Japan and we owe a lot of that to Miharu, our tour guide. She did everything she could to make sure that everyone was comfortable and having a great time. Not just a good time but a great time. We were able to leave everything in her, Mr. Nakayama, and AJT's hands and just enjoy our vacation. It was absolutely wonderful and my entire family had a very wonderful, memorable time. My only complaint is that there's not enough time to do everything we would have liked but there's just so much to do in Japan. We would have loved to had time to shop and explore but we had a very full itinerary and we got to see so much in a short amount of time. We loved our tour so much and we will be back to visit Japan again very soon.

Mr. Carlson

Anime Flavor: Tokyo & Kyoto Autumn Tour 2022

9/3/2022 - 9/10/2022 / 2022-09-17   

Very informed tour guides with pleasant demeanors.

Mr. Noone

Anime Flavor: Tokyo & Kyoto Summer Tour 2022

9/3/2022 - 9/10/2022 / 2022-09-21   

Best tour. Nice experience.

Mr. Gurumurthy

Anime Flavor: Tokyo & Kyoto with Hiroshima Autumn Tour 2022

9/3/2022 - 9/13/2022 / 2022-09-21   

Tour was well planned and executed. Hotels were good and enjoyed the activities such as sushi making, green tea brewing. Meals were varied and especially enjoyed the okonomyaki and shabu shabu. The anime part was perfect for my granddaughter and taught me some new things. The shopping was a bit too much, especially the stop at the komono factory, which was a complete waste of time. Our guide Miharu was excellent and shared so much about Japanese culture and family life. Would recomment this tour to others.

Mrs. Johnson

Best of Japan Tour Summer (reverse) 2022

8/14/2022 - 8/22/2022 / 2022-09-3   

Our family thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Our guides: Kim- san and Miharu-san were very professional, and communicated very effectively. Kim-san kicked off our tour like a pro! We felt like she knew exactly what she was talking about and became a familiar friend soon after! Miharu was funny, gracious, and is definitely the #1 Tour Guide we've experienced. The pace allowed us to see more than if we were to have come out by ourselves, and the local knowledge/access was appreciated. The shuttle bus was great, since not all locations were accessible by train. Exposure to the more rural and hidden areas was a boon to the experience. A big thank you goes out to our driver Michi-san, since he got us to-and-fro all around Japan safely. While I realize time was the biggest constraint, there were lost opportunities where we could have walked through nature (i.e. shrines, gardens & Mt. Fuji) for longer periods of time than a quick in-and-out. Having options for those who want to be more active versus sedentary would be appreciated.

Ms. Chu

Japan Custom Group Tour

9/8/2022 - 9/15/2022 / 2022-09-20   

organizing a customized group tour with participants from all over the world during a pandemic, with all the restrictions, is not easy - but it all worked out perfectly in the end and it was a very enjoyable tour!

Ms. Nina Group

Japan Private Custom Tour

8/9/2022 - 8/18/2022 / 2022-8-24   

Mr. Zachariah

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer 2022

8/8/2022 - 8/14/2022 / 2022-08-19   

Everyone was helpful from the planning to the departure. Mrs Kim Kida was a great guide too

Mr. Abey

Best of Japan Tour Summer: Tokushima Awa Odori Dance Festival 2022

8/8/2022 - 8/18/2022 / 2022-08-25   

We were a group of 4, my husband and I in our 70's, my daughter in her 40's and my grandson19. We went to Japan to learn about the history, culture, and food. Our guide, Kim, was absolutely marvelous. She talked to us about the history and culture in interesting talks, never too long, but complete. She was always open to our questions and did her best to fulfill all of our whims! I was so happy the tour included many typical meals beacuse otherwise we wouldn't have tried many of the things we were introduced to! We didn't like everything, but were happy to have a chance to try!

Mr. Malpica

Best of Japan Tour Summer: Tokushima Awa Odori Dance Festival 2022

8/8/2022 - 8/14/2022 / 2022-08-29   

The tour we took was perfect. More busy up front and later with more time to rest on the bus. Number of meals covered and free time were also nice. Tour was perfect and service was excellent. Kim Kida-san, our guide gave us just the right amount of commentary and guidance. She always seemed to be there when we needed help and let us roam around about the right amount of time. She always could rearrange the order of activities to optimize our experience. She anticipated our needs. The driver Kamata-san was excellent. I felt very safe and comfortable riding on his bus. He takes such good care of the bus as well.

Ms. Lin

Japan Private Custom Tour

8/3/2022 - 8/12/2022 / 2022-08-27   

Our guides were kind and knowledgeable.

Mr. Huang

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer (reverse) 2022

7/25/2022 - 7/31/2022 / 2022-09-3   

Great tour and great tour guides, Lisa, Billy, and Micki.

Mrs. Bruhn

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/24/2022-7/31/2022 / 2022-08-27   

Everything about travelling with All Japan Tours was excellent! Our guides Kimi-san and Mariko-san were so accommodating, knowledgeable, and fun! They answered all our questions about locations, culture and everyday life, and educated us on the history and significance of what we were experiencing every day. We were in Tokyo for 8 days and they made sure we got the absolute most out of every day we were there! From showing us little out of the way shops, to taking us to Odaiba, they were so kind, professional, and wonderful to spend our time with. And we can't forget to mention our contact and tour organizer, Kiyoshi-san! Kiyoshi-san was so amazing in organizing our days, including things that we might enjoy and that we would never have thought of ourselves! Even when we were down to the wire for getting things ready, Kiyoshi-san was always making sure we had the experience we wanted. This trip was beyond amazing! I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever with going with All Japan Tours! They made our dream a reality and it was spectacular! When we go back, we want to be with these amazing people and company!

Miss Cassandra Alice Dawn Blenkin

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/9/2022 - 7/23/2022 / 2022-08-20   

Mrs. Patti Koide

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/7/2022-7/17/2022 / 2022-07-26   

Billy did an incredible job and we're so happy with the experience we had. Thank you to AJT for helping to make this trip happen. No doubt our trip was better because of your involvement.

Mrs. Alisa Violet Torres Holland

Japan Private Custom Tour

2/24/2020-3/2/2020 / March 6, 2020   

The places selected are a must place to see . The transportation taxi worked out very fine and our guides fitted to our needs . Informative , efficient and excellent tour guides . The hotels are located where we would like it to be . Highly recommend your company and thank you for setting up this tour for us .

Corazon, Cesar & Raymond from California

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & Snow Monkeys Tour

2/16/2020-2/24/2020 / February 27, 2020   

Miharu our tour guide was just fantastic..her knowledge, personality and interactions with the group were first class!

Kathryn from Australia

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & Snow Monkeys Tour 2020

2/16/2020-2/24/2020 / February 27   


Sindhu, Annie & Jennifer from Massachusetts

The Golden Triaingle of Japan: Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & Snow Monkeys 2020

2/16/2020-2/24/2020 / February 27, 2020   

Ms. Katsume Miharu kept the tour fun and informative!!!!!!

Wyatt, Denise & Garrett from Illinois

The Golden Triangle of Japan : Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival & Snow Monkeys Tour 2020

2/16/2020-2/24/2020 / March 23, 2020   

This tour was extraordinary! I have been travelling for 40 years, and this now ranks in the top three of my all-time trips. The company must be congratulated for making such an interesting, in-depth exploration of a fascinating country. Our guide MADE this trip extraordinary. I cannot give any higher praise than to her expertise and execution of this tour. Our bus driver was excellent. The bus was always clean. The Japanese people were a pleasure to visit. Wonderful, wonderful experience.

Michael from Pennsylvania

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Hokkaido Winter Festivals 2020

2/3/2020-2/11/2020 / 2020-02-03   

Great tour guide and bus drivers were amazing considering the amount of snow and ice.

John, Heather, Timothy & Patricia from Australia

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Hokkaido Winter Festivals 2020

2/3/2020-2/11/2020 / 2020-02-03   

Overall we loved the tour schedule, all the snow and ice festivals, scenic and historic sites, bus transportation, meals, and the many hotel/inn accommodations. Our tour guide (Kim) took good care of our entire group. We had a fun and enjoyable time in Hokkaido.

Gary & Elaine from California

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Hokkaido Winter Festivals 2020

2/3/2020-2/11/2020 / 2020-02-03   

Extremely well organised! Very impressed to have covered a wide variety of places in such a short period of time! The tour guide Kim San and the drivers are amazing!

Hiu from Australia

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Hokkaido Winter Festivals 2020

2/3/2020-2/11/2020 / 2020-02-03   

Food was great, tour locations is fascinating and beautiful. Learnt a lot about Ainu. Most of all Kim is a great tour lady. Will definitely recommend her when friends and family visits Hokkaido or Japan in general.

Eva from New Zealand

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Hokkaido Winter Festivals 2020

2/3/2020-2/11/2020 / 2020-02-03   

It was magical, couldn't have wished for a better guide or the snow. The ice and snow festivals were amazing, the snowfalls, the happy and well spoken guide, Kim. She was so lovely and made the tour.

John & Shirley from New Zealand

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2020

1/27/2020-2/3/2020 / 2020-01-27   

The tour guide (Kim Kida) and the bus driver (Hirakawa) were the best. They both went above and beyond to make our trip a most pleasant one.

Vernon & Lori from Tennessee

Best of Honshu & Hokkaido: Snow Monkeys & Hokkaido Winter Festival Tour 2020

1/27/2020-2/11/2020 / 2020-01-27   

I was rather apprehensive to go from New Zealand on my own to join a group in Japan, however I felt confident by the efficiency of your administration that it would be a good choice. I was certainly not disappointed. The tour was very well organised and did exactly what was planned. I was delighted to be able to visit so many sites and have so many wonderful experiences. One of the reasons was our excellent guide, Kim Kido. She was informative, friendly, extremely helpful and had a wonderful sense of humour. She managed the group superbly, enabling us to be on time everywhere without feeling rushed. Our drivers were all superb, and I’m sorry that I did not remember their names. However our last driver’s first name was Takashiro. They were all helpful, polite and did everything they could to make the trip easier with all their baggage handling and excellent driving. The food was wonderful and we were given many different opportunities to experience that.

Alison from New Zealand

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2019

12/23/2019-12/30/2019 / January 2   

Absolutely great!!! We managed to see so much in such a short period of time. The guide Kim truly made this trip unforgettable. She is amazing. And Aizawa the bus driver was a legend!!! Both so pleasant and attentive to everyones needs.

Veronica & Cameron from Australia

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2019

12/23/2019-12/30/2019 / January 3   

Excellent tour. Kim was a great guide and the driver was also very good.

Nora, Devin & Jason from Illinois

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2019

12/23/2019-12/30/2019 / January 3   

Our driver Aizawa and tour guide Kim made our tour an exceptional experience. I highly recommend both to anyone touring Japan.

Carlos & Maria from Texas

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2019

12/23/2019-12/30/2019 / January 6   

Kim was a knowledgeable, funny, and conscientious guide. The sites were well-chosen, the trip was well-executed, and all of our needs were anticipated, seen to, and met.

Bruce, Erika, Ami & Jay from New York

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2019

12/23/2019-12/30/2019 / January 7   

Loved it. I would recommend this tour to my friends for sure. Really appreciated our Tour guide (Ms Kim) as the best, most professional tour guide I ever have. Loved how she remembered her crew by names and care for us as if that's her family. I would definitely would do AJT again with Kim (e.g. the Hokkaido winter tour)

Thu & Tu from Texas

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Winter: Snow Monkeys 2019

12/23/2019-12/30/2019 / January 9   

Kim Kida and Aizawa-san were the best tour guides and bus driver ever. They made the tour super awesome, and the tour itself was so much fun.

Christine & Aaris from Illinois

Japan Private Custom Tour

12/22/2019-1/1/2020 / January 7   

we had a fabulous tour and absolutely loved Japan! Everything was done as planned and Japan is a wonderful destination! We were impressed by the scenery, sites, cleanliness and overall efficiency we encountered everywhere.

Mark, Victoria, Brynne & Jadyn from New York

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

11/16/2019-11/26/2019 / December 2, 2019   

Excellent tour. Eveything was very well planned out and allowed me and my brother see so much of Japan. Extremely happy overall. Billy and our bus driver did a superb job! I al looking forward to telling others about this trip and hopefully after a bit of rest I can come to another AJT trip.

Alexander & Victor from Massachusetts

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

11/4/2019-11/10/2019 / November 14   

Miharu was an exceptiona guide. She showed oundless energy and concern for her group throughout. She combined good humor with extensive knowledge of Japanese places, peoples, and culture.

James & Doyen from Colorado

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

10/26/2019-11/5/2019 / November 8   

Mihayru the guide was excellent: informative and funny.

Alan from Washington

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

10/26/2019-11/5/2019 / November 9   

Our tour guide Katsume Meharu and the tour driver Mr. Hirakawa were awesome. Ms Meharu was a wealth of knowledge, great sense of humor, patient and generous. Mr. Hirakawa was humble and patient.

Sharon from Hawaii

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

10/26/2019-11/5/2019 / November 11   

Our guide Miharu and our bus driver were excellent. They were both very patient with our group’s requirements. They worked long days to ensure we had a successful and enjoyable tour.

Christopher & Marilyn from Washington

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

10/26/2019-11/5/2019 / November 11   

The tour was more than I expected, seeing all the different cities of Japan, and experiencing the many different "flavors" of each. I especially enjoyed the many attractions that I was able to see and participate in as well as the many dishes that was offered in the many meals that was part of this tour. Our tour guide Miharu kept us entertained with her knowledge of the many cities and attractions that we visited as well as the many stories that was both said and hilarious and our tour driver, My Hirakawa who was the the "bomb" in driving us everywhere.

Suzel from Hawaii

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2019

10/26/2019-11/5/2019 / November 18   

I experienced such a magnificent and memorable tour! There were 11 tour members in our group...so ideal and very comfortable on our tour bus! Our hotel accommodations were the best staying at 4 and 5-star hotels as well as the fabulous meals offered. Katsume Miharu, our tour guide, was the best...very informative and knowledgeable about all the cities we visited. She worked hard and went the extra distance to ensure we were well informed of the attraction for the day. Miharu was such a superb expertise in guiding us on a wonderful and unforgettable journey of Japan from Mt. Fuji to Kobe and back to Osaka. She entertained us during our bus trips making them enjoyable and fun with much laughter and freely sharing her humorous experiences and stories. She was ever so generous in sharing with our tour group the many delicious Japanese confections from the different prefectures we visited. Miharu was also very attentive as to our group's desires, wants, and needs. Scallops and Daiso were mentioned. She and Hirakawa- san, our driver, determined where the scallops could be bought at Tsukiji Open Market and, since our travel schedule permitted, Hirakawa-san made a special stop at a similar 100 yen store enroute and our group was given time to do some shopping. Hirakawa-san, our driver, was terrific, quiet and effective...he is the kindest, polite, and most patient individual...he coped daily with loading and unloading our heavy luggage onto and off the back of the bus...and, most of all, he endured the long and extensive distances he needed to travel and got us to our destinations safely and on schedule daily. The highlight of our tour was the last night for dinner when we were extended an exclusive invite to Sakura Garden in Kobe to experience the taste of Kobe beef... such a delight for our tour group to be given this exquisite opportunity...the Kobe beef was superb and outstanding...so tender - the best beef I've ever eaten...thank you, All Japan Tours, for making this experience possible for our tour group. All Japan Tours, thank you for a beautiful Autumn tour of Japan...mata ne (see you again) when I consider your agency in the future for more of Japan! Arigatou, Sharlynn "Shar" Kiyabu from Hawaii

Sharlynn from Hawaii

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2019

10/21/2019-10/28/2019 / November 1   

Guide, Miharu was great. Funny, informative and work very hard. Highly recommend her.

Young & Myung from Maryland

Yonaguni Fishing Trip 2019

9/21/2019-9/25/2019 / November 4   

Excellent - well looked after by everyone

Cristopher, Bernard & Philip

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse): 2019

10/21/2019-10/27/2019 / November 11   

Miharu Katsume was very knowledgable. She was very attentive to everyone's needs and questions. Miharu made sure everyone was enjoying themselves and understanding what was being presented.

Ralph from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/20/2019-11/6/2019 / November 25   

The guides were lovely and each brought something different to the tour. Our emailed requirements were met in every aspect. Well done to all. Thank you. ps our photos on the phone are not good enough to share.

David & Jane from Australia

Best of Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2019

10/18/2019-10/27/2019 / November 1   

I have been on many tours with other operators & I must say this has been the best of all, the tour guide was nothing short of excellent, Miharu Katsume was the complete package when it come to tour guides, knowledgeable, entertaining, funny & very helpful. The hotels we stayed at where all above expectations & the food & sights where all excellent, thank you for the great time.

Shuhao & Graeme from Australia

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2019

10/18/2019-10/27/2019 / November 9   

Wonderful tour. The bus was very comfortable and the 2 bus drivers we had were excellent. Miharu our second tour guide was outstanding. She was informative, very clear on the timelines, directions and instructions for visiting the multitude of sites we stopped at. We couldn't ask for a better guide and feel very fortunate to have had her as ours for the majority of the trip. The sites were wonderful to visit and we really appreciate the flexibility you gave us to go to Disney Sea on our last tour day. Everything went very smoothly and I am sure Miharu went the extra distance to ensure we got our luggage at the last night hotel. We even got a packed breakfast on our way to DisneySea from the Tobu Levant Tokyo Hotel staff. Again all the communication with your AJT office staff was so clear and helpful. Thank you for such a memorable trip.

Bonnie, David & Lauren from California

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn 2019

10/13/2019-10/19/2019 / October 25   

Due the typhoon, we had a few revisions to the schedule, however Miharu did an amazing job to navigate us through it all.

Erika from Arizona

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2019

10/13/2019-10/22/2019 / November 21   

This tour suited us completely. We wanted to see some of the country before making a 4 day visit to our hometown's Japanese sister city for an anniversary celebration. We enjoyed it all--good variety of activities. Our guide provided clear instructions and kept us moving on the busy schedule. She was informative about many aspects of Japanese history and culture in a very entertaining way and looked after our needs and comfort. The hotels and included meals were first class. In addition, when our arrival in Japan was delayed by a typhoon, AJT was very helpful with specific instructions that allowed us to catch up with the group two days late, and then provided documentation we needed to file a travel insurance claim.

Mary & Roger from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

10/8/2019-10/19/2019 / October 31   

There were 9 of us in this custom tour to visit Osaka, Kyoto,Kobe, Hiroshima, Hakone, and Tokyo. I cannot say enough about Mr. Kiyoshi Katsume of All Japan Tours who helped us put together our tour and was so patient and prompt in his responses to our numerous changes and questions in putting together our tour. Our tour guides in the cities were EXCELLENT, Very knowledgeable and patient with us. They worked overtime to be with us and help us... all with a smile. We loved the Marriott Hotel in Osaka and the Prince Hotels in Tokyo was older but so centrally located near Shin-Osaka station. Our breakfasts were included. We loved the Marriott Shin-Osaka buffet! We loved our bento cooking class in Kyoto where we learned to make chicken, Musubis, japanese egg, nishime. We loved Hiroshima and Meiji Shrine.

Mrs. Liane Sloan & Friends from Hawaii

The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2019

10/6/2019-10/13/2019 / 2019-10-25   

Just completed a trip of a lifetime: The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2019 October 6th, 2019 - October 13th, 2019 with added bonus Typhoon Hagibis! Thank you for a wonderful and impact filled journey. The sites, beautiful Kaiseki meals and extra experiences (Kimono show, Maiko/Geisha tea ceremony, sushi making, Shinkansen...) are so well thought out to provide a glimpse into so many aspects of Japan. Our tour guide Ai-san and driver Harada-san added to make this an A+ experience. Ai-san's Japan knowledge and most enjoyable delivery kept us most entertained. Together their thoughtful and genuine safety concerns in keeping the group updated on the approaching Typhoon Hagibis was much appreciated. I highly recommend over and over! Thank you so much!!

Carrie & Craig from California

The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2019

10/6/2019-10/13/2019 / October 26   

Able to see many temples and still have free time to ourselves. Our tour guide Ai was friendly and was always available for any help. She was knowledgeable of places we visited and culture of Japan.

Rosalyn & Clifford from Hawaii

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2019 & 6 Day Private Tour in Korea

10/7/2019-10/22/2019 / November 1   

A wonderfully planned and executed tour by AJT. Miharu, our guide in Japan, made the tour even more special. She was funny, knowledgeable, genuine and caring, a rare combination for any human being. I have never before seen a tour guide who took such care of her group, even pushing the wheelchair of one of the guests on several occasions! In spite of the typhoon, we were steered through the country with no interruption. Our driver who kept us safe for nine long days, was efficient, patient and committed to service. I doubt if we would have enjoyed the tour this much if not for Miharu. Thank you to AJT for all the little details, fantastic hotels, attractions, and activities. Thank you to AJT for your commitment to community events concerning seniors. We strongly recommend AJT if one is considering touring Japan.

Don & Victorine from Canada

The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2019

10/6/2019-10/13/2019 / November 4   

This was an outstanding tour! Our tour guide, Ai was very knowledgeable, friendly and super helpful. We had a great driver too, Harada san. We had to deal with Typhoon Hagibis, but felt very safe and taken care of. I would definitely use All Japan Tours again.

Kelli & Kaitlyn from Virginia

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2019 & 6 Day Private Tour in Korea

10/7/2019-10/22/2019 / November 4   

Our all Japan tour guide Ms Katsume Miharu was most remarkable. Her energy, narrative of the locations covered, care for the tour passengers, particularly for the older members was very impressive. Her knowledge of demography of the cities and villages visited, and trending social norms of the country delivered with a sense of humour was outstanding. The driver Mr Uetake was helpful and cheerful too. Our ‘HanaTour-Discover Korea’ Tour guide Mr Jay Back was good, knowledgeable and energetic. He cared for our safety, meals and accommodation well. The driver Mr Lee was helpful and courteous too. We had Ms Jeanie on the last day of the tour on 'South Korea city tour' (due to cancellation of DMZ tour), and she was very caring and energetic, and supported us to inquire the status of our flights from South Korea to Japan during the typhoon 19. Overall we loved our tour, appreciate your selection of tour guides and drivers, accommodation, meals and the well planned itinerary. We felt we were cared for from pick-up at the airport until drop off at the airport/ airport hotel. We wish you all the very best

Don & Shyamalie from Australia

Grand Tour of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Autumn & Autumn Leaves 2019

9/30/2019-10/21/2019 / 2019-09-30   

It was exactly what I was looking for in a comprehensive tour of a fascinating country. I would recommend AJT to anyone interested in exploring Japan.

George from California

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn 2019

9/29/2019-10/5/2019 / October 15   

It was so much fun and very educational. Everyone was great and nice and knew how to have fun and had interesting questions that was great for me to learn about too.

Adegboyega from California

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2019

9/23/2019-9/29/2019 / October 5   

Tour was totally wonderful. Tour guide was very entertaining, gives detailed information about the site visit, helpful in giving directions to places. Impressive

Emma & Noly from Guam

Best of Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2019

9/20/2019-9/29/2019 / October 1   

Ai was our tour guide and she is very knowledgeable about the region, history, culture. I enjoyed her sense of humor too. She was a wonderful tour guide! I would highly recommend Ai Orikane. Another big plus was our small group of 11 ppl. This made all the difference. I enjoyed the ppl in our small group!

Maria from Seattle

Best of Japan Tour Autumn 2019

9/15/2019-9/24/2019 / October 4   

Ai was a very competent and interesting guide. Her knowledge of the sights visited was exceptional. Her caring attitude and organization abilities at very short notice was of the highest standard. Our Driver who was a very good driver was also very caring to my wife's inability to walk long distances and climb stairs. He went so far as to buy a wheelchair for her so that she was able to enjoy the tour and not miss out on sights that would otherwise be out of her ability to view. An exceptional team who went out of their way to uphold the very high standards to be expected from All Japan Tours. The company should be very proud to have these two employees represent them. The only negative observation would be that apart from the Wagyu Beef dinner there were too many cook your own meals. While this may be the norm for the Japanese, many other nationalities would not find this comfortable, although I appreciate that the Tour is an introduction to Japanese culture.

Robert & Carol from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

9/4/2019-9/10/2019 / September 16   

It was nice experience to on local train . My all tour guide was so wonderful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much

Patel Group from California

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Summer 2019

8/25/2019-9/1/2019 / September 4   

Andre was a wonderful tour guide. He went out of his way to accommodate the group’s individual needs/ requests. Mr. Irigawa san was an excellent driver. A true professional navigating the roads both in the cities and the mountains.

Jason & Wendy from Canada

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Summer 2019

8/25/2019-9/1/2019 / September 6   

Outstanding! Andre, our guide was wonderful. Our driver, Mr Hiagawa did a great job, especially during bad weather. We will gladly recommend AJT.

Michael & Catherine from California

Best of Japan Tour Summer (Reverse) 2019

8/16/2019-8/25/2019 / September 7   

Everything was excellent and Miharu was an excellent guide. The company was fabulous when we found out our flights were changed due to a typhoon. They worked with us to help us figure out a different hotel and travel plan. Then, when our flights were changed again, they helped us from the airport with getting a new hotel. The customer service was outstanding.

Daniel, Jennifer & Molly from Massachusetts


8/11/2019 - 8/20/2019 / July 7th, 2021   

I was one of the best tours that we have experienced and our tour guide Miharu was the best - always avaialble and keen to show us the best things. Congratulations on the great program - we hope that we can go back to Japan again.

Ana & Nicole from Portugal

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer 2019

8/8/2019-8/14/2019 / August 20, 2019   

I would like to commend our tour host and guide, Billy, most highly. He was extremely informative throughout the tour and very kind and helpful. He is definitely the best tour guide we have ever encountered and mainly because of him we would come on your tours again and recommend AJT to others

Michael & Michaela from Qatar

Best of Japan Tour Summer:Tokushima Awa Odori Dance Festival 2019

8/8/2019-8/18/2019 / August 26, 2019   

This was a great trip. I rate this trip as one of the best. All the hotels were excellent( clean, friendly and excellent service, good food). The bus driver was a good driver, the tour guide was friendly and helpful. Quick response staff. I would be glad to recommend this Tour Company to anyone.

Pieteria & Marietha from Indonesia

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer (Reverse): 2019

7/29/2019-8/4/2019 / August 19, 2019   

The trip was everything I was expecting and so much more. The tour guide Ai was incredibly insightful and friendly. I even enjoyed the parts of the tour I didn't think I would be as interested in. The food and venues were great and we got to see and go to so many places I will always remember. I would definitely go again.

Brian from New York

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/28/2019-8/3/2019 / September 4   

The tour was amazing! My family and I had a blast during the tour. One of the best features of the tour would have to be the flexibility. The tour guides accommodate to you extremely well and know the best food places during lunch. They try their best to help you even after the tour is finished and give so much free time to spend in the areas you decided to go to. We certainly would not have able to navigate Japan as efficiently without them.

Dr. Tran Family from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/25/2019-8/3/2019 / August 14, 2019   

Excellent tour overall. In particular, the tour guides were greatly knowledgeable and friendly: Ms. Yoshika Morishima (Kyoto) Ms. Izumi Kudo (Kanazawa, Shirkawa-go) Ms. Natsuko Tsukogashi (Takayama) Ms. Hiroko Serita (Tokyo)

John, Alessandra, Nicholas and Edilson from Connecticut

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Summer Flowers in Hokkaido 2019

7/21/2019-7/29/2019 / July 30, 2019   

Summer in Hokkaido is beautiful. Tour guide Billy was the best and made the tour one-of-a-kind memorable for our entire family.

Jill, Gary, Joelle and Jacie from Hawaii

Anime Flavor Tour: Tokyo & Kyoto Summer 2019

7/20/2019-7/27/2019 / July 30, 2019   

Ai was an excellent guide.

Louise, Eugene & Evelyn from Texas

Anime Flavor Tour: Tokyo & Kyoto Summer 2019

7/20/2019-7/27/2019 / August 5, 2019   

It was a wonderfully planned tour! I hope to have the same guide the next time that we go.

Todd, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Nathan and Alexander from Connec

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer 2019

7/6/2019-7/12/2019 / July 13, 2019   

Tour guide Billy was very informative, loved having all the planning and decisions made by AJT and just enjoy the tour!

Sheryl and Janet from Taxes

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019

7/6/2019-7/15/2019 / July 17, 2019   

Billy was excellent in all ways. He made the trip.

Gregory & Karen from Colorado

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019

7/6/2019-7/15/2019 / August 14, 2019   

Our tour guide was awesome he was very helpful and made sure we had what we needed. Gave us suggestions on food places and translated with store when needed. He made the trip for us.

John & Sandra from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

6/30/2019-7/7/2019 / July 15, 2019   

The personal attention of our family's guides, Ms. Yoshika Morishima in the Kyoto area and Ms. Yoko Watanabe in the Tokyo area were excellent. They efficiently took us to the top sites, recommended the best places to eat, and shared interesting information about the sites we visited.

The Janelli family from Ohio

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/23/2019-6/29/2019 / July 2, 2019   

Great tour, wonderful things to see, beautiful country, lovely people. Our guide Billy was a great teacher. The pace of activities and mix of things to see and do were just right.

David & Colleen from South Dakota

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/23/2019-7/2/2019 / July 8, 2019   

Aseem, Amita & Rahul from Virginia

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019 - 6/23

6/23/2019-7/2/2019 / July 8, 2019   

We enjoyed this tour very much, which covered many interesting places not only in big cities of Japan, but also other rather smaller cities. The highlight of the tour was for us our guide Billy-San, who made so much effort in making us feel comfortable. We are quite satisfied about the tour and would recommend it to people who are interested in Japan.

Bernd & Ezgi from Germany

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/23/2019-7/2/2019 / July 17, 2019   

Great tour. We spent a really good time in Japan, since it covered a lot of places. Our guide Billy was fantastic and everything was just right.

Magda, Guinot & Lauren from Florida

The Golden Route Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/23/2019-6/29/2019 / July 25, 2019   

Really enjoyed it all. A good mix of activities and allinteresting.

Jennifer & Brigit from New Zealand

Anime Flavor Tour: Tokyo & Kyoto Summer 2019

6/22/2019-6/29/2019 / July 2, 2019   

Russell, Phan, Andrew, Olivia and Alex from Florida

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/16/2019-6/23/2019 / June 29, 2019   

Just the right amount of meals provided vs meals on our own

Margaret, Liana & Callie from California

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/16/2019-6/23/2019 / July 1, 2019   

We loved our tour of Japan. The tour combined time in the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka with time in the smaller towns like Takayama. We loved seeing both sides to Japan and cannot wait to come back. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and willing to help with our inquiries including helping us secure a hotel after the tour was over. We would highly recommend the tour to anyone who has never been to Japan before.

Kirby & Andrew from Florida

Best of Japan Summer (Reverse) 2019

6/7/2019-6/16/2019 / June 20, 2019   

My husband and grandson traveled with me through Japan this June, beginning with a 4 day independent tour that AJT arranged for us, beginning June 4. We then joined a group tour for the remainder of our time in Japan - June 8 through June 16. All arrangements were superb, with great care given to the places we wanted to visit, and with guides and a driver who were very well-versed in all things Japanese and ensuring comfort and the best use of our time while in Japan. During the independent portion of our tour, we were met by a different guide each day who led us through the highlights of that day's city, and always conferred with us on what was most important for us to experience. The group tour, led by guide extraordinaire Billy, covered an expansive portion of Honshu island, with great care given to unusual and off-the-beaten path sites that were a joy to experience. We were fortunate to see many sides of Japan -- high-volume population city sights, extraordinary shrines and temples, some of the most beautiful castles and gardens, important museums and historical sites, and traveling through Honshu with our comfortable and expertly driven bus that allowed seeing the countryside between tour stops. It was an unforgettable trip!

Donna, Christopher & Max from Colorado

Japan Custom Group Tour

6/3/2019-6/16/2019 / June 24, 2019   

What made this tour awesome for us was definitely our tour guide, Ai Orikane. Also our driver, Tanaka-san was especially friendly, extremely helpful and flexible. Ai was very flexible and resourceful, making our suddenly cancelled visit to Puroland into a happy day by giving us alternative things to do that we enjoyed. She is a very professional, friendly and intelligent guide, who definitely made our trip wonderful. We couldn't have imagined having any other tour guide with us. We would definitely recommend AJT and especially Ai as the tour guide to anyone we know who will be travelling to Japan and needs a tour and/or guide.

Mrs Trewin from Canada

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/2/2019-6/11/2019 / June 13, 2019   

Billy did an awesome job and was very informative about sites!

Lonnie & Damian from Alabama

Best of Japan Tour Summer 2019

6/2/2019-6/11/2019 / June 17, 2019   

Thank-you so much for an absolutely wonderful trip! Everything was wonderfully arranged to maximize the sights and experiences. The hotels were excellent. And our guide, Billy, did an amazing job keeping 20+ people on track, while also keeping up a very interesting and helpful commentary during the trip. I will definitely be recommending AJT to anybody planning to travel to Japan!

Bernadette from South Africa

Japan Private Custom Tour

6/1/2019-6/15/2019 / June 21, 2019   

Since we stayed an extra week, learning the transportation system was key. They guides were very helpful in that regard,

George & Nathaniel from Virginia

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse) 2019

5/28/2019-6/3/2019 / June 17, 2019   

Very organized tour. Tour escort was charmed and very helpful.

Hoat, Aimee, Cecilia & Martin from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

5/23/2019-5/26/2019 / June 1, 2019   

Mariko Kawasaki met me in the lobby of my hotel and by the time we had spent the day together we were good friends. She made my tour personal and very special. I could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Ms. Mary K Powell

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse) 2019

5/20/2019-5/26/2019 / May 30, 2019   

Very extensive and great tour.

Naresh & Kavita from California

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse) 2019

5/20/2019-5/26/2019 / June 3, 2019   

Great tour. Exceeded expectations.

Robert, Gail & Isolda from Hawaii

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Spring 2019

5/19/2019-5/26/2019 / May 30, 2019   

our tour guide was excellent. although i thought there were too many Shrines visited

Marleny & Madison from California

Best of Japan Tour Spring with Japanese Alps 2019

5/19/2019-5/29/2019 / June 13, 2019   

Our guide, Hiroko was excellent. Very knowledgeable and made the trip so enjoyable. She always explained where and what we were going to visit. So caring and considerate of everyone on the trip. There were 23 of us.

June & Jarrett from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

5/18/2019-6/2/2019 / June 3, 2019   

Kim was a terrific tour leader! She was so pleasant ....always smiling and trying to accommodate us. Nagi our first driver in Kyushu was also excellent. He always greeted us and made eye contact. He also kept the bus so clean. Loved the variety of places we visited ...sake factory, crane park, ice cream making, flower fields, oldest temple, etc. The meals were delicious, but could have used a little more variety. Too many kaiseki meals in a row. Would have loved more street food, ramen, udon for instance.

Ms Sonoda

Japan Custom Group Tour

5/18/2019-6/2/2019 / June 4, 2019   

Our guide Kim was nothing short of fantastic. She was one of the most pleasant and knowledgable people I have ever met. Please tell her how much we appreciate her.

Mr & Mrs Glaser

Japan Custom Group Tour

5/18/2019-6/2/2019 / June 10, 2019   

Excellent guide and top quality hotels, transportation and food.

Ms Murakami

Charms of Southern Japan Tour Spring 2019

5/17/2019-5/24/2019 / May 30, 2019   

Billy was awesome!! He took great care of our tour group and was always attentive to our concerns and needs. He was very knowledgeable about history, local sites and kept us entertained during the bus rides. Our bus driver was also very professional at all times and safely delivered us to each destination - ontime.

The Schultz Family of 9 from Montana

Best of Japan Tour Spring (Reverse) 2019

5/17/2019-5/26/2019 / May 30, 2019   

My husband and I could have not been more pleased with our experience with All Japan Tours! Our tour guide, Miharu-san truly did an exceptional job. You could tell she was passionate about her country, and her eagerness to share that knowledge with her group. She would spend hours every night making sure she was well prepared for the next day, and to make sure everything went smoothly. There was never a wait of any kind. The tour ran like clockwork. The accommodations and food were excellent. My husband and I took the 10 day Best of Japan tour, and pretty much saw everything Japan has to offer. Keep in mind, the tours last all day. There wasn't much down time at the end of the day. If we had to do it again, we would add a few extra days at the end so we could explore on our own. Other than that, it was fantastic. We would also like to give thanks to our bus driver, Hitoshi-san. He is still learning English, but he was so sweet and kind. He took such great care of us. We would highly recommend All Japan Tours to our friends and family!

Brian & Jillian from Maryland

Best of Japan Tour Spring: Kyoto Aoi Festival 2019

5/11/2019-5/21/2019 / June 1, 2019   

Well organized and enjoyed the many cultural activities and tour guide insights about Japan

Graceann & Morton from New York

Best of Japan Tour Spring: Kyoto Aoi Festival 2019

5/11/2019-5/21/2019 / June 2, 2019   

Very nice tour with great guides and drivers. Liked the three days in Kyoto. My favorite city in Japan! Only thing I didn't enjoy was the shopping stop in Osaka.

Robert from Kansas

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse) 2019

5/5/2019-5/11/2019 / May 17, 2019   

The tour was very fascinating and the service of the guide and transportation was excellent. We hopefully travel again with you.

Gabriela & Angeles from California

The Golden Route Japan Tour Spring (Reverse) 2019

5/5/2019-5/11/2019 / May 17, 2019   

Everything went very smoothly. The guide Lynn was excellent. Everything was timely.

Anthony from California

Charms of Northern Japan: Cherry Blossoms & Baby Blue Eyes Flowers 2019

5/4/2019-5/12/2019 / May 18, 2019   

Enjoyed the tour Hokkaido; 05/04-12very much.

Amy & Chunkay from California

Charms of Northern Japan Tour (Reverse): Cherry Blossoms & Wisteria

4/27/2019-5/5/2019 / May 13, 2019   

Linda from California

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Spring (Reverse)

4/21/2019-4/28/2019 / May 8, 2019   

We chose this tour because it was our first time in Japan. My wife and I, we loved every single day in our tour, everything was perfectly planed, from hotels locations, food, and daily itineraries. Something we have to mentioned is how great Billy (our guide in the tour) was the entire time. He was very knowledgeable, very patient with everybody. My wife and I, we are in our late 20s, but he took the time to talk to everybody in the tour, he took a personal approach to learn about everybody, he learned that i am a fan of anime and he gave me shopping tips for after the tour. I have to say I learned a lot in this trip and Billy made this trip fun and very interesting, we are actually planning to go back next year. To me it was necessary to take a few minutes to say thank you to Billy-our tour guide, and to tell him how great he made this trip for me and my wife, we appreciate everything.

Juan & Arlyn from Indiana

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

4/15/2019-4/21/2019 / April 25, 2019   

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide (Joyce). We packed a lot into every day and were not left wanting more.

Andrew & Roslyn from Australia

Charms of Southern Japan Tour Spring (Reverse)

4/15/2019-4/22/2019 / 2019-04-15   

Tour covered most of what we would have wanted to see. Hotels, food, and tour guide (Billy) were great.

Russell & Lisa from California

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse) Cherry Blossom Tour 2019

4/15/2019-4/21/2019 / April 27, 2019   

Joyce was an excellent tour guide! Enjoyed all things to do each day.

Andrew & Ian from California

Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps Spring (Reverse)

4/15/2019-4/28/2019 / May 3, 2019   

Our tour guide, Billy, made the trip so enjoyable. He has an excellent command of the English language and his knowledge of Japanese history and social norms are impressive!

Jerome & Jacqueline from Washington

The Golden Triangle of Japan Tour Spring (Reverse)

4/21/2019-4/28/2019 / May 8, 2019   

Excellent itinerary and organization

Serban & Ilinca from California

The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/11/2019-4/18/2019 / April 24, 2019   

Our tour guide, Marimoto Rin, was a joy. Loved Ryokan near Takayama. Cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Elena & Jessica from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

4/11/2019-4/14/2019 / 2019-04-11   

Thank you for a wonderful tour.
I appreciate each of the tour guides and their helpfulness.
Each of them was a pleasure to be with.
I had a great time, as did my daughter and her boyfriend.
Everything went off without any problems.
Getting around Japan was easy and enjoyable.

Walter from Texas

The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/11/2019-4/18/2019 / May 1, 2019   

Wow! What an amazing trip. Hiroko san and her staff in America were so wonderful to work with! She was in constant contact with me due to my scheduling 2 extra days before and after the tour. Hiroko san, for our convenience, actually booked a different tour hotel closer to where we were staying the first 2 nights before the tour began. She also gave suggestions on how to get from our first hotel to the tour hotel and included about how much it would cost for that transportation! Our tour guide Lin was very knowledgeable, caring and lots of fun! She always made sure we stayed together and had everything we needed during the tour. We also had a wonderful bus driver, Take san who was friendly, helpful and got us everywhere we needed to go safely. The hotels were very nice and the food was amazing! Oishii! Even though we went to many places, we never really felt rushed. There was usually enough time to see and explore wherever we went. Thank you AJT for the trip of a lifetime that my mother and I will never forget!

Stephen & Janice from Texas

The Golden Route Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

4/7/2019-4/13/2019 / April 19, 2019   

overall the tour was well organized and the tour guide entrained us all along the way. The group was just 15 and that was just ideal to manage as a group and also we got to know each other making the group activities more fun.


The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

4/7/2019-4/13/2019 / April 20, 2019   

Enjoyed your tour and the wonderful hospitality of your country

Barbara from Massachusetts

Charms of Southern Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

4/5/2019-4/12/2019 / April 20, 2019   

Our Japanese lunches and dinners were awesome. There were so many courses and various food items, we were impressed with the options. We generally had enough time to check-out shops (where appropriate), and soak in the area. We thought the hotel accommodations were totally fine, the least favorite was the room in Fukuoka New Otani. The hotels with the tatami and baths were fun, intermixed with western-style hotels.

Maria & James from Washington

Charms of Southern Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

4/5/2019-4/12/2019 / April 22, 2019   

Well organised and visited many interesting places

Leong & Seong from Malaysia

Japan in Depth with Japanese Alps (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/5/2019-4/18/2019 / April 23, 2019   

The sights we saw were worthwhile.

Joan & Stephen from New York

Japan in Depth with Japanese Alps (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/5/2019-4/18/2019 / April 27, 2019   

Rosemarie & Andrew from New Jersey

Grand Tour of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossom Tour

4/5/2019-4/25/2019 / April 29, 2019   

Overall comprehensive view of Japan.. but first, must comment on our Guide Rin.. she was amazing, knowledgeable and entertaining...

Kent & Mary from Utah

Japan in Depth with Japanese Alps (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/5/2019-4/18/2019 / April 29, 2019   

Shabbir & Bilkis from Michigan

Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/5/2019-4/18/2019 / May 1, 2019   

This tour is very comprehensive. We felt we had a true Japanese experience. It was great to stay in the true rokan and have an onsen available for our use. We were very happy that we were able to meet with the maikos and learn about them. Riding the bullet train, attending a kimono show and being immersed in the Japanese culture was a truly rewarding experience.

James & Jane from Texas

Grand Tour of Japan (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossom Tour

4/5/2019-4/25/2019 / May 3, 2019   

Rin Morimoto was a great guide and took care of us throughout our entire 3-week tour.

Steven & Ellen from Utah

Japan in Depth with Japanese Alps (Reverse): Takayama Spring Festival & Cherry Blossoms

4/5/2019-4/18/2019 / May 6, 2019   

We had the best group tour that we have ever done over our many years of travelling. Each day was a highlight - we enjoyed the sights, the experiences, the food, the train rides and the culture. The standard of the coaches we had were excellent, all coach drivers were friendly and accommodating. Our accommodation throughout could not be faulted, including the ryokans. Our tour guide was the best, a BIG thank you to Hiroko for making our trip so enjoyable - truly a huge asset to the company. The other guests were considerate, prompt and lovely. We can highly recommend using All Japan Tours and are hoping to return in a few years time to explore further north in the Autumn.

Gary & Sharon from Australia

Highlights of Korea and Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour 2019

4/2/2019-4/13/2019 / April 19, 2019   

Everything was great!

Tahmeroo & Kathryne from Kansas


4/1/2019-4/7/2019 / April 18, 2019   

We had a great guide with our bus and tour.

Michael & Chang from Hawaii

The Golden Route Japan Cherry Blossom Tour 2019

4/1/2019-4/7/2019 / April 19, 2019   

It was a great tour with breathtaking viewing of cherry blossoms all the way from Tokyo to Osaka.And the majestic Mount Fujiyama.We loved the way the itenarary was arranged to introduce us to the Japanese culture,etiqutte, authentic Japanese cuisine.The guide alloted to us,Ms Lynn was a great educator ,about history as well as contemporary Japanese life .She is a great person and a kind human too.Kudos to het for making this trip wonderful.Thank you.

Girish & Namita from India

Best of Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

4/1/2019-4/10/2019 / April 19, 2019   

Mohan & Nandita from India

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/31/2019-4/7/2019 / April 13, 2019   

Very good guide. He knows the best places to take photos. Very obliging. Food was good. Got to taste cuisine of different regions. Hotels quite good. Pace of the tour is just right.

Walter & Theresa from Malaysia

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/31/2019-4/7/2019 / April 13, 2019   

We appreciated very much all the help, from Billy, our guide to most of the friends, guests on the tours. We are the oldest travellers on the tour and those helps are very appreciated from both of us, 87-88 years olds. Billy is a very helpfull, he paid a lot of time to help us on every aspects of the tours. Once again, please accept and conveyed our thankfullness to AJT members especially to Billy. Do Giap

Giap Van & Ho Thi from Pennsylvania

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/31/2019-4/7/2019 / April 18, 2019   

Our family of four had a great time. Albeit rushed, we got to see/sample many sights which we will not be able to visit on our own. Billy is our guide, and I wish to acknowledge him for his patience and knowledge in everything Japan. I will recommend this Tour Operator to anyone (including my family members and relatives, and that says a lot!).

Tok Tamily from California

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

3/31/2019-4/6/2019 / April 19, 2019   

Excellent tour I am enjoyed it

Supron & Jade from California

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps : Cherry Blossom Special Tour

3/31/2019-4/10/2019 / April 20, 2019   

Great tour with beautiful sceneries, well organized and great guide.

Josee & Rickey from Canada

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps : Cherry Blossom Special Tour

3/31/2019-4/10/2019 / April 20, 2019   

All Japan Tours was the best tour I have ever taken. Billy was very knowledgeable and made sure the tour ran smoothly. The accommodations were excellent and all of the provided meals were delicious. Thus tour was a very memorable experience.

Robert, Charles, Janet & Merrilee from California

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps : Cherry Blossom Special Tour

3/31/2019-4/10/2019 / April 22, 2019   

We had a wonderful holiday,Japan is really amazing and every day of the tour we saw something new and interesting. Hotels were better than expected,the itinerary included almost all must see we have read about,even the weather was the best we could expect.

Paul & Marilena from Romania

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/31/2019-4/7/2019 / April 24, 2019   

The guide Mr.Billy was very caring and outstanding.

Vinode & Asha from India

The Golden Triangle of Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

3/31/2019-4/7/2019 / May 3, 2019   

We had a memorable week on the Golden Triangle of Japan (reverse) Cherry Blossom Tour. The noteworthy features were the excellent accommodations throughout the tour and the full service care we received, from the time we were greeted at Kansai to the time we checked in at our hotel in Narita. Our guide (Hiroko Hirakawa san) was very attentive to the group's expectations and preferences and did her very best to satisfy every group member. She went well above and beyond to take care of my wife's sprained ankle, actually offering the use of her own ankle brace until we could buy one at a local pharmacy. Yukari Azita san was a proficient, careful and safe driver, especially when negotiating the many mountain roads. We were able to visit several places of interest in every city on the tour, with a good mix of historical, natural and cultural features. Highlights were the participatory activities (sushi making and the tea ceremony).

Dilip & Sheela from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

3/28/2019-4/11/2019 / April 17, 2019   

with so many dietary restriction in our group, you have managed to do wonderful job except for confusion on 2nd and 3rd day. Best driver and guide we had who went out of their way to make us comfortable. Mr Kioshi Katsume was always available and answered all questions throughout the booking process. This was my 56th country but never received such a good service before.

Patel Group from USA

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/28/2019-4/17/2019 / April 23, 2019   

I've been ruminating about our wonderful trip. Every place we visited gave us memories never to be forgotten.
The guides were wonderful to us and worked diligently on our behalf. We enjoyed them very much.
The accomodations were splendid and a couple were out of this world.
The sites, shows, gardens, temples, shrines, museums. galleries, markets, subways, trains, busses, and beautiful people were everything I had hoped our trip could be.
Thank you one last time for all of your help and expertise. I hope we can return to Japan someday, and will look forward to working with you again on that return trip.
Your the best!

Stephen & Carolyn from Georgia

Japan Custom Group Tour

3/27/2019-4/24/2019 / April 30, 2019   

Every aspect was fantastic and our guide Kimi was outstanding.

Tour That Teach from Australia

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/26/2019-4/5/2019 / April 11, 2019   

We are not the average tourist so we are hard to please but very pleased

Dennis & Mai from North Carolina

The Golden Route Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/25/2019 - 4/1/2019 / April 1, 2019   

How can anyone rate this tour less than a five ? If there were 10 stars I would give it 10 stars; that’s how superlative this tour was!!!

Linda, Phach, Nicole and Derek from California

Charms of Southern Japan (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

3/25/2019-4/1/2019 / April 4, 2019   

Anne from Texas

The Golden Route Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/25/2019 - 3/31/2019 / April 8, 2019   

Burress & Tom from Texas

Signature: Classic Japan - Cherry Blossom Tour

3/25/2019-4/7/2019 / April 12, 2019   

excellent guide and drivers. excellent itinerary. couldn't think of including anything else on this tour except some dedicated time for shopping/seeing other things, but would have to drop things already included on the tour. Yuca took special care of us as we were the 'seniors" on the trip. the kimono dress up day was much more fun than I expected !

Corrine from California

Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps (Reverse): Cherry Blossom Tour

3/25/2019-4/7/2019 / April 19, 2019   

Our guide Hiroko was wonderful. Full of energy. Attended our every needs. Very knowledgeable about Japan. The driver was the best! I am usually a very nervous rider when someone else drives. I had no issues with her at all. Wonderful.

Michael & Sopit from Thailand

Anime Flavor Tour: Tokyo & Kyoto Cherry Blossom Tour 2019

3/24/2019 - 3/31/2019 / April 4, 2019   

The tour was fantastic. Punctual.hotels were very nice Coach and driver were 2gd .

Mrs. Usha Rani Jain & Mrs. Nisha Maheswari

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps : Cherry Blossom Special Tour

3/24/2019-4/3/2019 / April 4, 2019   


Vivian, Jorge & Sophi from Florida

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/24/2019-4/3/2019 / April 10, 2019   

Overall excellent.

Mr. Ernesto Filoteo Revita Jr. & Mrs. Norma Malonzo Revita

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour

3/24/2019-3/31/2019 / April 17, 2019   

Excellent. Well planned, well executed and totally enjoyable.

Jacob & Mary from Brunei

The Golden Route Japan: Cherry Blossom Tour 2019

3/18/2019-3/24/2019 / March 27, 2019   

Timing and planning enabled our group to see and experience so much. Our guides, Billy, Kim, and Leah were always there with suggestions and help. The drivers, Nakayama-san and our last driver were excellent. The 24 passengers were also so considerate, it all made for an exciting and yet pleasant experience. Although I have been to the same shrines and temples numerous times, the guides added information of interest and all were vital for our family to understand and enjoy Japan. Unfortunately, one week is not enough, but all that was available for the children (ages 12 and 9) on their spring break.

The Ota Group

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/16/2019 - 3/31/2019 / April 2, 2019   

The guides were first rate. Very knowledgable, caring and considerate. Hiroko in Tokyo was especially charming and engaging. Hiro in Kyoto was a wealth of information. Miki in Hiroshima was very caring. The tour itself was very organized. Pickup at the airport and transport for our departure was very prompt and courteous.

Ena & Ernest from Mexico

Japan Custom Group Tour

3/10/2019 - 3/20/2019 / March 22, 2019   

It was a great introduction to Japan for a group who had no familiarity with the area.

Cortes Family from Canada

Charms of Hokkaido Tour: Hokkaido Winter Festivals

2/4/2019 - 2/12/2019 / February 28, 2019   

We enjoyed all of it. Our guide, Kim, was excellent.

Ann & John from Washington

Japan Custom Group Tour

2/3/2019 - 2/11/2019 / 2019-02-03   

Our Private Land Tour surpassed a regular land tour. We were able to work very well with the tour planner / guide and our driver to make adjustment throughout the whole travel from the planning stages to the time during our trip in Japan.

Hawaii Group

Japan Custom Group Tour

2/2/2018 / February 12, 2019   

Great tour guide and fully informed

Mr. Stefanos Sevastou's Group

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Snow Monkeys & Sapporo Snow Festival Tour 2019

1/28/2019 - 1/7/2019 / February 12, 2019   

Excellent tour. Wonderful guides and drivers who looked after us very well. Beautiful sites visited.

Kathleen from Australia

Japan Custom Group Tour

1/13/2019 - 11/17/2019 / January 22, 2019   

Second time with Alljapan. Excellent service. Very helpful. Absolutely flawless travel. Thank you.

Susan from New Jersey

Best of Japan Tour Winter with Alps: Snow Monkeys

1/3/2019 - 1/13/2019 / January 1, 2019   

We absolutely loved this tour, being immersed in the culture, sights and experiences of Japan was wonderful. We can’t thanks our guide Suzuki enough for his genuine care and interest in making sure we got the most out of our tour and sharing his extensive knowledge and experience of his home country with us. It made for a trip of a lifetime. Our driver was also so courteous and caring and made sure he did everything he could to make our tour as safe and comfortable as possible.

Heather, Lucia & Michael from Australia

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse): Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/26/2018 - 12/2/2018 / 2018-11-26   

We loved everything about this tour . The accomadations and meals were excellent. The guide “Billy San “ and driver Tahara San were professional, helpful , and very friendly . I would request to be on another tour with them .

Ken & Ebony from California

Best of Japan (Reverse): Autumn Leaves Tour

11/23/2018 - 12/2/2018 / December 6, 2018   

We had the most amazing trip to Japan thanks to All Japan Tours. We did the Reverse Autumn Tour and the fall colors did not disappoint. Both of our guides, Suzuki san and Billy san were great. They were both very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. Both made sure everyone on the tour was accommodated appropriately. For example, once Billy san knew I would need a fork rather than chopsticks he made sure one was provided at every meal without any prompting. Billy san also did a great job of coordinating our visits to the attractions in the best order to ensure we would have ample time to explore. The meals provided via the tour were absolutely amazing. Hotels were great too. I would highly recommend All Japan Tours to anyone. My husband and I are already thinking about planning another tour.

Randi & Kelly from Washington

Signature: Classic Japan - Autumn Leaves Tour

11/18/2018 - 12/1/2018 / December 5, 2018   

A great tour. How did you manage to arrange it that all of the trees would change color to beautiful reds, oranges and yellows when we were there?

Joseph & Marie-Louise from California

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps : Autumn Leaves Special

11/7/2018 - 11/17/2018 / January 8, 2019   

Very professionally done!

Brigitte & Stephan from Swiss

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/11/2018 - 11/18/2018 / November 24, 2018   

Kim was very helpful and informative!!!!

Nathalie & Danny from San Francisco

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/1/2018 - 11/8/2018 / November 28, 2018   

Great accommodations, great tour guide, many, many things to see.

Philip & Janet from Illinois

Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/11/2018 - 11/24/2018 / November 29, 2018   

My husband & I would like to let you know that we have just completed a marvellous AJT Autumn Leaves Tour. We were recommended by Janesco Sydney to join your tour (they organised this for us) and we have been most impressed with the tour from “go to whoa”. Our Japanese guide Kim Kida (Kim) was absolutely marvellous & couldn’t have done more to help us. Even at the end of the tour she managed to organise an earlier plane flight for us from Fukuoka to Tokyo after the tour finished & since she was also flying to Tokyo on this earlier flight, she guided & stayed with us right up to our hotel nearby Shinagawa Station Tokyo. We can’t compliment her enough as she smoothed the whole tour & gave us every information possible about the areas, cities & day to day activities of the tour.
The tour was very comprehensive & took us to some beautiful places that were not on the itinerary of many other tours of Japan. We were also impressed with the standard of accommodation booked for us by AJT.
Thank you very much for our fantastic tour of Japan.

Barry & Robin from Australia

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/11/2018 - 11/18/2018 / November 28, 2018   

I enjoyed this visit to Japan and seeing it in the fall. The tour was very well organized and interesting. As a result I will likely visit again to see other part of this unique country and culture. Our tour guide Kim Kida was fantastic. She was very professional and knowledgeable, making the tour a positive experience. Kim went beyond the call of duty when I needed medical attention. After the end of the second day of the tour in Tokyo she helped me get a doctor's appointment and went with me and interpreted for me. I really appreciated her help. It made the rest of the tour an enjoyable experience.

Anna from Virginia

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse) Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/5/2018 - 11/11/2018 / November 14, 2018   

Our guide was very attentive to the needs and safety of everyone on the tour. He has the highest marks from me.

Callianne & Brandon from Texas

The Golden Route Japan (Reverse) Autumn Leaves Tour 2018

11/5/2018 - 11/11/2018 / November 16, 2018   

This tour from Osaka to Tokyo gave me a great overview of Japan's tradition, natural beauty and just made me want to experience it in more depth.

Roebyne from Australia

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour

10/27/2018 - 11/3/2018 / November 6, 2018   

Tour guide and driverKim Hida and Jiro Fukui San did a fantastic job . We all had a great time and was provide a background for every site. Jiro was always there to pick us up and take us to the next site. Especially Kim’s knowledge of the area as well as each site was remarkably. The team made the tour entertaining and educational. We would like to have Kim and Jiro on any tour we take in the future.

Carl & Rieko from Texas

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour

10/27/2018 - 11/3/2018 / November 6, 2018   

Kim was wonderful! She was very informative and a wonderful guide. Jiro was our driver and also did an excellent job. We will defiantly recommend AJT to others.

Melissa from California

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps : Autumn Leaves Special

10/27/2018 - 11/6/2018 / November 7, 2018   

The fall leaves tour was fantastic! Our guide, (Kim Kida) was so knowledgeable about the history of each place we visited. She was so pleasant and patient during our time with her. We had plenty of time to wonder around on our own at each place too. Our driver (Jiro Fukui) was tremendous too. He was so kind and caring. We would definitely request them both in our future trips to Japan.

Nicholas & Akane from Virginia

Best of Japan with Japanese Alps: Autumn Leaves Tour

10/27/2018 - 11/6/2018 / November 16, 2018   

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised and pleased,we experienced another wonderful discovery!

John & Saralynn from New York

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour

10/27/2018 - 11/3/2018 / November 17, 2018   

Kim the guide and Jiro the bus driver were amazing. They really made the tour so spectacular. The food was incredible - my favorite was the grilled beef for lunch.

Emily from Ohio

The Golden Triangle of Japan: Autumn Leaves Tour

10/27/2018-11/3/2018 / April 27, 2019   

All services were excellent, no improvements needed.

Marinus & Catherine from California

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/26/2018 - 11/8/2018 / November 24, 2018   

As I was sharing with others about our tour, I became aware our hotel accommodations were very close to the subways and places to shop, eat, etc. I’m glad Kiyoshi planned it this way! While we had a longer bus ride from Tokyo to Kyoto, I’m glad it was fashioned this way, as we had lots of luggage in our group and would have. had a difficult time maneuvering around in the stations. During our long rides, we were entertained and given information about the places we were to visit. Glad we were able to have Eileen as our tour guide the remainder of you trip! Tour is tight with not too much time in some of places we visited, however, I think you tried to acommodate what we wanted to see in the days we had planned. We therefore understand why our schedule was tight. Otherwise we were very happy with everything in our tour!

Woon and Yee family

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/26/2018 - 11/8/2018 / November 29, 2018   

Tour Guide was very knowledgeable about tour site, optional eating suggestions, and shopping locations. Our Tour bus driver was excellent.

Edward & family from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

10/19/2018 - 10/27/2018 / November 19, 2018   

The All Japan Tour for the Kaneda tour was a "Magical Tour"! Your preparation and organization or this tour was superb! The most impressive part of my trip was the portrait of an amazing people and culture revealed to us by Miharu who explained what we would see - took us to see it - then cemented those observations after the sightings. IT felt like a true Geisha explaining what we seeing and giving us an understanding as to why we were seeing this. For example the explanation that sky scrapers near the Imperial Palace lacked Windows on the top floor to peer into the emperor's living quarters. I felt I saw a side of Japan and Japanese culture that 98% of visitors to Japan never are privy to. I have a huge respect for the way Japanese people conduct and respect their life and other human life. Thank you for this "Magical" tour!

P.S. 1. We did great at the Kawagoe festival and back to Tokyo. 2. I only got about 2200 pictures to remember this tour- Including 1 of Fujiyama.

Leonard & Betsy from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

10/19/2018 - 10/27/2018 / November 19, 2018   

We were all extremely satisfied with our itinerary, meals, and hotels. I had been to Japan many times and had seen most of the sights; but, found that every day, I experienced something new and amazing. Our guide, Miharu was extremely organized, informative, and hysterical! She made the time between destinations, which were sometimes more than 2 hours, go by so quickly. Our driver, Mr. Nakano was excellent. He and Miharu coordinated transfers perfectly. As an example, finding our way back from the Kawagoe Festival to the hotel could have been very exhausting and confusing. However, they thought of an alternative plan and we found the coach waiting for us as soon as we exited the train station. Amazing!

Many of us are tea lovers so we especially enjoyed our visit to the Uji tea farm. It was beautiful and we found the tea farmer's guided tour to be very informative. We all agreed that the lunch we had in Uji was our favorite. Our meal was presented in a bento box with drawers filled with incredibly beautiful delicacies.

I will highly recommend AJT to all our friends and will certainly consider having you assist us with future travels to Japan.

Adele from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

10/19/2018 - 10/27/2018 / November 19, 2018   

My husband and I had an amazing time; it was the best escorted tour we have ever taken. There was a lot of attention to detail and we were very well taken care of. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide and driver than Miharu and Mr. Nakano. The hotels were excellent, the meals were amazing and the tours were well chosen. It was my fourth trip to Japan and my husband’s first time and we are ready to go back.

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. We hope to be contacting you again in the near future for another memorable trip.

William & Carol from California


10/17/2018 - 10/28/2018 / October 31, 2018   

Saw and did everything we wanted to. The tour guides were friendly and made the experience better. Shout-out to the awesome drivers as well!

Daniel & Jenna from Arizona

Charms of Southern Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) with Koyasan

10/15/2018 - 10/23/2018 / November 5, 2018   

Perfect organization. A fantastic trip, always relaxed.

Corti from Italy

Japan In Depth Autumn Tour (Reverse) with Kyoyasan

10/15/2018 - 10/28/2018 / November 13,2018   

I rate this tour A++. There were many options for Japan tours when I made my choice, and I am sure none of the others could surpass or even equal the wonderful experience I had with AJT. From the contacts with the USA office (thanks, Hiroko Martin) to the arrangements in Japan, all was wholly professional and first-rate. I recommend this company unreservedly. I want particularly to commend Kim, our tour guide for the second week. We learned so much from her about her country and its people, its past and present, its culture and customs. She was always so cheerful and accommodating, and perfectly balanced thepersonal and professional in her commentaries. Bravo, Kim! I know I will be returning to Japan, very soon, I hope, and I would be simply delighted if I knew in advance how to sign up for one of her tours. She is the BEST!

John from Canada

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn

10/14/2018 - 10/20/2018 / October 25, 2018   

Our tour guide Kim was absolutely amazing! She really knew the history of everything and was so much fun

Jill & Joseph from Hawaii

Best of Japan Tour Autumn

10/14/2018 - 10/23/2018 / October 26, 2018   

We were very lucky with the weather all 10 days and our guide, Kim was very nice and have a good knowledge of Japan history. She was very caring person and dependable. We were all blessed with this wonderful trip. The traditional Japanese foods were excellent and enjoyed it very much. I would recommend everyone in the world to visit Japanese traditional beauty places. I like to thank your company for a good plan of the trip and thanks for providing us a good guide.

Masayo from Nevada

Best of Japan Tour Autumn

10/14/2018 - 10/23/2018 / October 26, 2018   

Luckily it was a small group (20) and it made getting to know each other very easy. Of course it being a friendly group was a plus. Our guide, Kim was wonderful and very helpful in all matters. There were times I wish she had a voice enhancement device as it was times hard to hear her in crowded venues. I also wish she had been able to hold up on talking about what we were seeing until all were able to reach her whenever she stopped. The food was very good as were the hotels.

Samuel from New Jersey

Best of Japan Tour Autumn

10/14/2018 - 10/23/2018 / October 27, 2018   

Kim was excellent. Our first bus driver was excellent. Our second bus driver - for the last 3 days - was not very good. He did not use a GPS and he seemed unfamiliar with the drive. The food was great and all the sightseeing was fun and cultural. Nice selection of hotels. Everything was very good except the second bus driver.

Virginia from Arizona

Best of Japan Tour Autumn

10/14/2018 - 10/23/2018 / October 27, 2018   

The tour was well organised and ran according to the itenary. Kim the tour guide was very knowledgeable and answered any questions raised by the group. She was kind , considerate, and very helpful She was always smiling and obliging. We were very happy to have her as our tour guide as she took extra effort to see to our well being.

Muttyah & Santhadevi from UK

Best of Japan Tour Autumn

10/14/2018 - 10/23/2018 / November 19, 2018   

This tour allowed us to see so many different places in Japan in a relatively short period of time. There was a good balance between time in the bus on the road and time out of the bus. Naturally, we made stops at places we would have loved to have spent more time at but now these are places we can go back to again. All of the historical stops, hotels, restaurants and shopping were super. And our tour guide Kim Kido was the best. She was so informative and she was great about sharing information about the people and real life in Japan. You are very lucky to have her.

Wedemeyer & Deborah from Texas

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/13/2018 - 10/21/2018 / October 23, 2018   

We are very grateful to have Mr. Suzuki-san as our tour guide , he's a total star ... so nice and helpful, we also want to send our appreciation for Mr. Hirakawa-san who had taken us along our trip safely. The itinerary was excellent despite of our limited time, it would be nice if we add 2 or 3 more days so we can have more time to enjoy the onsen, view, shopping and foods. However, we are very satisfied with all the itinerary, accomodation, transportation and service.

Nancy from Indonesia

Samurai, Gardens & Arts: Autumn Tour 2018

10/5/2018 - 10/13/2018 / October 24, 2018   

This was an outstanding tour. We saw ancient sites, important cultural sites, World Heritage site, rural scenes of rice and persimmon harvests, modern cities and small villages and wonderful onsens. The oceans and their many islands, mountains tops and valleys, sand dunes and so many tunnels and bridges. Outstanding art, both Japanese and world class contemporary pieces, museums and their grounds and sites. Tadao Ando’s sites so impressed and inspired us with his vision. Chats with local people who were curious to know where we came from and who were so kind and helpful, and conversations with other tourists from Japan and other global regions. We ate foods from local fields and waters beautifully prepared and presented, bought fruits from local farmers’ markets and from Lawson’s, tried local favorites like okonomiyaki which was like a Mexican tostadas. Too many memories we have that we have no time and space to share right now. Exceptional guide and driver to take us where we always thought was even better than the day before.

Dorothy & Mikio from California

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/5/2018 - 10/20/2018 / November 19, 2018   

We loved the knife factory. We appreciate Kiyoshi's help in whatever I enquired about. Kiyoshi was very flexible in changing our itinerary when circumstances changed. We would highly recommend Kiyoshi and AJT to any of our friends.

The Burns Family from Canada


10/1/2018 - 10/7/2018 / October 10, 2018   

The tour was very well organized and we visited the most important and interesting places. Our guide, Suzuki.san was excellent, very efficient, helpful, telling us interesting stories. Thank you for a fantastic tour! Joanna

Ms. Joanna from Spain

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2018

9/24/2018 - 9/30/2018 / October 2, 2018   

The tour was awesome! Kim was such an amazing guide and we saw amazing things. She is a wealth of information, is courteous, knowledgeable and professional. A great tour!

Raena & Richard from North Carolina

The Golden Route Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2018

9/24/2018 - 9/30/2018 / October 10, 2018   

Our tour guide Kim and driver Tahara was great. Kim was a wealth of information to all of the sites we visited and Tahara made it sure we get to our destinations safely. The tour was on a relaxed pace and given us enough time to experience the tour sites. The AJT tour was a great start to our first Japan vacation. Thank you very much for making our vacation a great experience.

Alexander & Danielle from California

Japan Custom Private Tour

9/23/2018 - 10/3/2018 / October 5, 2018   

It was a pleasure working with Kiyoshi on our private tour. In Hokkaido, Megumi really helped to make our trip special, even arranging a birthday sushi cake for lunch. Our English speaking driver, Shu was great. Professional yet friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, very accommodating. We were able to do, see and eat what we wanted in at a relaxed pace.

Wong & Kimura Family from Hawaii

Best of Japan Tour Autumn (Reverse) 2018

9/21/2018 - 9/30/2018 / October 14, 2018   

My group of 5 returned from our trip in Japan doing the Best of Japan (reverse) tour on September 21st to the 28th. All Japan Tours not only made vacation in Japan amazing, they have amazing customer service and communication. The tour guides, Kim and Billy, were helpful and knowledgeable about both things on and off the tour. We always had an answer from them about any questions we had. They even helped us with some things off the tour as we stayed an extra 4 days after it ended. My husband and I are already planning to go back to Japan and will 100% be using AJT again. Dont let the price sway you. For what we paid, it was worth it. The hotels were always top notch and the events for each day had us in awe and kept our excitement going. Our driver Tahara was also courteous and amazing.

Deeja & family from Ohio


9/16/2018 - 9/25/2018 / September 28, 2018   

Happy that a lot of sites were included. The temples, the bullet train ride, the onsen spa bath, Mt Fuji etc. We felt as if we had seen all the important parts of Japan.

Noel & Jacqueline from New York


9/16/2018 - 9/22/2018 / October 1, 2018   

Thank you !! we had an amazing experience! This is an excellent tour for people that are visiting for the first time. And if you don't speak any Japanese this is just perfect.

Karla & Lilia from Canada


9/2/2018 - 9/11/2018 / October 1, 2018   

Billy is an amazing tour guide! He explained the culture, was able to assist in everything we asked, helped my proposed to my now fiancé. Would definitely recommend him as a tour guide!

Robert & Larkyna from Massachusetts


7/30/2018 - 8/10/2018 / August 18, 2018   

Lynn was a wonderful guide and made the tour very well planned and organized. There were a balanced and good variety of experiences. Lots of wonderful memories. We particularly enjoyed seeing Shikisai Hill, visiting the glass shops in Otaru ( I purchased two beautiful glasses), visiting the Historic Village, and seeing the Ainu exhibition. I wish that some of the Ainu objects had been available for sale. They were beautiful. We really enjoyed making our own donburi and eating at the Furukawa Fish Market. It was one of our most fun memories. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the Nebuta Warasse and then later that evening seeing the Nebuta Matsuri. That festival and the Kanto Festival the next evening were the most unique and enjoyable experiences of our tour. The visit to the Akita City Folk Traditions Hall and seeing the Kanto demonstrations was fun and very helpful to understand the actual festival activities. The Kakunodate samurai district and Aoyagi House were interesting and so was the visit to Chusonji Temple in Hiraizumi. In addition to seeing the festivals my favorite parts of this tour were taking the nature walks. I would have been happy to take a nature walk every day. They were so beautiful. We missed Nikko because of a hurricane but instead we had a wonderful trip to the Tokyo-Edo Museum and a terrific lunch at a sumo restaurant which was an unexpected benefit. All in all, this was a wonderful tour and our friends are joining AJT for a tour to Hokkaido next year to visit the flower festivals. Thank you for a great trip.

Robert & Denise from California


7/27/2018 - 8/5/2018 / August 15, 2018   

EXCELLENT TOUR!!!!!! My guide, Ms. Katsume Miharu was an excellent guide. To be honest I think she is the one that made this tour so exceptional. Miharu was knowledgeable, professional and very funny. She has given me an excellent insight of the rich history, culture and the customs of the Japanese people. She was very professional and handled a very difficult customer with such ease and grace. She is one top notch tour guide. I plan to go back to Japan with my husband and I am definitely going to request for Miharu.

Ms. Hannah & Ms. Nellie from New Jersey


7/21/2018 - 7/28/2018 / August 10, 2018   

Suzuki and Eileen were awesome. They are the best tour guides. It was our first visit to Japan and we would like to come back again because of our experience. Many thanks to Suzuki and Eileen.

Ms. Brenda Rey, Mr. Alexander Rey & Mr. Stephen Rey


7/2/2018 - 7/8/2018 / July 19th, 2018   

excellent tour with a great tour guide.....

Ashok, Chhaya, Anushka from New Zealand


6/17/2018 - 6/24/2018 / 2018-07-11   

Kim was an excellent tour guide! She was extremely knowledgeable and was always ready to assist us and make sure that we had a wonderful experience. She was great at managing us as well as the other tourists on our trip. Our driver, Hirakawa-san is hands down the best driver I have ever had. He was extremely polite and always greeted us and prepared the tour bus accordingly whenever we entered and exited. I loved the onsen experience and the culture I was able to engage in. Japan is a very beautiful country and surrounded by such breathtaking scenery. The food and tour service was top notch! I'm glad I picked All Japan Tours for my first visit to Japan. Thank you so much AJT, I had a wonderful vacation!

The Lach Family from Texas


6/3/2018 - 6/9/2018 / June 18, 2018   

I wanted to let you know that we all had a WONDERFUL time in Japan. Your tour was FANTASTIC! The transportation and driver, the tour guide (Billy), the accommodations and the tour agenda were ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC!!!!!! Put me down as one of All Japan Tours biggest supporters. I cannot wait to go back again.
Again, All Japan Tours exceeded ALL of our expectations and made this a trip of a lifetime for myself, my sons and my grandsons! Thank you so much and PLEASE feel free to use me as a reference for how great your tours actually are.

Ranney & Joseph from Texas


5/20/2018 - 5/26/2018 / May 29th, 2018   

I have always dreamed of going to Japan and All Japan Tours has helped me make this dream possible. They made my first experience of traveling to Japan a wonderful time that I will cherish forever. The Golden Route of Japan Tour gave us the opportunity to visit many important landmarks between the areas of Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Our tour guide was very kind and knowledgeable of all the sites we had visited. She kept us informed on the historical significance of each site as we traveled towards a destination. She also kept tour organized and well paced through out each day. The hotel rooms and meals that were provided were all excellent. All Japan Tours is very accommodating and quick to reply with any questions or concerns when planning for a tour. I would absolutely travel with All Japan Tours again and look forward to another great experience with them. I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in going to Japan.

Mae & Robert from New Jersey


5/4/2018 - 5/18/2018 / May 25th, 2018   

My wife and I just returned from our second trip with AJT. This was Hokkaido and Northern Japan. We had a wonderful trip and thinking about returning to Japan to explore Southern Japan. Our tour guide was Billy Hayashi who was exceptional. We had him for our first trip to Japan and we’re extremely happy to have him as our tour guide again.

Tetsuo & Terry from California


4/28/2018 - 5/6/2018 / May 28th, 2018   

Very pleasant and enjoyable tour. Everything is so well managed. Our tour guide Ms. Kim is a truly knowledgable, friendly and excellent one. Before the tour started, we were nicely welcomed by the pick up from Narita airport. Our sincere gratitute goes Ms. Kisako Rhine for all the impressive arrangements she kindly made, and for her prompt and thoughtful responses on emails. Our big THANK YOU to Ms. Rhine.

Susanlita & Gino from Indonesia


4/16/2018 - 4/29/2018 / May 7th, 2018   

This is a journey that might have been superb but ended up less than perfect even though our second week with Kim was much better, closer to what it should have been from the start. Our tour guide for the first week was awful, a disgrace to have a group of 16 people under the care of a such poor tour leader. That being said, I give credit to AJT for reacting promptly, adding a second guide from day 4 and later providing a very good guide, Kim, for a very enjoyable week 2. There were also a few minor issues that should easily have been avoided: Hassle-free baggage handling was anything but during week 1. The hotel substitution in Hiroshima was less than adequate. On 3 occasions, when dinner was on our own, the hotel selected was badly situated, with no dining options nearby. One listed traditional japanese dinner was replaced by a non-descript buffet. But overall, this was still a pleasant journey, nicely put together.

Philippe & Francoise from Texas


4/13/2018 - 4/23/2018 / April 26th, 2018   

My niece and I really enjoyed our tour guide, Billy.

Shonna & Rebecca from California


4/13/2018 - 4/22/2018 / May 17th, 2018   

The tour covered a large area of Japan and flowed smoothly. The two cooking lessons (okonomiyake and sushi) were fun and highly enjoyable. Our guide Billy- san was amazing, taking time to answer individual questions in a large group, very knowledgeable and friendly. He would tell us stories on the bus to while away the traveling time, but he also knew when we needed quiet time. Japan is a wonderful country with so much to do - this tour was an excellent introduction to its culture.

Jonathan & Juliana from California


4/5/2018 - 4/18/2018 / May 1st, 2018   

Tour guide Kim Kida was excellent in providing information, organizing the group through the train station, going out of her way to help with medical issues etc. Both bus drivers Kamata san and Nakayama san were excellent drivers through winding small roads, parking the buses in small, tight spaces and on winding mountain roads. Not an easy task!

Sharon, Pamella & Bonnie from California


4/2/2018 - 4/8/2018 / April 9th, 2018   

good driver, excellent tour guide, Miharu.

John & Judith from Arizona


4/2/2018 - 4/11/2018 / April 27th, 2018   

Judith & Deron from Maryland


4/2/2018 - 4/8/2018 / May 3rd, 2018   

This is an excellent tour! Our tour guide is so knowledgeable, knows the culture very well from the past to the present, shes very nice and caring and most of all she is very funny makes our trip so enjoyable. I would highly recommend this tour.

The Cariaga Family from Guam


4/1/2018 - 4/7/2018 / April 9th, 2018   

At least one day -- a few hours Time for shopping in good shopping areas or streets

Narahari & Roopa from Brunei


3/26/2018 - 4/4/2018 / April 9th, 2018   

Our guide was fantastic (Kim Kida) and her history and story telling skills were wonderful. The tour was not just a visit to temples /shrines and gardens, but a cultural enlightment. Being a vegetarian, I was very appreciative of the care that Kim took to make sure I got great food. Good, safe drivers - Uetake and Takahashi.

Ms. Patricia Lee Propst from Colorado


3/26/2018 - 4/8/2018 / April 16th, 2018   

Overall, we would rate the tour very highly. We were very pleased with the detailed itinerary and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Of course, there are certain aspects of the tour that we thought could have been tweaked but we will give that feedback in the appropriate sections. The various aspects of the tour from the fortunate viewing of the cherry blossoms which came early, to the wonderful weather except for the last two days and to the cultural experiences just came together so well to make the tour just so magical for us. We would like to commend the tour planners for this. We would also like to commend the guide and the driver. Especially Shika san the driver who was always helpful, always on time and so reliable, considerate and cheerful. The tour guide Mark who actually went beyond the call of duty to assist a very needy participant that we thought was way beyond the scope of his job.

Renuka & Sri Dushyanta from Australia


3/25/2018 - 4/1/2018 / April 3th, 2018   

Overall I had an amazing time and our tour guide was the best, if anything the only issue i had was the last minute change of itinerary do to one location being closed.

Mr. Omar Lezama from Los Angeles


3/35/2018 - 4/1/2018 / April 17th, 2018   

excellent itinerary and local guide (Lyn). Hotels accommodation and food excellent.

Philp & Vivian from Australia


3/19/2018 - 3/25/2018 / April 3th, 2018   

Our guide Billy was great, very knowledgeable, proficient in English. Very caring. All hotels accommodations were very good & comfortable.Coach was very comfortable. Food selection and choices of Restaurants were great. Selection of places visited was also also very good . Bullet train ride experience was very memorable.

Mr & Mrs Narang from Illinois


2/4/2018 - 2/12/2018 / February 22nd, 2018   

Kim Kida , our guide, was very helpful throughout our trip. She was considerate to the entire group's needs, making the effort that everyone was comfortable. The trip was wonderful although we would have appreciated it more if they could have planned it to include the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival. We arrive in Otaru a couple of days too early hence we missed it. Otherwise, we were very pleased.

Dr. Jacob Cheng Yen Chuan & Ms. Elizabeth Whey Poh Yee

Japan Custom Group Tour

10/21/2017-11/3/2017 / November 7th, 2017   

Just returned from the amazing trip of Japan.
The trip was great, without any glitches.
Tour guide was Mr Ito was very good and driver Yamado was good.
Most hotels were good.
Kyoto hotel had A C issues.

Most important Japan was amazingly beautiful. People were nice, places were memorable. In spite of two Typhoons, weather was fine for most parts.

Thank you for arranging this trip.

Jay from Florida


10/6/2017-10/13/2017 / November 3rd, 2017   

KIm was a great guide, and the driver was also very kind and efficient. there was a good balance of the time spent traveling and the time spent visiting. Kim was interesting to listen to, and very good at managing people in the tourist areas

Mr. Cedric Jean Rafael Blum & Mrs. Alexia Odile Claire Turgi


9/22/2017-10/7/2017 / October 6th, 2017   

Thank you. We’d like you to know that we’ve enjoyed this tour as much as Any tour we’ve ever taken. It has been sixty years since we lived in Japan (Sasebo in the US Navy) and I am astonished with the economic progress Japan has made since then without disruption of its character or basic culture. Our Tour guide, Lin Morimoto and our driver, Jiro-san were outstanding and most helpful. We were pleased with the itinerary , the sights, the hotels and ryokans, and the meals along the way.. (However, it would have been nice to have just a few western style dinners instead of So many Japanese banquets).

In the future, if any of your clients ask you for a reference, please feel free to have them call or correspond with us. We will be happy to give you our enthusiastic endorsement.

Joseph & Joyce from California


9/17/2017-10/1/2017 / September 28th, 2017   

Only two things would have made the tour better: 1. A listening device that would allow the guides comments to be heard without having to be right beside her and 2. A larger bus with more luggage storage space. Kida Kim did a wonderful job and has the right personality to make everyone feel comfortable and important.

Mrs. Davey & Mr. Jerry Duane Pollit


9/17/2017 - 10/1/2017 / October 9th, 2017   

Mr. Gary Leroy Weaver & Mrs. Reiko Kageyama-Weaver


7/2/2017 - 7/8/2017 / August 14th, 2017   

My husband, Daniel Levine and myself (Cherilyn Brunetti) just returned from our tour which started in Osaka on July 3 and ended in Tokyo on July 8. It was our first trip to Japan and we had a wonderful experience.
I credit our tour guide, Billy, for leading an excellent excursion. He was knowledgeable and gave us lots of interesting historical and cultural information. He was very considerate about our dietary and bathroom needs, always making sure each and every one of us on the trip was well cared for. His English was excellent. He also had a great sense of humor. He kept us on time and made sure we saw every single event and attraction listed in the tour description. It was an action-packed week, and we did a lot of walking, which was great.
We will always remember our special trip, thanks in large part to Billy. I will definitely recommend All Japan Tours to any friends or family considering a trip to Japan in the future.
Thanks for your excellent service.

Daniel & Cherilyn from California


7/2/2017 - 7/8/2017 / July 24th, 2017   

This is Marietta antoni, we enjoyed the Japan tour, and the hotels are very good.the sight seeing and u r tour leader is very good and courteous. Thanks. We will book in future for other destinations.

My husband will be booking for Japan next year and he will be with you.

Thanks a lot for your good work, and very much appreciated.

Antoni and Shaun

Antoni and Shaun from Australia


7/6/2017 - 7/12/2017 / July 19th, 2017   

We just got back from our amazing 7 day Golden route tour led by Kim. She was absolutely THE BEST Tour guide we've ever had... friendly, sincere, informative extremely polite, knowledgeable, patient, intelligent, a perfect English speaker, and an amazing story teller! The list can go on and on.... all 3 of us were captivated by her and Japan. Please let her know how Wonderful she is! I am going to yelp, Facebook, tell all my friends, etc. about her and your company- can't say enough positive things. The bus and its driver were also top notch too!
Hoping to someday return for another visit, for sure will book through you!
Very Grateful, Thanking You,

Pamela & Gloria from San Diego

Japan Custom Private Tour

6/3/2017 - 6/13/2017 / July 14th, 2017   

Our family was worn out when we returned home but very happy.
We are still talking about our time in Japan.

Billy was a great guide and went way over and beyond with many of the things he did for us. He was patient and very informative. We appreciated the historical and practical information he shared with us.

Thank you again for your guidance and help in planning our family trip. The only thing we might have changed was a later start a few mornings in Tokyo. And that’s about it!

We are happy to recommend you to our friends and will offer a recommendation to any of your clients on Billy’s behalf.

Judi and Dr. Kent Nakamaru


5/27/2017 - 6/3/2017 / June 12th, 2017   

I just wanted to relay how wonderful Kim Kida ( our tour guide) was and similarly... our driver ( sorry I dont remember his name although I should) was equally wonderful.
They took excellent care of me and my son. Our accommodations were wonderful and I would rate our whole vacation as A+. Thank you also for the support we got even before we got there with Nozomi answering all my questions ( and pre travel worries).
Hope to travel with you again .

Hanae & Mikhail from Pennsylvania


4/2/2017 - 4/9/2017 / May 8th, 2017   

Ms Lynn Morimoto is one of a kind. She was our guide for the Golden Triangle of Japan Cherry Blossom tour we just took (first week of April). Lynn's knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to share of herself made us appreciate Japan at a much deeper level than we would have otherwise. I especially want to thank Lynn for going above and beyond the call of duty when I got water in my ear at the Onsen (thats another story). When we arrived into the next town, that evening she not only found a medical facility, but insisted on accompanying me and sat next to the doctor to translate as he was draining my ear! We feel so grateful to have met so truly a good hearted person as Lynn. She made the experience one we will never forget! We would appreciate it if you would forward this note of thanks to her. We hope she is continuing to love life and doing well.

Mr & Mrs Chi from Maryland


4/10/2017 - 4/16/2017 / May 2nd, 2017   

I would like to say how much I really enjoyed the Golden Route; Cherry Blossom Special Tour 2017. The trip was exceptional and beyond what I expected. The service from AJT was outstanding and the staff at AJT was very professional and helpful. Our tour guide (interpreter) Miharu was an absolute delight! She was very informative and helpful throughout the tour. She was professional, humorous, prompt and accommodated us on working the schedule when the weather was an issue. She was always there to offer us assistance. I also enjoyed meeting the others in our tour group. Japan is a beautiful country, the culture very interesting and people were very polite. I want to thank All Japan Tours and Miharu for an absolutely wonderful experience!! I would highly recommend your company. AJT is ichiban! : ) Thank you.

Carol from Arizona


4/10/2017 - 4/19/2017 / April 25th, 2017   

We had a great time on the Tour. Our two tour guides Miharu and Kenichi "Henry" were well informed and interesting.

Yoshimoto family from California


4/10/2017 - 4/16/2017 / April 24th, 2017   

Our recent tour was very good and we both are very satisfied because we have seen a lot during the tour. Our tour guide Mrs. Kisako Miharu was excellent, she took care on us very well.
I will put something together and I will post it in your website, so people will know that they can trust AJT with their travel plans in Japan. I am also pleased to say that the communication with your office exceeds my expectation.

Theo & Irene from Canada


4/15/2017 - 4/22/2017 / April 24th, 2017   

I want to thank you for a wonderful trip and excellent itinerary. Everything was perfect from the hotels to the restaurants to the number of important sites in Japan that we got to visit.
And certainly I want to praise our tour guide, Hiroko, for an amazing job managing this group and accommodating everybody's needs. She had a great attitude and worked so hard to make our experience a great one.
Thank you to All Japan Tours and to Hiroko for giving us a vacation that we will remember forever.

Laurence & Kendall from Massachusetts


10/18/2016 - 10/28/2016 / February 9th, 2017   

I recently spoke to an employee in your USA department regarding my husband and my interaction with a tour guide in Japan.She reassured me that this email would be forwarded to your Tokyo office.

I am writing in strong praise and recommendation of your Tour Guide Billy Hayashi. We toured with him October18-28. We landed in Tokyo (Narita) where Billy met us promptly on landing. The next day we proceeded on our trip which included Kyoto,Osaka, Hiroshima, Shikoku, then returning to Osaka for our return to the USA. .

The travel was easy and accommodations excellent. .

My husband is Japanese American, very knowledgable about the culture and history and speaks and understands a moderate amount of Japanese. I went on this trip to fulfill his desire to show me Japan. .

The tour and activities were excellent. My husband listened to other guides in groups nearby ours and told me that Billy provided more information than the others. .

Billy apparently is gifted in his English skills. HIs rapid understanding, response and sense of humor indicated to me that he “thinks in English”. He represents your company in a way that should be recognized and valued! .

My feelings before the tour were that I was going on the tour to please my husband. This was such a rich experience that I now tell my husband “ I want to go back to Japan”,and we hope to! .

Thank you and thank you to Billy for this memorable experience!

Tetsuo & Terry from California


10/16/2016 - 10/25/2016 / January 3rd, 2017   

Four members of our family decided on the Japan Tour Autumn 2016. We joined the tour a day late (10/17/16 to 10/25/16) not knowing what to expect. Our experience was one-of-a- lifetime. We are STILL talking about Billy (Masao Hayashi-san). He made the tour unbelievably special. He gifted us with a lifetime of memories of Japan. Most importantly he is a really unique human being. Genuine, kind, caring with great discernment when it comes to people. Something that can't be taught. He shepherds people gently, he somehow makes every person feel special and looked after. He goes out of his way for others. Our driver Uetake-san was an expert driver and expert with directions. There were no delays or turn- arounds the whole trip from Tokyo to Osaka and in-between no matter the windy roads, narrow residential streets, busy traffic.

Everyone on the tour could tell Billy likes what he's doing and loves Japan. He would add personal insight to our daily upcoming stops. He prepared us well on every aspect of our travels (e.g. manners, garbage, restroom stops, which side of the street and escalators to walk/stand on). All of these things contributed to a stress- free tour, enabling us to totally enjoy our fellow tour companions and Japan. Billy's enthusiasm was contagious throughout our travels even though this is his job, and we were aware that he doesn't get home often. In addition to all of the knowledge, appreciation and memories we took away from our trip... we also have new appreciation for Mr. Donut, MOS burgers, Yoshinoya Beef Bowl to name a few, thanks to Billy!



11/13/2016 - 11/20/2016 / December 5th, 2016   

We arrived back from our Japan visit a week ago and this is my first opportunity to write. Just wanted to say thank you we enjoyed the tour very much, there are many beautiful sights to see in Japan. What made the tour extra special for us was the tour leader “Billy” he treated everyone at a personal level and his commentary was most enjoyable, nothing was too much trouble for him to help people on the tour. I think AJT should be proud to have him as an employee. Please pass on our best wishes to him from Australia.

Bill and Jan Hargitay from Australia


11/13/2016 - 11/20/2016 / December 1st, 2016   

My husband and I had a great time in Japan. We really enjoyed our guide Billy. He was very nice, super informative and very knowledgeable about anything we asked about life in Japan. The timing for the Fall Colors was perfect. The colors of the maples, gingkos, persimmons, apples, moss, ferns…were marvelous eye candy. We enjoyed the group of people that were on our tour. Our coach driver was beyond amazing. He drove the bus expertly through all of the tight tunnels, crowded parking lots and other obstacles. We were even so lucky as to see Mt. Fuji. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in seeing Japan.

Tanda & Michael from California


11/13/2016 - 11/26/2016 / November 30th, 2016   

FYI, this tour was great! My wife and I had a great time. Your tour covered so many areas and sights. The food is first class and the tour guide is wonderful. Billy provided us with all the cultural and historical information about all the places we visited. The bus driver was excellent. Once I build up enough vacation time to see the North part of Japan, I will be sure to book it through your company.

Wing & Lynn from California


10/16/2016 - 10/25/2016 / November 28th, 2016   

We took a lot of time researching tours in Japan and kept going back to what we found from All Japan Tours - there just wasn't anything that allowed us to see so much in just over a week and for the price that they offered. The Best of Japan Autumn Tour was absolutely fantastic! From being picked up at the airport by our guide to the accommodations, to the attractions, to the food, this trip could not have been better. We consider ourselves VERY lucky to have had Billy-san as our guide! Billy-san cares about his guests, he herds cats like no one else could, he's funny, and he's incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Billy-san was very sensitive to dietary restrictions and allergies and that was very much appreciated! Having a guide like Billy-san definitely made the experience even better than it could have been. While driving between cities, Billy-san passed the time by telling us about the Japanese culture, the Japanese people and the history of the next attraction. That made time go by very quickly and filled in pieces we would not have received had we tried to tour Japan on our own. Billy-san gave us excellent advice as to what to do and where to go at the end of the tour when we were on our way to Tokyo for a few days. The communication with All Japan Tours was fantastic, from start to finish. They were very responsive and guided us toward where to stay on our last night of the tour so that we were just minutes from the train station. They also guided us as to the best mode of transportation to get us to the airport from Shinjuku, even though we were no longer going to be on their tour. We could not be happier with the experience we had with All Japan Tours and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great tour through Japan.

Paul and Barb Schiola from Denver, Colorado USA


10/16/2016 - 10/22/2016 / October 31st, 2016   

My husband and I returned a week ago from Japan. We were part of the Golden Route Japan Tour, October 16-22. We want to express our appreciation and gratitude to our tour guide Billy and our driver, Mr. Uetake. May I ask that you assist me in delivering this email to the correct person at All Japan Tours. I want to shine a light on these two gentlemen for all they do for us tourists. They deserve so much credit.
We have traveled quite a bit over the years and never have we encountered such a fine tour guide. Billy was so informative and well prepared. I actually took notes on the bus while he was speaking. He had numerous stories and knows a great deal about the history of Japan which he kindly shared with us. In addition, Billy anticipated all our needs and was always thinking ahead to make sure our visit would be pleasant. He took very good care of all of us on the tour and everyone was so pleased with him. On a number of occasions he went out of his way to help some of us on the tour. How wonderful for your company to have Billy as one of your representatives.
Mr. Uetake is a very pleasant, courteous gentleman and a very good professional driver. Often he impressed us as he smoothly handled the large bus. His driving skills were certainly on display throughout the week. With Mr. Uetake driving, we were in good hands.
My husband and I will definitely recommend All Japan Tours in the future.

Mary and Reed from Virginia


7/2/2016 - 7/10/2016 / July 21st, 2016   

What a wonderful trip we had in your beautiful Hokkaido! The Charms of Northern Japan Tour was fabulous, the Hokkaido scenery, the delicious food, the hot onsen, we all enjoyed our time in Hokkaido. We were greeted by our tour guide, Ms. Kim Kida, who was professional, spoke perfect English, friendly and always took great care of us. We couldn't have had a safe travels without our driver Mr. Kamada, he was superb.

The Shinkansen ride from Kyoto to Nagoya was short but memorable, the Sumo competition was a great experience, we totally enjoyed our day there. We had great seats on the West Side Upper Level but it was right in the middle and we were able to see the match straight on.

The Naoshima Group had a wonderful time there, the lunch was delicous and the presentation a piece of art. They were able to maneuver the train schedule with ease, thanks to all your efforts.

We really appreciated everything you two have done for us to make this Hokkaido trip so memorable. Thank you so much, .
Haruko (on behalf of our Bolos Group)

Haruko from California


6/19/2016 - 6/26/2016 / July 6th, 2016   

Dear Team of All Japan Tours,
I just want to Thank you all for your wonderful assistance and allowing us to join your Tour of Japan. We had the most wonderful time and loved every minute of it. We saw such wonderful sights and enjoyed everything.
Our tour guide Kim and driver were the best! Thank you, thank you.

Teresa & Flavio from Australia


5/22/2016 - 5/29/2016 / June 6th, 2016   

Thanks to everyone at All Japan Tours for a wonderful trip to Japan. The Golden Triangle tour was great and our guide, Lin, was wonderful (and funny). Both the private guides that you arranged for me in Tokyo and Kyoto were friendly, knowledgeable, and endlessly helpful; I know that I had a much better experience and was able to see and understand more because of them. Mariko Kawasaki, my guide in Tokyo, showed me how to use the subway and that instruction gave me confidence and independence for my solo days. Combined with your instructions on which trains to take between Osaka/Kansei Airport and Kyoto the information gave me a lower stress trip. Ikuko, my guide in Kyoto, took me to some small shrines (with beautiful painted screens and gardens) that I had never seen mentioned in my travel brochures and would never have found on my own. Thanks again. I hope to join another All Japan Tours expedition in the future.

Lauretta from Florida


5/22/2016 - 5/29/2016 / June 3th, 2016   

We just returned from the Golden Triangle trip. We were very pleased with the entire trip. Lynn, our guide, was wonderful. She was warm and friendly, knowledgeable about what we were visiting and sensitive to the needs of our group. Our bus driver was skilled in driving us through narrow streets and tunnels. Accommodations were excellent, the itinerary was filled with a good variety for our first visit to Japan. Also we were able to experience foods from the different regions. We would definitely recommend All Japan Tours to anyone wanting to visit that beautiful country.

Joyce and Walt from Nebraska


4/4/2016 - 4/10/2016 / May 24th, 2016   

We did the "Golden Route" tour, Monday, April 4 through Monday, April 10. My compliments to you and your staff for making this trip such a memorable experience. We enjoyed every aspect of the journey. Will you please pass on our regards and best wishes to your tour guide and driver.

George & Mary from Canada


3/27/2016 - 4/2/2016 / May 17th, 2016   

The reason that I am writing you is to let you know that our tour at the end of March was fantastic. We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for all of your help in organizing this and answering our questions. Billy, our tour guide was wonderful. If I ever go to Japan again, I will definitely request him as a guide. He was so organized and full of information. The itinerary as well as the cuisine was well done.

Marjohn & friends from California


3/15/2016 - 3/21/2016 / March 29th, 2016   

I was extremely satisfied with AJP Tours. Hiroko Martin & Staff, has proven to be very courteous and helpful from the very beginning, My 6th night & 7 days tour to Japan is very satisfying The english speaking guide and driver are very professional and friendly, the accommodations simply superb. I highly recommend it.

Emmanuel from Nevada

Japan Custom Group Tour

2/10/2016 - 2/20/2016 / March 28th, 2016   

I just want to tell you what a delight Kim Kida is and how she made our trip recently the best ever. She is always happy, courteous, sensitive and aware of her guests needs, while keeping on schedule and helping everyone to keep to the schedule as well. She is very knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she researches it until she finds the answer. She goes above and beyond and we will be recommending her and All Japan Tours to everyone we meet. Fantastic trip thanks to her!!!

Donald & Frances from Hawaii


3/27/2016 - 4/2/2016 / April 4th, 2016   

Hi! I just wanted to take a minute to give you feedback on our recent tour. Billy was our tour guide and did a very excellent job. My wife was reluctant to go on this trip out of country and Billy did a wonderful job making her feel safe and comfortable in a foreign country. He was very knowledgeable about the various locations in which we visited. We were only able to stump him once about a building across the street from the Imperial Palace, but he promised to find out and get back in touch with us to satisfy our curiosity. Please let him know how satisfied we were with our experience and would definitely recommend taking additional tours because of the good work he did.
Lastly, I wanted to also give positive feedback to our bus driver, Takahashi- san. He was a very gentle driver that safely drove us on our tour. He was very professional in helping with our luggage and was very polite and courteous.
Kudos to you for working with such good people!

Wayne from Texas


3/21/2016 - 4/2/2016 / April 4th, 2016   

We just completed the reverse cherry blossom tour in Japan. Our tour guide was “Billy”.
We are extremely happy both with the content of the tour and Billy’s performance.
We were introduced to Japan in a most pleasurable way, seeing a lot of historical and religious sites and the Japanese way of life/customs. For us it was an eye opener.
We were favoured by the weather and enjoyed the sights of the many cherry blossom trees.
Billy was very informative and has a very good command of English. He was methodical, punctual, courteous, and bent over backwards to please all of us. Nothing was too much for him. He also helped us in our personal concerns with outmost sensitivity and efficiency. A great guide to be valued.
Thank you again,

Michael & Annamarie from Australia


11/15/2015 - 11/22/2015 / November 27th, 2015   

We are just back from your tour in Japan. We are amazingly happy and enriched in new experience. Japan was amazing, completely different for us but with totally positive feeling. We loved the tour, which was really well organised and the tour guide- Billy was extremely helpful and showing us a lot from Japan and Japanese culture. I would definitely recommend everybody to join your tour or to visit Japan again :) So thank you VERY MUCH for really nice and smooth holidays!

Magdalena from UK


11/15/2015 - 11/22/2015 / November 23rd, 2015   

I was just on your Fall Foliage trip from Sunday, November 15th to the 22nd. Enjoyed the tour immensely especially tour conductor Billy who made the trip so enjoyable. He was very helpful and informative. He was so caring and considerate. We have travel extensively and know a really good tour conductor when we see one. Billy is such a gem and a great representative for your company. We appreciated so much his being with us throughout the trip. Thank you for giving us this gift! Be sure that Billy is rewarded for what he does for the company.

Eugene and Eloise from Hawaii


10/23/2015 - 11/1/2015 / November 9th, 2015   

We just returned back from our trip. Everything was absolutely amazing:Itinerary, hotels, people in the group, and most important important, Billy-our tour guide. His knowledge,willingness to answer any question, assistance in dealing with unfamiliar food made our trip better, easier and unforgettable. I also would like to share with you some disappointing aspects of the trip - very short and amateur kimono fashion show and no WI-fi and phone and camera chargers at any seat in the bus.

Liliya and Jacob from New York


10/26/2015 - 11/1/2015 / November 4th, 2015   


Cristian from California


9/30/2015 - 10/13/2015 / October 30th, 2015   

Thank you so much for setting up our tour for us. We all had a wonderful time on our trip to Japan. It was very nice to meet Hyroku-san on our last week in Japan. She was very delightful made our tour that much enjoyable. The tour was more then I expected and was wonderful to see all the many places we visited. I would recommend everyone who wants to see Japan to go on this tour from your tour group. It was also wonderful to be able to ride the bullet train. We are also talking about another trip to Japan to see the northern parts of Japan. So we will keep your company in mind when we decide to take another Japan trip. Again thank you for all that you did for us.

Sue from Idaho


10/12/2015 - 10/20/2015 / October 26th, 2015   

Aloha Yumiko & All Japan Tours,
I would like to let you know what a great experience we had on our recent Charms of Northern Japan tour.
Our guide Kim Ng was terrific as she explained in detail about all the culture, people, food, sights, everything.
Kim was also very organized and very knowledgeable about things we didn't even know we needed to understand.
She anticipated all our needs and made sure we were happy with everything.
The driver Matsuo was also very safe, attentive and punctual...
When and if we go to Japan again I wouldn't hesitate to contact All Japan Yours again..

Nolan & Donna from Hawaii


5/4/2015 - 5/10/2015 / May 26th, 2015   

My Japan Tour went very well, I enjoyed the program very much, our tour guide Ms. Emiko (Amy) was amazing. The group was very good. I feel I made the right choice by joining AJT on this trip.Thank you.

Hala for Canada


3/30/2015 - 4/12/2015 / May 26th, 2015   

We went on the “Japan In Depth with Japanese Alps- Cherry Blossom Special Tour” and the Cherry Blossoms did not disappoint one bit. They were spectacular in Ueno Park and on the grounds of the Himeji Castle making the long queues well worth it! Takayama was just breathtaking.

Every place we went to on the itinerary was great and interesting.

Most of the accommodation were pretty good with the Narita Excel Hotel rated the lowest.

Most of the meals provided were substantial and excellent with the exception of the Chinese lunch we had in Nagasaki……a Japanese ramen would have been heaps better.

We are very appreciative of our guide Don Lim who gave us useful tips throughout our tour and the miso factory where he took us for one of our lunches was just outstanding. Getting us to the monkey park at feeding time was also another of his small but rewarding touches. Much thanks Don.

We have no hesitation in booking another tour with AJT in the future as you guys are great with the itinerary and we’ve been recommending all our friends to you.

Thanks again for making our Japanese tour so interesting, enjoyable and memorable.

Richard & Charlotte from Australia


4/5/2015 - 4/18/2015 / May 18th, 2015   

We would all recommend AJT to anyone interested in travel to Japan. Before booking, I researched tour agencies which provided tours of Japan and narrowed the search down to three. I chose AJT for our group of 13 because of the good reviews on the internet and the wonderful AJT itinerary, which was clearly more comprehensive than the other 2 agencies with more upscale accomodations. One of our travelers' sons had been to Japan and looked over AJT itinerary. His comments to his Mom were: "Mom, don't miss this fabulous trip." We would all rate AJT as a 5* company.

Ms Loch & friends


4/11/2015 - 4/18/2015 / May 13th, 2015   

Date of Travel April 11-18, 2015 Takayama Spring festival

We had a fabulous time. AJT had an excellent itinerary and the food and accommodations are excellent. This is my second trip with them and this is just as good as the first trip. We’ve decided to stay an extra day in Osaka. I had asked Kiyoshi suggestions for places to visit in Osaka and he was so detailed in his instructions, what places to visit, where to transfer, take the train, limousine bus or taxi. He even included an approximate amount for fare! I cannot think of anything wrong in our trip. Our guide, Miharu is so informative and very funny. She kept us laughing most of the time. Hats off to our driver (didn’t get this name) for taking us to our destinations and back safe and sound. My husband, daughter and myself enjoyed our trip, most of all, food was great. Seems like we were constantly eating. Loved the onsen and the bidet in most toilets was surely something to talk about when we got back home. I would highly recommend AJT to anyone planning to visit Japan.

The Edo museum is a very interesting place to visit. Lots of information and very interactive. We were told that they just opened that museum 3 weeks prior. We also had a great group in our tour. Everyone was considerate of the time. We had a taste of all the seasons, sun, rain and snow.

Beth from Califonia


3/30/2015 - 4/5/2015 / April 20th, 2015   

We wnted to tell you how very pleased we were with the arrangements which you made for us. The Golden Route Tour was excellent. And the hotels which you arranged for us afterward were also excellent. We particularly appreciated the perfect location of the Meitetsu Grand Hotel in Nagoya.

Norman and Eloise from California


4/5/2015 - 4/18/2015 / April 20th, 2015   

We have just returned from our FABULOUS trip to Japan. All went very well and you assigned us EXCELLENT guides, who saw to our every need. Japan is the beautiful garden island, we had always dreamed of touring. The hotels were upscale and very nice, especially the one in Tokyo. There was so much variety of experience that we felt we had a most comprehesive tour of the central part of Japan. Thank you from all of us for the outstanding All Japan Tour.
A special thank you for the experience of dressing in Japanese kimonos. All enjoyed this special privilege. My surprise was that the outfit was so comfortable. We felt transferred to an older time. All Japan Tours went out of the way to make our trip memorable, as none of us will ever forget the privilege of this tour. Thank you to you and your staff for creating this special time in our lives.

Helen from Texes


3/27/2015 - 4/5/2015 / April 16th, 2015   

I wanted to tell you that I was very satisfied with my recent trip to Japan. "Best of Japan Tour (reverse) Cherry Blossom Special March 27-April 5, 2015"
Our tour guide "Billie" was excellent. He was extremely helpful at every step of the way. Our hotel accomodations were great. The food and travel trips met all my needs.
I would recommend you in the future. My AAA agent was not familiar with your company and was not sure she should recommend it but it was the only trip available at the time I could go and it met all my other needs. I think she should feel confident in recommending you in the future.

Helen from Florida


3/30/2015 - 4/6/2015 / April 13th, 2015   

We just returned from our tour and wanted to thank you for putting together our trip which we will remember with pleasure for the rest of our lives. The hotel accommodations were superb. Even though the Hakone Ropeway was fogged in and viewing was impossible on our ride up to Station 5, the next morning we awoke to a crystal clear view of Mt. Fuji from our hotel room, which more than made up for the foggy previous day. All in all, we had a memorable tour.
Our private guide of April 6, Ms. Yoshika Morishima, was a special delight. She is very professional and knowledgeable and an extremely pleasant person to be with. We highly recommend her for anyone wishing a private tour of the Kyoto area.
Kindness and politeness of Japanese people are exceptional.

Malcolme & Sonja from Slovenia


4/6/2015 - 4/11/2015 / April 13th, 2015   

We really enjoyed our trip to Okinawa. The plane was very tiring. Our tour guide, Jeorge Choi, was very good. He was knowledgeable in everything we saw. It was nice to be in small group of four. He took very good care of us. Thank you for arranging this wonderful trip for us.

Brit & Yoko from California


3/29/2015 - 4/4/2015 / April 7th, 2015   

Thank You for the extraordinary tour that concluded on April 4. Every aspect of the tour was well organized, and we had an excellent tour guide, in Mrs. Kim Kida, who\'s very professional, caring, organized and a wonderful sense of humor. We also had an excellent drive: Mr. Hasegawa. I will like to request these two professionals, on my next tour to Japan in the near future.

Sylvain from Califonia


1/4/2015 - 1/11/2015 / February 17th, 2015   

I have been meaning to email you for a while now. I took your Golden Route Winter Tour that Started January 4th 2015 and I absolutely loved it. The trip was fantastic, I was able to see all of japan and I would not have been able to do that on my own. The accommodations were wonderful and the sites chosen to visit were fantastic.
I would also like to commend my tour guide Mr. Don Lim. Don was a very interesting man and displayed a lot of character during our trip. He dealt with a large group of tourists who had a variety of needs and I was very impressed by how he handled it.
Once again thank you, I had a very nice trip because of your company.

Willie & Mitz from Louisiana


9/30/2014 - 10/13/2014 / October 17th, 2014   

My husband and I have just completed the Japan in Depth (Reverse) Takayama Autumn Festival Tour 2014. The whole experience was wonderful, Kim Kida (tour guide) was informative, well organised and very friendly and Miwa (bus driver) did an excellent job and was always happy. Everything from accommodations, meals and sightseeing spots met our expectations. We would like to thank all those involved in the organisation of this tour and will highly recommend your tours to our family and friends. Fantastic!!

Tom and Suzzette from Australia


10/6/2014 - 10/13/2014 / October 16th, 2014   

We returned from Japan few days ( takayama autumn festival 2014 )
It was a wonderful trip.We really enjoy.
I would to thank you and also to our guide Ms. Kim Kida.
She work a lot. I could see that all participants was very satisfied.
All places that was indicated in your programme was fully visited.
I will recommend to all my friends.
I wish success in your business life
Thank you once again.

Mr Kolman from Turkey

Japan Custom Group Tour

9/20/2014 - 9/27/2014 / October 13th, 2014   

I would like to express my thanks on behalf of the Yamanaka Family Trip to Japan. Everything was planned out perfectly.
The points of interest during our stay was just right. My father-in-law seemed to have been satisfied, especially riding the Shinkansen.
Our personal tour escort Yuka from Shinshu Travel was very knowledgable and spoke English well. During our short time with her, we seemed to have bonded with her. She even made last minute changes to our meals cause we had some that did not eat seafood.
Having a member in a wheel chair took a little effort but Yuka and our driver Fukumoto-san took extra care and patience making sure we were all comfortable.
This was most probably the first and last trip for our father and mother. But for us, the younger generation, we will most likely go to Japan again. The experience with your tour and the ground people handling in Japan (Yuka & Fukumoto-san) made us want to go again.
Once again, thank you for your patience too in creating this personal tour for our family.

Gail from Hawaii


9/25/2014 - 10/7/2014 / October 7th, 2014   

The trip was exciting and educational as well and the tour guide]kim kida| was trying her best to be as informative as possible and was trying her best to keep everyone happy The drivers }miwa and yoon| were also fantastic I had a wonderful trip and I have certainly learnt a lot more about Japan I am still at Kansai airport but I thought I should drop this note

Alka from New Jersey


7/27/2014 - 8/2/2014 / September 15th, 2014   

I wanted to email you thanking you for your help in arranging us such a wonderful trip to Japan! We enjoyed our Golden Route Summer Tour, July 27- August 2, 2014. Our tour guide, Kim Kida was excellent. Our bus driver, Uetake was outstanding. They both made us feel welcome in Japan. We learned so much about Japan through this tour and Kim Kida! Uetake was an excellent and safe bus driver. This tour makes us want to go back to beautiful Japan. Well done All Japan Tours! I cannot thank you enough. It was a wonderful trip. My sons, Cody and Justin Jones had a great time. Wonderful family memories for us. Attached is our tour group photo! We made many new friends!

Melodie from Alabama


8/1/2014 - 8/10/2014 / September 8th, 2014   

My husband and I would like to thank all Japan Tours for a lovely Holiday which we enjoyed, We already miss Japan and I know that one day we will come again. Most of all we want to say how wonderful was our tour guide Kim. we just loved her, who was just amazing, helpful and accomadating, and our 5 star bus driverVetoke, he is the best driver. We loved the choice of hotels, every thing was organised, just perfect and professional. It is hard to imagine how anyone could not fall in love with Japan, its culture and its beautyand most of all how people were helpful and obliging. I will recommend ALL JAPAN TOURS to all my friends please give my love to Kim,and when we come again we would like to have Kim as our tour guide. we wish you all well our tour ( Best of Japan Reverse 1st of August to 10th of August )

Sam & Rose from Australia


8/25/2014 - 8/31/2014 / September 3nd, 2014   

We both thoroughly enjoyed the tour - we saw so many things and had so many wonderful meals! We especially enjoyed our Tour Guide - Mr. Ito (Ito-San) he brought just the right amount of information, knowledge and humor into his talks. He was polite and patient the entire trip - even when some people in the group would stay longer than he asked at some locations - he kept things calm and under control. Not an easy job with so many of us all wanting to go in different directions! I will be sure to recommend your tour to friends in the future.

Laurel from Washington


7/27/2014 - 8/5/2014 / September 2nd, 2014   

The tour was wonderful! My husband and I enjoyed our time in Japan immensely and hope to return one day soon, hopefully to see the sakura in full bloom. Kim Kida was an excellent guide - informative, friendly and very helpful in answering our questions. She even went out of her way to show me the Tourist Kimono shop, which I really appreciated (though I loved to wear the kimono, I was so hot! But loving it! ^_^;) The food was wonderful, especially the Kobe beef at the end of our tour. We would happily recommend your service to anyone looking to visit Japan. Thanks also goes to our bus driver, Uetake-san, for driving the long hours across our many destinations - he also seemed quite nice and professional as well.

Tracy and Bryan from Canada

Japan Custom Group Tour

7/20/2014 - 8/3/2014 / August 6th, 2014   

I just wanted to let you know that my husband, Thom, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Japan that you organized. Everything was great. We had no problems getting around and the tour guides were wonderful. They were very organized and friendly. The hotels were also very nice and convenient. The trek up Mt. Fugi was a bit harder than we expected but we persevered and made it. The guides were helpful and patient. We truly enjoyed the Japanese cultural experience and would definitely recommend your tour company. Thanks so much,

Thom & Pam from Georgia


7/15/2014 - 7/22/2014 / July 31th, 2014   

I just want to thank you for such a great tour!

Kim Kida was an AMAZING tour guide. There wasn't any question that we had that she didn't know the answer to and made us feel most welcome asking her anything. She made us feel the joy and awe the beautiful country of Japan. My 18 year old nephew had a good time the whole time and that is saying something. Kim gave us the perfect amount of structured and free time. I can't write enough good things about her!

Our bus driver was Mr. Hasegawa, which says a lot that I remember his name. He was extremely skilled at his job but he was also very kind and extremely dedicated to his job. We had impressive holiday traffic one day and he was efficient and kind the whole time.

I wish I could remember the Japanese phrase for "Thank you for being tired." I am sure Mr. Hasegawa and Ms. Kida must have been very tired after our tour but we saw none of that because they were energetic and gracious the whole time (extremely accommodating also - just fantastic).

Bonnie from California

Japan Custom Group Tour

7/8/2014 - 7/20/2014 / July 25th, 2014   

On behalf of Purple Dragon, I would like to thank you for a wonderful and memorable trip to Japan. It was such a beautiful, lovely, inspiring trip thanks to you and our wonderful tour guide, Miharu San who we came to love as a friend. Because our trip was so memorable, we plan on returning within the next year. Japan is a beautiful country with a rich culture we admire. We would also like to express our humble gratitude for arranging the trip to the Dai Nippon Botuko Kai for our martial arts group, and we ask that our thanks be extended to the Botudo Kai for allowing us to train in their prestigious dojo as it was greatly appreciated and will be a treasured memory no one will ever forgot. Thank you again, and we look forward to traveling to Japan again in the future.

Elizabeth from Florida


7/6/2014 - 7/12/2014 / July 20th, 2014   

I am back from my Golden Route Japan Summer Tour from July 6-12, 2014. I enjoyed the tour very much with all the variety and things to do in a short time. I also liked the pace and the choice of places to visit, and the food was wonderful. We did see and do everything despite the typhoon that was supposed to hit us and it only rained hard at the Ninja Museum. We saw Mt. Fuji clearly from a distance.

What I liked really well was our tour guide, Kim Kida. Not only was she accommodating to everyone's needs but she was especially helpful to me on my travel arrangements from Osaka to Yokohama after the tour ended. Kim gave me precise directions on taking the bullit train from Shin Osaka to Shin Yokohama without using taxis which saved me a lot of money. There was a free shuttle bus from ANA Crown Plaza Hotel in Osaka to Osaka Station where I bought my bullit train ticket. Then I got on a local train with the bullit train ticket that got me to Shin Osaka in 2 minutes. This was a free transfer. Then I caught the bullit train to Shin Yokohama and used the same ticket to catch a local Yokohama train to Sakura- gicho station. The exit leads to a huge plaza with a escalator taking you to the landmark tower and the covered malls. I walked about 15 minutes to my hotel which is attached to the 2nd mall. A taxi would have taken 30 minutes according to Kim. I am glad I followed her advice because the way I walked was directly to the hotel. I also did not see the streets or taxis around which take one-way streets that are out of the way and the traffic lights are long. It took me 5 hours to do all this so it was a daunting task when you do not read Japanese and speak only a little Japanese.

Fumiko from California


5/20/2014 - 5/26/2014 / May 28th, 2014   

Good day to everybody in All Japan tours. I just comeback from Golden Route Japan spring tour. I just loved every minute of this tour. Next day at home I already missed Japanese food. The hotels you can not wish for better. Everything was organized just perfect, on very high professional level. And most important is country of Japan. I enjoy every moment in there. Rich history, warm peoples, local cuisine. Well done, AJT. Thank You so much.

Arturas from Illinois


4/5/2014 - 4/18/2014 / May 21st, 2014   

Good morning to all at All Japan Tours ..... It has been awhile since we returned from our trip on April 19th. I have been meaning to write to you but caught up in work and home and life. Joe and I wanted to express to you of what a wonderful once in a life time trip to Japan we had. Everything to us was perfect. Your tour guide Yukie was the best ... she had so much personality and added so much insight that we really appreciate, we just loved her. Our wonderful bus diver can't remember his name but it was Bamboo Man in English was the best and safest drive who drove us over 2,000 from one point to another was remarkable and we so appreciated him. The tour, the sites, the culture and all the meals were so wonderful .... we just loved it and just wanted to let you know we felt it was worth every penny. Thank you for your services .... we have attached a few pictures of our memories ..... Thank you again,

Joe & Terry


3/19/2014 - 3/25/2014 / May 12th, 2014   

I apologize for the delay in not sending you a comment regarding our Japan tour but I had to leave on another vacation soon after. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour – the hotel and accommodation, the itinerary, meals were excellent, and best of all we had Yuka as our guide. She was informative, humorous, and took very good care of us all. We had one person on the tour who was very rude at times but Yuka handled him very professionally. Perhaps we might be a bit biased but it’s hard to imagine anyone visiting Japan not to fall in love with their culture, the people and the beauty of this country. Thank you for a wonderful tour.

Kazuo from Canada


3/23/2014 - 3/29/2014 / April 29th, 2014   

I wanted to touch base and let you and everyone at all japan tours know what an amazing time we had on our recent trip. We had Kim as our guide and Nita as our driver. They are wonderful. We could not have asked for more. We also loved all of the hotel choices. They were fantastic. I have recommended you to several people already and many people have asked about our tour based on the photos from our trip. Thank you for everything.

Kelly from California


4/13/2014 - 4/19/2014 / April 21st, 2014   

We just finished the Golden Route Reverse Tour and we had a wonderful time. It was a very fascinating tour. We saw lots of beautiful attractions and the tour guide Don Lim was very helpful to make sure everyone was accomodated. The bus drivers were also very professional and nice. I am interested in booking a tour in 2015 to Hokkaido, possibly the Summer Flowers in Hokkaido & Kyoto. I will check the All Japan Tours web site to stay informed of the dates for these tours.

Jacqueline from Germany


4/12/2014 - 4/19/2014 / April 21st, 2014   

This is let you know that we got back home to Perth safely last night after the tour. We would like to thank you for a well organised informative tour. We enjoyed the tour and the company of many nice people who joined. We would like to specially thank Mr Ito( our guide) for his efforts in making this tour a comfortable, interesting and a memorable experience.

Dinesha, Shivanti & Sonal from Australia


4/12/2014 - 4/19/2014 / April 18th, 2014   

I just finished a tour ( well tonight is last night in Narita airport hotel) and i just want to say a big thank you to you arranging this trip. It was amazing. However, i want you to know what an amazing person works for you ( in case you are not aware) -Mr. Ito who was our tour guide. He was dealing with an extremely big group of 34 people and to accomodate everyone- it would take a lot of patience and good will. Not only he is an amazing person with extensive knowledge about his country and places where we were travelling , but he had so many stories that were intertaining and very interesting. He went above and beyond to make sure that we all are safe, settled, in a good mood and that we have a great experience of our stay. So, eventhou our entire group absolutely loved him and his positive, friendly and amazing attitude, i believe that it is important for you ( in the office ) to know that you have a great person on your team and that you are very lucky. I will recommend "all japan tours" to my friends and i will be considering taking another one in future (may be in a year of two). Please , make sure to send Mr. Ito best regards and a huge thank you from our group that he was working with from april 13 to april 19.

Viktoriya from Canada


3/23/2014 - 4/1/2014 / April 10th, 2014   

Just returned from our trip and wanted to thank Miharu and Miwa-san (our driver) for a wonderful experience. This was my parents first experience traveling abroad and I think we were all a little nervous. Once we joined our group though it was so easy. Miharu took really good care of the whole group and when we had a rainy day she rearranged the itinerary so we did indoor things and we still got to see all the outdoor sights the next day. Since the weather had been cool the cherry blossoms were a little late blooming so Miharu and her whole network of drivers and guides were always communicating so as to “find cherry blossoms”. Many beautiful sights, good hotels (we were three in a room so a little more crowded but no problem), and yummy food. ( I read one of the reviews where someone’s mother wanted to eat natto every morning and that was my mom too.) Yes, you must try the Onsen, there’s lots of walking and steps so for you first timers be prepared and get in shape because they have good ice cream there too. Miharu was great, talked about all kinds of Japanese culture, the old and the very new and made the bus rides pass more quickly and had us laughing all along the way (the black pearls, prime ministers and toilets to name a few:)) Stick close to her and you’ll learn so much ( I hear some of the other company tour guides talking and they were very hard to understand.) She is very accommodating and you can tell she loves her job! AJ tours gets our recommendation!! Thanks.

Kanemaru & Fukuyama family from California


3/23/2014 - 4/1/2014 / April 8th, 2014   

I was part of the Cherry Blossom tour beginning 23rd March until the 31st March 2014. I just wanted to drop a quick note of 'Thank you ' to your team for the beautiful, safe and enjoyable experience I had. Miharu was efficient, knowledgeable and always helpful with a smile on her face. The group I was part of, was also a good mix of people from different parts of the world. Everyone was there with an open mind, well, mostly everyone : ) to enjoy, learn and experience Japan. Thanks again, and I would definitely recommend your agency for any travel requirements in Japan.

MaryAnn from Dubai


3/31/2014 - 4/6/2014 / April 8th, 2014   

My boyfriend had an amazing time! The Cherry Blossom tour far exceeded both of our expectations. Our guide was very informative, and talked about the culture of Japan, as well as her personal experiences, throughout each of the bus rides to our destinations, which made the duration of the travel time between various locations feel like only a 15 minute drive. The sights were beautiful, and the food was delicious. Although some of the Japanese foods were not to my liking, I still tried the food and enjoyed the experience of beauty of how each dish was prepared. Our driver, Mr. Onito, was always in a cheerful mood. He always had a smile on his face, and it was nice to always greet him in the mornings. The hotels were all very nice. I will definitely be taking another tour in the future, and would highly recommend this agency to friends and family. A big thanks to your staff, located in the Ontario, Ca office, for always answering my phone calls and emails in a timely manner, and for always being friendly. I have always dreamed of visiting Japan since I was 11 years old, and this tour of Japan did not disappoint. I wish this agency much success, as it is very much deserved. Thank you so much for providing my boyfriend and I with such an unforgettable experience!

Miranda from California


3/28/2014 - 4/6/2014 / April 8th, 2014   

We just finished our reverse cherry blossom tour. Everyone loved Miharu Katsume, our tour guide. Miharu went out of her way to ensure Brian had gluten free meals. We are so grateful and appreciative for that. He was able to enjoy Japanese food without any problems. Also, we had several vegetarians, people with allergies to shell fish, etc...on our tour. Miharu took care of the entire groups dietary needs and ensured the special meals were prepared. Miharu speaks English very well and is so knowledgeable about the places we visited. Most of all, she kept us laughing with her stories. All of our rooms were non-smoking! I know you cannot always guarantee a non-smoking room and it was truly wonderful to have non smoking rooms because of my severe allergy to smoke. The cherry blossoms in Kyoto were in full bloom and at their peak. The gardens were magnificent and the castles and shrines were very impressive. We really enjoyed the tour because we would have had difficulty taking the bus and trains to all the places we visited if we were on our own. All Japan Tours took all the hassle and stress out of our trip. We didn't have to worry about train or bus schedules, or what time the museums opened or closed. We didn't have to buy tickets or worry about lodging and meals. We really enjoyed our night in Atami and the chance to sleep on tatami mat and futon and take in hot Spring Japanese bath. On the long drive back from Mount Fuji, Miharu put the Oscar winning movie Departures on and interpreted the movie for us. We will watch it when we get back to the US with subtitles. Thank you so much for all your help in making this a most memorable vacation. Your extremely prompt replies addressed all our concerns and it was truly wonderful that you wrote an explanation in Japanese of the gluten allergy in details and emailed it to us. We printed this out and presented it to our server so when we had meals on our own, there was no problem in communicating the gluten allergy to the restaurant staff.

Joyce and Brian from Massachusetts


3/24/2014 - 4/5/2014 / April 8th, 2014   

Thank you for arranging the fruit plate we received. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We just finished our great tour. We had a wonderful time, the food was fabulous, accommodations great with the one exception, and we enjoyed Yuka Sia as our guide. Thank you for giving us such a memorable experience in Japan. And we did see the Sakura, in full bloom everywhere we went.

David & Iris from Hawaii


12/8/2013 - 12/14/2013 / January 13th, 2014   

Just to let you know that the Japan tour was excellent - a really good blend of history, geography, religion, culture etc and our tour guide was really good.

Vivien from Australia


12/22/2013 - 12/31/2013 / January 13th, 2014   

We got back to Australia after the Japan tour for more than a week. It was an excellent tour. We were happy with almost all aspects of the tour and the services. (The tour guide and driver were Kim and Nitta).

Son Thai from Australia


10/26/2013 - 11/7/2013 / November 26th, 2013   

On behalf of 47 guests from Houston Texas, I would like to express our gratitude! Everything was organized starting from California office. Mr. Kiyoshi, Thank you for your professionalism and quick response throughout our itineraries, The experience Japanese Kaiseki Banquet Dinner, Osen Hot spring in Luxury Hotel, and excellent selective Menus. Ms Kimi, truly dedicated to her profession and care, and made sure all of our needs were fulfilled! Our Bus driver Mr. Yamada even skip his breakfast, in order he has to be at Shinkansen Station on time to pick-up our group, while our group experience ride Bullet train, It was an amazing and memorable experience, I am looking forwards to working with all of you again in Mar 2014 group!

Julie from Redondo Beach, California


7/6/2013 - 7/12/2013 / August 14th, 2013   

I travelled on the All Japan Tours “Golden Route” in July 2013, and really loved it. It was an amazing and memorable experience. We were taken in a luxury bus to each destination, which included natural wonders like Mt. Fuji, notable buildings, temples and shrines, museums, and even popular shopping destinations. The included meals were fantastic and gave us a real taste of traditional Japanese cuisine. Even though it was entirely foreign to me and my group, our tour leader Kim-san was really helpful in explaining how to eat particular dishes. She was very helpful and knowledgeable, and told us a lot of interesting facts about our destinations, as well as facts about Japanese culture in general. The hotels we stayed in were great, especially the ryokan, where Kim-san told us the correct way to take a public bath… It was an unforgettable experience. I feel I got my money’s worth from this tour, and would definitely travel with All Japan Tours again!

Sian from Australia


7/21/2013 - 7/27/2013 / July 28th, 2013   

From Osaka, thru Nara, Kyoto, Atami, Owakundani, a bit of Mont Fuji, Tokyo and all the nice temples, shrines and castles, all the tour was a wonderful dream I'll never forget.
Our tour guide Ito-San made us discover the people, history, traditions and the modern Japan, he made us love and keep Japan in our heart.

Thank you very much

Monika from Canada


7/21/2013 - 7/27/2013 / July 28th, 2013   

Totally awesome tour

Madena & Candice from Arizona


6/24/2013 - 7/6/2013 / July 24th, 2013   

I just want to thank you for a wonderful adventure to Japan. My trip with your travel guide and driver were more than I expected, they were great. Your guide gave us much more than we thought we would see or do in Japan and your driver was so helpful. every time it rained he was there for us with umbrellas and walked out to even give them out to the whole group, if we were trapped in a store close by, and always helped us with our luggage. On the whole I would recommend your travel agency to anyone who would like to see more of Japan than they ever thought possible in two weeks. Thank You so much from Me and My son .

Your guide that I would like to say was more than great is Kim Kida and the Drivers name was Yoon. Please thank them for me they were great.

Jon and Ian from Washington


6/16/2013 - 6/22/2013 / July 17th, 2013   

I wanted to contact you at All Japan Tours to let you know that Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Japan although it was way too short!!

We loved the people, the sights and all those on our trip. We were especially thankful that we had such a good guide as Sia. She was very knowledgeable, helpful and lots of fun which, in turn, made our whole trip more enjoyable. I would happily recommend your company to anyone who would be interested in visiting Japan.

Thank you again for all your work in making my dream come true and finally visiting Japan. One day, I hope to return.

Cathy from Australia


5/12/2013 - 5/21/2013 / July 2nd, 2013   

I would like to express our gratitude to All Japan Tours for the wonderful time my husband and I had on our recent tour of Japan. We were on the "Best of Japan Spring Tour" in May and were well looked after by your wonderful and informative tour guide Miharu (very funny lady), and the extended 3 days with Yoshi to Hiroshima. We enjoyed every day in Japan as the people are so friendly and the country is extremely clean no matter where you go. The scenery in the country areas was beautiful and the infrastructure was just amazing. We were astounded by the bridges and roads. Also your cities are very clean considering the population. We had a wonderful group from a mix of counties and they were all very friendly. Miharu was always very entertaining and made the tour a memorable one for us. The coach drivers were always very polite and looked after us with our luggage and the coaches were very comfortable. We have been on tours in the UK and Europe and this tour was well organised and good value for money. The hotels were excellent and we enjoyed the meals which were organised for us as my husband has an extremely strict diet being a Coeliac and having to have gluten free meals. I also have dietary requirements. We would definitely recommend your tour company to family and friends wanting to travel to Japan and have advised lots of Australians to visit Japan as it is a must see.

Also a big thank you to Kanea and Kiyoshi for all the communicating by email and phone before the tour. Both of you were very prompt with your replies and very informative which made planning the tour extremely easy. We would love to visit Japan again.

Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Denise & Michael Ryan - Melbourne / Australia

Best of Japan Tour - Cherry Blossom Special

4/8/2013 - 4/17/2013 / April 30th, 2013   

I just recently returned from the 'Cherry Blossom tour' and wanted to let you know we had an amazing time on the tour which had so many highlights it felt like much longer than 10 days. The tour guide 'Sia' was informative, very patient and helpful. She made our first trip to Japan a great experience. I can't recall the driver's name but he also did a great job on such long days of driving and getting us through some narrow streets safely and always with a smile. I'm glad we went with your tour company and I'm happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to experience Japan. It was stress free and we were able to experience the country enjoyably. Thank you for making our holiday great. I already want to go back again.

Mr & Mrs Huber from Australia


4/5/2013 - 4/12/2013 / April 14th, 2013   

just came back yesterday from our charms of southern japan tour and we loved evry minute of it. everyhting was organized starting from home (kiyoshi, our tour agent) to our tour guide Kim Kita. Our driver was also the best. He got us to our destinations w/o any problems at all. Everything that was om pur itinerary was fullfilled. The hotels we stayed at are all excellent and the food was amazing. I loved the biday in the toilets! We loved the japanese style hotels and food the most. We cannot ask for anything more. Most of all, it was the Japanese people that were warm and went out of their way to help us that made our stay worthwhile. My husband and I will defintely refer you to our family and friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Mr & Mrs Pedroche from California


3/25/2013 - 4/07/2013 / April 13th, 2013   

Just returned from our fantastic tour of Japan in depth (reverse)-cherry blossom special tour mar25th-april 7th. We were very lucky to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom and a clear view of Mt. Fuji, two things we really wanted to see. Your travel package was very complete and we were able to see everything we hoped to see. Thanks to our tour guide Mr. Ito we saw everything mentioned in the package. He made sure we had enough time to see everything and answered all questions. His concerns were not only for the tour but made sure individual needs were taken care of too, which believe me was not an easy task. We were also very fortunate to have a very good bus driver Mr. Uyetake. I would like to thank Mr. Ito and Mr. Uyetake through you, so if you could pass on our thanks to them we would appreciate it.

Mr & Mrs Otani from California


3/29/2013 - 4/7/2013 / April 11th, 2013   

Trust all's well. Wanted to give you an update on my trip to Japan. My aunts and I had a lovely time. We enjoyed the warm caring Japanese hospitality, food, culture and the sites. I am writing to particularly appreciate and give our gratitude to our tour guide Ito-san Natsuhiko. May be you can pass along this mesg directly to his tour company in Japan.

Ito-san was very accomodating, knowledgeable and above all care for the entire tour bus like his family. He was always enthusiastic to help and make sure everyone on the bus and his tour was having a wonderful time. He went out of his way to serve with gratitude and a smile always. He was always on time and happy to give a helping hand.

All 3 drivers on our trip - Hasigawa-san, and the others were very accomodating, helpful and served with a smile too. They had very long hard days and it really concerned us for their wellbeing as hey were driving more than 12 hr days, however they never let this show. They were happy and grateful to serve us too. It was an incredible experience on how patient and happy they all were.

I really hope you can pass along this mesg not only from my side but from everyone on our bus from this tour as everyone had the same feeling!

Ms Ferzeen from California


3/31/2013 - 4/06/2013 / April 10th, 2013   

I returned home to the Eastern Shore of Virginia last night.
We had a wonderful time.
Special thank you to Kim and untenshu. Untenshu always kept the bus very clean and drove safely.
He was always ready to load baggage and always had my mother's kurumaisu ready when we departed the bus.
Everyone was amazed how he drove the bus especially on very narrow streets and tight corners.
Kim told us many stories.
I especially like the talk about salarymen and history of each site visited.

Each hotel was first class.
I very much enjoyed the onsen.
I used the onsen twice: once in the evening and once in the morning.
I was disappointed in how many of my fellow tourists did not take advantage of using the onsen.
Also, we thought the meals provided were all excellent, but many of the my fellow tourist would not eat the Japanese breakfast.
My mother ate natto every morning if natto was provided.

I was able to do many things on my 'to do list.'
Speak Japanese!
Read Japanese!
Take a takushii.
Use vending machine.
Order a meal at makudo.
Order a drink from suta bukasu.
Etc. etc. etc.

Glenn from Virginia


3/24/2013 - 3/30/2013 / April 10th, 2013   

My wife and I would like to thank you, All Japan Tours our tour bus driver,and especially Miharu for a great time. The experience was much better than I thought it would be. Our bus driver was the best driver I have ever seen. He could park or drive that bus anywhere. Miharu was an Awesome guide. When it was over, we felt bad, because it felt like we were losing a mother. The people we met in Japan were great. They were helpful and courteous. They really seem to want to help us. The sites were beautiful and overwhelming. We definitely want to do it again in the future, maybe a longer stay. We have been telling everyone that our tour was outstanding and recommend AJT as the way to go. Thanks Again.

Mr & Mrs Kidd from Wisconsin


3/29/2013 - 4/7/2013 / April 9th, 2013   

Thank you very much for the lovely holiday we enjoyed. It was indeed a very well organised tour. we saw and did everything possible only it was too hectic. But your country is just amazing, beautiful, pristine but most of all your country men are full of honesty, integrity and a virtue so sublime humility. Mr. EtoSan our guide does need a special mention. He was courteous , very very in formative, full of wit and humour and ever so obliging. His knowledge and his interest in seeing that every passenger was happy and well looked after is an art worth emulating. The food, the hotels the sightseeing itinerary were planned and executed to our entire satisfaction. Thank you so much for the beautiful holiday. I am all praise for your Company. Thank you.

Roshan & Katy from India


4/01/2013 - 4/07/2013 / April 9th, 2013   

We returned from our holiday in Japan yesterday, the Golden Route Japan Cherry Blossom reverse, and would just like to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour. We thought that everything was very well arranged, and the itinerary was excellent, fitting in so much and really letting us see lots of sights. The hotels were of top quality ad provided first class facilities.

Our tour guide was also very good and we would recommend her.

All in all we had a great time and are very pleased that we chose All Japan Tours.

Jane and David Hambling from UK


3/24/2013 - 3/30/2013 / April 5th, 2013   

Just want to drop an email to say thank you.

The tour was fantastic and we all enjoyed the trip very much.

Thank you very much for helping us find the flight and great accommodation.

Willy & Lusy

Private Custom Tour

12/22/2012 - 12/29/2012 / Jan 15th, 2013   

We are finally home after a month away in HK and Japan, and we would like to inform you that we all had a wonderful and truly memorable family reunion trip in Japan.

Not only was it well organised, we were treated to a luxurious 40 seater bus and travelled in safety and comfort throughout our stops in Japan. All the hotels and onsens we stayed at were first-class especially the Sansuroi onsen in Hakone. There were so many highlights and impressions we all had, but one stand-out was seeing the magnificence and beauty of a perfect Mt Fuji on Christmas day – it was perfect blue skies and sunshine, leaving an indelible view in our memories to last a lifetime.

I will send you a picture once I download all my photos.

On top of such a well organised trip was the professionalism and hospitality of Mr Ito, we are grateful for him looking after us so well throughout our trip … we bid him Syonara not as a tour guide, but as our friend, and I must say that my kids miss him too!

We would also like to thank Takeue-san (the driver) for his professionalism and keeping us all safe on the long and snowy roads as we meandered from Tokyo to Hakone and up to Takayama onwards. We had the luxury of snoozing whilst he had to stay alert on the roads.

Please pass on our gratitude to Mr Ito and Takeue-san, and the tour company they represent, we would like them to know of our gratitude and positive feedback on their service.

Finally, thank you for your professionalism and quick response throughout our planning correspondence. We are thankful for the itinerary you suggested, and we have no hesitation in recommending ATJ to any relatives and friends … and of course, we would love to organise our 2nd family reunion trip sometime to perhaps Hokkaido or Kyushu … maybe oneday!

On behalf of my parents, sister’s family and my family,

Thank you very much.

Joanne from Australia


12/23/2012 - 1/1/2013 / Jan 14th, 2013   

Happy New Year to you and all the best for the new year

i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and Shinsu Travel. it was a very good and memorable trip.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Special credit goes to Kim San. She is real asset to you and Shinsu Travel. She is truly dedicated to her profession and care for the group.

We especially appreciate all the information she has provided us about japan, her people, culture, food and society etc. This provides us an insight to our tour and allows us to appreciate Japan.

Hope we will find another opportunity to return to Japan in the near future.

A big "thank You" to you and your team



Eric from Australia


10/28/2012 - 11/3/2012 / Nov 7th, 2012   

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the tour. It was very well organized and I didn't feel rushed at any time. Kim was an exceptional tour guide and would love to do another tour with her in the future. Thank you for your's and Kim's help in organizing our extra days and from Tokyo to Osaka

Yours truly

Jeto from Canada


10/28/2012 - 11/3/2012 / Nov 5th, 2012   

What a great tour! Kim and Maoru were the best and we enjoyed every phase of the tour. Those traveling with us also appreciated being together, and it was funny because at one lunch, a few of us were talking about our conversations with "Kiyoshi" and how helpful he had been, which I agree with. Thank you for your assistance and advice and for being available for all the questions we had.

One constructive comment is that we would have liked to spend more time at the hot bath and maybe arrive at the hotel mid- afternoon so we can walk the grounds/hotel; and maybe delete the Toyota visit in order to accommodate this.

All in all, everything went well, weather was good, food was good, people were very nice. We are so proud to be Japanese. We will not hesitate to recommend All Japan Tours to others. Hopefully we will be able to travel with AJT again in the future.

Take care and keep safe,

Stephanie from Hawaii


4/11/2012 - 4/18/2012 / May 2nd, 2012   

I just wanted to write and tell you that your Cherry blossom tour was GREAT!

Your tours guide, Ms Kim Ng made the trip just perfect. If the weather caused things to change, she made it right. She was absolutely Fabulous.

Our bus driver Mr. Kitayama was the most courteous driver ever!

He and Kim were very Professional!

I will recommend your tour to everyone!

Thank you very much!

Samuel from Hawaii


4/8/2012 - 4/14/2012 / April 20th, 2012   

We took the April 8th to 14th tour.

I would like to thank you very much for the nice arrangement and we enjoyed the tour. We were skeptical about the arranged tours and your tour changed our thoughts. The guide, Mr. Don Lim was very good in giving the details and the care he took to keep things in a order and on time. I will recommend this to any one and we will take future tours with this type of arrangements.

Thanks again for your quick responses and help to make this trip a memorable one.

With kind regards

Iqbal from Pennsylvania


4/8/2012 - 4/14/2012 / April 12th, 2012   

I thought you may enjoy this from my clients - The Carey Family. I know I did.
See below what they wrote to me and the picture in the attachment also, of the kids and Dad.
Thanks again, you are great.

-------- Original Message --------

Thank you so much! We are in front of MT Fuji. We are having a FANTASTiC trip Thanks to you!! Our guide is AMAZING! You are the best travel agent!! Lynnette Carey

Judi - Travel Agent from California


3/25/2012 - 3/31/2012 / April 12th, 2012   

our trip was just great thanks to our wonderful guide Sia-san,please let your associates in japan know what a wonderful guide she was to our group!Our driver was great too.

best regards

Linda from California


4/1/2012 - 4/7/2012 / April 11th, 2012   

My wife and I returned from our cherry blossom tour a few days ago. I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with everything. We do not usually travel in tour groups, but felt this was the best way for us to see Japan. We were not disappointed. The extra days at the beginning and end allowed us to rest, and spend more time shopping in areas of Tokyo that were not included in the tour.

Thank you for preparing a great trip,

Thom & Mary from HongKong


4/1/2012 - 4/7/2012 / April 9th, 2012   

We got back Saturday night. We had a great time and would recommend the tour to others. The guide, Don Lim, was very good and we enjoyed all the stops and activities. The first day before the tour we went to Universal Studios and the last day we spent at Disney Sea before catching our flight home.

Thank you for all planning and information.

Dori from California


4/8/2012 - 4/14/2012 / April 8th, 2012   

Just arriving home today from our trip. The whole experience from when I first emailed to you, till we left our tour was "first class".
We especially appreciated your attentiion to all our emails and requests.
You will be pleased to know that with your detailed train directions for us to find the Bonsai Village, we were able to spend a very pleasant morning there yesterday.

Don the tour guide, did a great job, going out of his way to be helpful and patient with everyone.

Thank you again.

PS i showed the itinerary to our Japanese Teacher at my school, he is from Kobe originally. He was very impressed and considering one of your tours.

Lyn and Chris from Australia


5/11/2016 - 5/21/2016 / May 24th, 2016   

I wanted to let you know how pleased my family was with our trip on all levels. Our guides Kim, Yuri and Billy were excellent and the tour was very well coordinated. Without question we will recommend All Japan Tours for anyone visiting Japan.

Michael & Leigh from Florida


10/16/2016 - 10/22/2016 / October 24th, 2016   

Hi, I we just returned home from our Japan honeymoon and wanted to share what a wonderful experience we had on the tour! Billy was a great guide and host and shared a lot of information and laughs with the group. He is great at what he does and we thank All Japan Tours for the great time. Take care and have a great day!

Donald from Canada





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