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Japan Custom Private Tour

4/10/2024 - 4/21/2024 / 2024-04-10   

Loved Naoshima Island and the tour had just enough time with guide and private time. Seemed slightly complicated to get there from Okayama so was very happy to have someone guide me to the island.

Ms. Donna Blackwell

Kwan 0409

4/9/2024 - 4/24/2024 / 2024-04-09   

I appreciate our planner Kiyoshi's patience with our specific requests on our trip. Kiyoshi was prompt to reply to my emails every time, and there were bookings that we could not have done without Kiyoshi's assistance. The tour that AJT arranged for us was very good. In spite of a less than ideal weather, our tour guide Joyce did not disappoint, she was able to make the tour just as interesting. The activities and services that AJT provided were as planned and detailed instructions were also provided. I would recommend AJT services to my friends and family. Thank you for a great trip!

Mrs. Kwan

Japan Custom Private Tour

4/2/2024 - 4/21/2024 / 2024-04-02   

All i can say is wow! Extremely well planned, efficient, and itinerary as expected. We were able to do things that would be simply impossible otherwise. Thank you and we are definitely coming back to Japan with you.

Mr. Sanjay Singh

Custom Private Tour

3/22/2024 - 3/29/2024 / 2024-03-22   

Our tour guide Mrs. Haruyo Nishitani was absolutely amazing and genuine. The transportation personal was on time and very professional. The vehicles were very clean spacious.

Mrs. Cooper

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/10/2024 - 3/21/2024 / 2024-03-10   

Let me just say that before the trip I had my reservation about a place no one I know personally has gone to. I had no reference to turn to other than google and social media. I was stressing about the language, customs, money, etc. AJT sent some info on this but it wasn’t until my husband and I met our driver that my worries disappeared. The driver, both guides, hotel staff, and literally anyone we interacted with was so nice and willing to teach or help us with what we needed even if there was a language barrier. AJT was also just as amazing when it came to the planning and execution. Everything turned out as planned. Everyone arrived on time and the directions were as described. As background we chose to do a private guide for most of the days and use public transportation. It was so nice to not have to worry about how to get to the hotel from the airport and vice versa or figure out what to do in each city thanks to AJT. Our guides (Ken and Hiro) were also a big factor to why we had such a good time. They were so amazing to us and we learned a lot. We had our itinerary set but within the areas we were at they directed us towards things we might like based on our convos and getting to know us. If you’re planning on going to Tokyo ask for Mr. Ken and if you’re in the Osaka area ask for Mr. Fukui aka Hiro. As for the public transportation do not be scared Japan is super advanced when it comes to their transportation system and google maps is very detailed when it comes to the trains you need to take. Our guides helped us navigate the train system the first day we met them so that when we had our free days we could maximize our day rather than struggle and waste time trying to understand it. The hotels were also amazing. I did change one of the hotels during the planning stage of the trip just because I wanted a more upscale looking hotel and im glad I did because we ended up loving it and the other hotel was recommended by AJT was also really great. But be warned do NOT expect a lot of square footage its the norm but as long as you know to expect that you can adapt. I knew that before the trip but we made it work and we brought a lot of luggages so it is possible. We loved this trip so much we are planning to go again and explore other areas of Japan in the near future.

Mr. & Mrs. Masoud

Custom Private Tour

2/4/2024 - 2/12/2024 / 2024-02-04   

Our private tour was great, thanks to our expert guide, Kenji Sawada. He listened to us, catered to our needs, adapted to our requests, and gave wonderful recommendations. He also took amazing photos of us given his background as a photographer. He was intuitive, friendly and great energy that he matched to ours.

Ms. Kwon - Travel Edge

Japan Custom Private Tour

11/12/2023 - 11/25/2023 / 2023-11-12   

We had a great time. I feel we had the best of everything. The best hotels, the best transportation, best guides, best Onsens, best activities and best itinerary for our trip.

Dr. Aline Wang

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/28/2023 - 11/4/2023 / 2023-10-28   

We had the BEST time during our 1 week tour! Our sightseeing schedule was full every day - and amazingly, it all worked! Tour guides, drivers, trains, and hotels were punctual, well-staffed, and very professional. We appreciate that AJT created a personalized tour for us based on my son's special interests in Samurai, Ninjas, and Anime - while also including my interests in seeing the fall foliage, culture, gardens, and an overnight sty at a ryokan. We learned so much about Japan from this tour!

Mrs. Jacqueline Prause

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/16/2023 - 10/29/2023 / 2023-10-16   

In general tour was nicely organized especially transportation and guides were helpful.

Mr. Lieven Naessens

Japan Custom Private Tour

9/19/2023 - 9/29/2023 / 2023-09-19   


Mr. Anton Anastasov

Jeon 0910 Private Tour

9/10/2023 - 9/22/2023 / 2023-09-10   

All well coordinated and thought out! Very thorough and easy to follow!

Mr. Jeon

Custom Group Tour

8/4/2023 - 8/12/2023 / 2023-08-04   

Kiyoshi Katsume was very patient and accommodating to all of our requests as we worked to find a good balance between tour activities and cost. The accommodations were all wonderful. We especially enjoyed the ryokan Aura Tachibana in Hakone, with its beautiful outdoor onsen. Our tour guide Hiro Fukui in Kyoto was so friendly, and so generous with his time and knowledge. He also offered help in the event our travel plans were potentially affected by an incoming typhoon. Our tour guide Mr. Nooga for the Mt. Fuji climb was invaluable - we wouldn’t have made it to the summit without him. Although we chose to explore and navigate to Tokyo on our own, Mr. Katsume was so helpful in explaining which trains to take, how to get to our accommodations, and also where to buy tickets for a baseball game. AJT also gave us excellent advice regarding travel during the busy obon season. We are so thankful for all the arrangements, information, and advice provided by AJT. We had a wonderful balance of guided tours and time and confidence to travel on our own. Thank you!

Mrs. Tamura

Japan Custom Group Tour

6/30/2023 - 7/12/2023 / 2023-06-30   

We had a wonderful time visiting Tokyo, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa and Kyoto. Kiyoshi did a fantastic job helping us narrow the itinerary for each destination. We had many questions and Kiyoshi always responded quickly and provided enough details for us to make comfortable decisions regarding our tours. Kiyoshi’s efforts to accommodate the increase in our group size from 6 to 10 on relatively short notice was exceptional. All of our tour guides in Japan (Mariko, Ayumi, Fujita and Yoshiko) were extremely professional, knowledgeable, energetic and personable. They took time to plan our days to ensure we have the maximum experience. We really appreciated all the tour guides were able to bring us to specific itinerary locations with few foot traffic for great photo opportunities. One of our favorite highlight was staying at the ryokan in Takayama and we would not have considered this if we were to plan our own trip. The hotels were centrally located and close to the train stations for us to explore each city at night. Kiyoshi also provided us with Japan's local tour contact information which we used when there was a slight traffic delay (10 minutes) on our transfer to the airport. We will definitely use AJT for future trips to Japan and would highly recommend AJT to others.

Ms. Lau

Japan Private Custom Family Tour

6/21/2023 - 6/30/2023 / 2023-06-21   

Most of the hotels were very good except for the Righa Gran Kyoto: The room was too small to be comfortable. All the guides were excellent and transportation were adequate.

Mr. Tsutsumi

Japan Custom Private Tour

6/15/2023 - 6/21/2023 / 2023-06-15   

Well planned and well led, it covered everything we asked for and more.

Mr. Kopania

Japan Private Custom Tour

6/12/2023 - 6/19/2023 / 2023-06-12   

our guides were pleasant and knowledgeable and we enjoyed our time with both of them. Joyce was fabulous in Tokyo and Hiro was amazing in Kyoto. Both were flexible if we wanted to add or change something. my only comment would be not to recommend the ryokan we stayed at (if you recall our original reservation was changed due to maintenance and we chose the lower cost option you gave us) but that facility was disappointing compared to our other accommodations.

Mr. Meenan

Japan Custom Private Tour

6/7/2023 - 6/21/2023 / 2023-06-07   

The highlights are Shirakawa-go, Takayama, the ryokan, Kyoto and Nara deer park.

Mr. Lee

Japan Custom Private Tour

5/28/2023 - 6/1/2023 / 2023-05-28   

We had a fabulous time and our guides were spectacular. We have emailed them directly with our review.

Ms. Corinne

Japan Private Tour

5/9/2023 - 5/29/2023 / 2023-05-09   

Our tour was phenomenal. Everything was well planned, with even small details taken care of…like including maps and reserved train seats.

Mrs. Bury

Japan Custom Private Tour

5/9/2023 - 5/29/2023 / 2023-05-09   

Our private tour of Japan was fantastic! From the complete, thoughtful itinerary, to the comfortable accomodations to the most wonderful guides - everything was planned and executed to perfection. We appreciated how AJT took our desires into consideration and then made sure we experienced as much of Japan as our time allowed. We especially want to complement the wonderful local guides we had at each stop of our tour. They truly made our trip unforgettable. We would not hesitate to recommend AJT!

Mrs. Traino

Japan Custom Private Tour

5/6/2023 - 5/21/2023 / 2023-05-06   

Where do I start? In short, this tour was perfect. Everything, from the itinerary to the choice of hotels, to the travel arrangements, to the quality of tour guides, was flawless. We were blown away by how seamless everything was and how easy it was to get around. The attention to detail paid by the AJT staff was world-class and exceeded anything that we have ever experienced. My wife and I are both seasoned luxury tourists (having visited 42 countries together) and this was maybe our best travel experience, ever.

Mr. Franklin

Bolos 0412 Private Tour

/ 2023-04-12   

1. Since it was private tour where we identified sites to visit, it was a fantastic trip. I would have added a day or two in each of the major cities (Osaka, Kyoto & Tokyo) to explore on our own to shop and enjoy additional restaurants. 2. Breakfast included daily is a must 3. Would have been nice to have recommendations regarding specialties of each location to include list of restaurant recommendations close to hotel.

Ms. Wong

Custom Private Tour

4/2/2023 - 4/15/2023 / 2023-04-22   

Our honeymoon was everything we could have dreamed of and so much more. The itinerary was fantastic as were our guides and every location we stayed.

Mrs. Tracey-Stone

Private Custom Tour

3/25/2023 - 4/8/2023 / 2023-4-10   

The tour was fantastic! We saw peak cherry blossoms and saw amazing sites in 5 different cities. Everything went smoothly - all of the transportation was seamless and we were able to see a huge portion of the island in 14 days due to how efficient the tour was organized. I highly recommend the tour for anyone who is nervous about traveling to Japan because they aren't personally familiar with the country/culture - AJT makes it so easy to just enjoy the trip! We especially enjoyed our guides Marta (Takayma/Shirwakaga-Go), TK (our second Tokyo and Hakone guide) as well as our Hiroshima and Kyoto guides

Mr. Lewis

Japan Private Custom Tour

3/3/2023 - 3/12/2023 / 2023-03-03   

I truly enjoyed my time with AJT's tour directors. They gave us an inside look into Japan's culture and sites. Not just a scripted site-seeing tour but a peek into their personal love for Japan, as well as, an understanding about the history of each site.

Ms. Xryztion

Japan Private Custom Tour

12/25/2022 - 1/3/2023 / 2023-2-13   

I Luved everything Our organizer Kiyoshi was amazing and Joyce is simply the best guide anybody could ever dream of!!! She is a gem! Luvvvvvvv her! Consider her family at this point !!! 1000%% would recommend

Ms. Bertolani

Japan Private Custom Tour

12/1/2022 - 12/10/2022 / 2022-12-01   

Trip to Japan was our long waited journey since our last booking for Olympic games was cancelled. With AJT during strict provisions in entering Japan since pandemic, were all made possible. Our family had the most wonderful experience throughout the whole 10 days in Japan. We are very glad of AJT's service. From doing our itinerary, promptly replying my mails and questions, the accomodation, sightseeing, transport service from airport to hotel and back. Our patient and hospitable tour guide Ms. Barbara Chin, We might lost from metro without you. We are happy with your company. Absolutely amazing to see Japan and the helpful warm people. Our trip was all worth it! Thank you for organizing everything smoothly and clearly this trip. From: Mrs. Koskinen Tavallisesti kun matkustamme, kuljemme omatoimisella matkalla, siis ostaen lennot ja hotellit itse. Japanin matkan hinta tuntui ennen matkaa kalliilta. Mutta matkan aikana huomasimme, että ohjelma ja järjestelyt olivat huolellisesti suunnitellut. Liikkuminen Tokion metroissa, matka tulivuorelle olisi ollut omatoimimatkalla hyvin hankala toteuttaa. Oppaan palvelut olivat täsmällisiä ja hyvin hoidettuja. Kuljetukset lentokentältä ja lentokentälle oli hyvin hoidettuja. Jälkeenpäin ajatellen , matkan hinta oli ollut kohtuullinen ja olemme tyytyväisiä saamaamme palveluun. Message from: Mr. Kalevi Koskinen

Ms. Marylou

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/9/2022 - 11/27/2022 / 2022-11-29   

Kiyoshi-san: It does not seem like this person sleeps. He is always so prompt in responding to our never ending questions, even when we send e-mails late at night. We also recognize that some of our questions are hard to answer, because Japan had not opened itself to visitors when we made our reservations with AJT, but Kiyoshi-san always takes time and effort to reply to every single one of our question to the best of his ability. When we had to change our itinerary (because Japan finally opened-up), Kiyoshi-san was very prompt in sending us our revised itinerary once we asked for it - we really appreciate this. Kiyoshi-san, thank you for making this trip for us possible. We would not have gone through with this trip, but for your speedy and detailed responses. We also want to thank you for your patience and understanding (as we were hedging on Japan opening up, and also our own work commitment) as we took some time to finally make payment. Kiyoko-san: We are extremely fortunate to have met a tour guide like Kiyoko-san. A very friendly, warm, witty and patient tour guide. Always going the extra mile for us behind the scenes - this is something we really appreciate. All 5 of us are extremely happy with your services. and we are so grateful and lucky to have a tour guide like you. Kiyoko-san, if you are reading this, we want to let you know that we have spread your good- name to our close contacts - anyone who is keen on doing the Nakasendo Trail (or any other tours / hike in Japan), your name is number 1 on the list. You may not see us so soon, but you will likely meet some of our other friends soon. Thank you Kiyoko-san! When you come to Singapore, please remember to contact us and we will bring you out for a nice meal. Thank you AJT for making this trip possible for us.

Mr. Tay

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/19/2022 - 11/28/2022 / 2022-12-6   

This was the perfect tour. We were a group of 10; 6 adults and 4 kids. We had the time of our lives thanks to this fantastic private tour. 100% recommendable. All our tour guides were excellent, they went above and beyond for us, specially Hiro. We travel a lot so, we can say this tour was outstanding.

Ms. Lattore

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/8/2022 - 11/18/2022 / 2022-11-27   

My wife and I booked a Private Custom Tour as our trip included visiting traditional sites, relatives and friends in multiple cities. Our travel agent (Kiyoshi Katsume) was terrific with structuring our itinerary (we had to cancel and re-book due to COVID). The guides/translators were extremely professional, personable, flexible and kind. They helped us with anything and everything that presented itself. We would highly recommend working with Japan Tours.

Mr. Bailey

Japan Private Custom Tour

11/3/2022 - 11/13/2022 / 2022-11-23   

All Japan Tours did a wonderful job of putting a private tour together for us at the last minute, when a group tour we had planned on was cancelled. Our guides were very helpful in steering us around the country and squeezing in many glorious sights every day. A highlight was the ryokan with the stellar view of Mt. Fuji out our window, the various fun neighborhoods of Tokyo, Todai-ji in Kamakura and the beautiful shrines and gardens of Kyoto.

Mr. Norkin

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/29/2022 - 11/3/2022 / 2022-11-15   

I really enjoyed my first time visit to Japan, and the tour guide was super nice, and patient with me. The tour guide showed me pop culture and traditional/rural areas throughout Tokyo. The tour guide totally helped me on how to use the train stations and proper ettiquette in Japan.

Mr. Evbuomwan

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/26/2022 - 11/18/2022 / 2022-12-1   

The Van was a really beneficial thing to have. We did not have to think and figure out train schedules when we had the van. Riding trains is fun, but requires more thought and planning and there is also some time pressure. With the van, there is none of that. We appreciated the excellent English-speaking ability of all the guides. That made life so much easier. The best part was that many of them were so willing to be so helpful. Yuki helped us ship a box back to the USA at the post office. It was really hard and took a long time. She also helped us use a takuhaibin service for the first time which also took extra time and effort. The guides and drivers never complained when we went over the 8 hour time period. They were also willing to do what we wanted as long as it was reasonable. We all felt so extremely blessed by the generosity and hospitality of the japanese culture and people. Our guides and drivers were the best example of that as it felt like they would do anything they could to help us have the best trip possible.

Mr. Pettus

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/4/2022 - 10/9/2022 / 2022-10-19   

Easy to get around with tour guide and informative with fun facts. They enriched our experience with their knowledge.

Ms. Sirimitr

Japan Private Custom Tour

9/30/2022 - 10/10/2022 / 2022-10-25   

It was truly amazing. This was my first time in Japan, and I would absolutely recommend anyone wanting to visit to go with AJT. The staff was patient accommodating every step of the way when planning the tour. We had 3 guides during our tour as we traveled through different cities, and all of them were great! They helped make the trip quite memorable. I would not hesitate to book a tour with AJT in the future.

Mr. Avulov

Japan Private Custom Tour

9/25/2022 - 10/4/2022 / 2022-10-16   

Terrific guides in both Tokyo and Kyoto. They had flexibility to adjust the schedule in small ways and worked hard to find us good vegan food. They were really knowledgeable about history and current living, making our visit very interesting. We were really pleased with the various elements of the itinerary: museum, Zen temple food, nature, art shopping (which we asked for whilst after arriving in Japan), samurai experience, trip to Nara from Kyoto. It was great been shown around by our guides, not only for there knowledge but also we dind't have to worry about how to get around, especially in Tokyo.

Mr. Dixon

Japan Private Custom Tour

9/24/2022 - 9/28/2022 / 2022-09-30   

Ms Hiroko went above and beyond to ensure we had a pleasant and eventful holiday. She went out of her way to make sure we got to see everything we wanted to see.

Ms. Kirstie

Japan Custom Group Tour

9/8/2022 - 9/15/2022 / 2022-09-20   

organizing a customized group tour with participants from all over the world during a pandemic, with all the restrictions, is not easy - but it all worked out perfectly in the end and it was a very enjoyable tour!

Ms. Nina Group

Japan Private Custom Tour

8/10/2022 - 8/24/2022 / 2022-08-10   

Our tour guide, Miharu, was wonderful! She interacted well with our teenagers and gauged their interest and tiredness factors perfectly. We really enjoyed our Tokyo tour!

Mr. Brown

Japan Private Custom Tour

8/9/2022 - 8/18/2022 / 2022-8-24   

Mr. Zachariah

Japan Private Custom Tour

8/3/2022 - 8/12/2022 / 2022-08-27   

Our guides were kind and knowledgeable.

Mr. Huang

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/24/2022-7/31/2022 / 2022-08-27   

Everything about travelling with All Japan Tours was excellent! Our guides Kimi-san and Mariko-san were so accommodating, knowledgeable, and fun! They answered all our questions about locations, culture and everyday life, and educated us on the history and significance of what we were experiencing every day. We were in Tokyo for 8 days and they made sure we got the absolute most out of every day we were there! From showing us little out of the way shops, to taking us to Odaiba, they were so kind, professional, and wonderful to spend our time with. And we can't forget to mention our contact and tour organizer, Kiyoshi-san! Kiyoshi-san was so amazing in organizing our days, including things that we might enjoy and that we would never have thought of ourselves! Even when we were down to the wire for getting things ready, Kiyoshi-san was always making sure we had the experience we wanted. This trip was beyond amazing! I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever with going with All Japan Tours! They made our dream a reality and it was spectacular! When we go back, we want to be with these amazing people and company!

Miss Cassandra Alice Dawn Blenkin

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/9/2022 - 7/23/2022 / 2022-08-20   

Mrs. Patti Koide

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/7/2022-7/17/2022 / 2022-07-26   

Billy did an incredible job and we're so happy with the experience we had. Thank you to AJT for helping to make this trip happen. No doubt our trip was better because of your involvement.

Mrs. Alisa Violet Torres Holland

Japan Private Custom Tour

2/24/2020-3/2/2020 / March 6, 2020   

The places selected are a must place to see . The transportation taxi worked out very fine and our guides fitted to our needs . Informative , efficient and excellent tour guides . The hotels are located where we would like it to be . Highly recommend your company and thank you for setting up this tour for us .

Corazon, Cesar & Raymond from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

12/22/2019-1/1/2020 / January 7   

we had a fabulous tour and absolutely loved Japan! Everything was done as planned and Japan is a wonderful destination! We were impressed by the scenery, sites, cleanliness and overall efficiency we encountered everywhere.

Mark, Victoria, Brynne & Jadyn from New York

Yonaguni Fishing Trip 2019

9/21/2019-9/25/2019 / November 4   

Excellent - well looked after by everyone

Cristopher, Bernard & Philip

Japan Private Custom Tour

10/20/2019-11/6/2019 / November 25   

The guides were lovely and each brought something different to the tour. Our emailed requirements were met in every aspect. Well done to all. Thank you. ps our photos on the phone are not good enough to share.

David & Jane from Australia

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/28/2019-8/3/2019 / September 4   

The tour was amazing! My family and I had a blast during the tour. One of the best features of the tour would have to be the flexibility. The tour guides accommodate to you extremely well and know the best food places during lunch. They try their best to help you even after the tour is finished and give so much free time to spend in the areas you decided to go to. We certainly would not have able to navigate Japan as efficiently without them.

Dr. Tran Family from California

Japan Private Custom Tour

7/25/2019-8/3/2019 / August 14, 2019   

Excellent tour overall. In particular, the tour guides were greatly knowledgeable and friendly: Ms. Yoshika Morishima (Kyoto) Ms. Izumi Kudo (Kanazawa, Shirkawa-go) Ms. Natsuko Tsukogashi (Takayama) Ms. Hiroko Serita (Tokyo)

John, Alessandra, Nicholas and Edilson from Connecticut

Japan Private Custom Tour

6/30/2019-7/7/2019 / July 15, 2019   

The personal attention of our family's guides, Ms. Yoshika Morishima in the Kyoto area and Ms. Yoko Watanabe in the Tokyo area were excellent. They efficiently took us to the top sites, recommended the best places to eat, and shared interesting information about the sites we visited.

The Janelli family from Ohio

Japan Private Custom Tour

6/1/2019-6/15/2019 / June 21, 2019   

Since we stayed an extra week, learning the transportation system was key. They guides were very helpful in that regard,

George & Nathaniel from Virginia

Japan Private Custom Tour

5/23/2019-5/26/2019 / June 1, 2019   

Mariko Kawasaki met me in the lobby of my hotel and by the time we had spent the day together we were good friends. She made my tour personal and very special. I could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Ms. Mary K Powell

Japan Private Custom Tour

4/11/2019-4/14/2019 / 2019-04-11   

Thank you for a wonderful tour.
I appreciate each of the tour guides and their helpfulness.
Each of them was a pleasure to be with.
I had a great time, as did my daughter and her boyfriend.
Everything went off without any problems.
Getting around Japan was easy and enjoyable.

Walter from Texas

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/28/2019-4/17/2019 / April 23, 2019   

I've been ruminating about our wonderful trip. Every place we visited gave us memories never to be forgotten.
The guides were wonderful to us and worked diligently on our behalf. We enjoyed them very much.
The accomodations were splendid and a couple were out of this world.
The sites, shows, gardens, temples, shrines, museums. galleries, markets, subways, trains, busses, and beautiful people were everything I had hoped our trip could be.
Thank you one last time for all of your help and expertise. I hope we can return to Japan someday, and will look forward to working with you again on that return trip.
Your the best!

Stephen & Carolyn from Georgia

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/26/2019-4/5/2019 / April 11, 2019   

We are not the average tourist so we are hard to please but very pleased

Dennis & Mai from North Carolina

Japan Custom Private Tour

3/16/2019 - 3/31/2019 / April 2, 2019   

The guides were first rate. Very knowledgable, caring and considerate. Hiroko in Tokyo was especially charming and engaging. Hiro in Kyoto was a wealth of information. Miki in Hiroshima was very caring. The tour itself was very organized. Pickup at the airport and transport for our departure was very prompt and courteous.

Ena & Ernest from Mexico

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/26/2018 - 11/8/2018 / November 24, 2018   

As I was sharing with others about our tour, I became aware our hotel accommodations were very close to the subways and places to shop, eat, etc. I’m glad Kiyoshi planned it this way! While we had a longer bus ride from Tokyo to Kyoto, I’m glad it was fashioned this way, as we had lots of luggage in our group and would have. had a difficult time maneuvering around in the stations. During our long rides, we were entertained and given information about the places we were to visit. Glad we were able to have Eileen as our tour guide the remainder of you trip! Tour is tight with not too much time in some of places we visited, however, I think you tried to acommodate what we wanted to see in the days we had planned. We therefore understand why our schedule was tight. Otherwise we were very happy with everything in our tour!

Woon and Yee family

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/26/2018 - 11/8/2018 / November 29, 2018   

Tour Guide was very knowledgeable about tour site, optional eating suggestions, and shopping locations. Our Tour bus driver was excellent.

Edward & family from California

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/13/2018 - 10/21/2018 / October 23, 2018   

We are very grateful to have Mr. Suzuki-san as our tour guide , he's a total star ... so nice and helpful, we also want to send our appreciation for Mr. Hirakawa-san who had taken us along our trip safely. The itinerary was excellent despite of our limited time, it would be nice if we add 2 or 3 more days so we can have more time to enjoy the onsen, view, shopping and foods. However, we are very satisfied with all the itinerary, accomodation, transportation and service.

Nancy from Indonesia

Japan Custom Private Tour

10/5/2018 - 10/20/2018 / November 19, 2018   

We loved the knife factory. We appreciate Kiyoshi's help in whatever I enquired about. Kiyoshi was very flexible in changing our itinerary when circumstances changed. We would highly recommend Kiyoshi and AJT to any of our friends.

The Burns Family from Canada

Japan Custom Private Tour

9/23/2018 - 10/3/2018 / October 5, 2018   

It was a pleasure working with Kiyoshi on our private tour. In Hokkaido, Megumi really helped to make our trip special, even arranging a birthday sushi cake for lunch. Our English speaking driver, Shu was great. Professional yet friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, very accommodating. We were able to do, see and eat what we wanted in at a relaxed pace.

Wong & Kimura Family from Hawaii

Japan Custom Private Tour

6/3/2017 - 6/13/2017 / July 14th, 2017   

Our family was worn out when we returned home but very happy.
We are still talking about our time in Japan.

Billy was a great guide and went way over and beyond with many of the things he did for us. He was patient and very informative. We appreciated the historical and practical information he shared with us.

Thank you again for your guidance and help in planning our family trip. The only thing we might have changed was a later start a few mornings in Tokyo. And that’s about it!

We are happy to recommend you to our friends and will offer a recommendation to any of your clients on Billy’s behalf.

Judi and Dr. Kent Nakamaru

Private Custom Tour

12/22/2012 - 12/29/2012 / Jan 15th, 2013   

We are finally home after a month away in HK and Japan, and we would like to inform you that we all had a wonderful and truly memorable family reunion trip in Japan.

Not only was it well organised, we were treated to a luxurious 40 seater bus and travelled in safety and comfort throughout our stops in Japan. All the hotels and onsens we stayed at were first-class especially the Sansuroi onsen in Hakone. There were so many highlights and impressions we all had, but one stand-out was seeing the magnificence and beauty of a perfect Mt Fuji on Christmas day – it was perfect blue skies and sunshine, leaving an indelible view in our memories to last a lifetime.

I will send you a picture once I download all my photos.

On top of such a well organised trip was the professionalism and hospitality of Mr Ito, we are grateful for him looking after us so well throughout our trip … we bid him Syonara not as a tour guide, but as our friend, and I must say that my kids miss him too!

We would also like to thank Takeue-san (the driver) for his professionalism and keeping us all safe on the long and snowy roads as we meandered from Tokyo to Hakone and up to Takayama onwards. We had the luxury of snoozing whilst he had to stay alert on the roads.

Please pass on our gratitude to Mr Ito and Takeue-san, and the tour company they represent, we would like them to know of our gratitude and positive feedback on their service.

Finally, thank you for your professionalism and quick response throughout our planning correspondence. We are thankful for the itinerary you suggested, and we have no hesitation in recommending ATJ to any relatives and friends … and of course, we would love to organise our 2nd family reunion trip sometime to perhaps Hokkaido or Kyushu … maybe oneday!

On behalf of my parents, sister’s family and my family,

Thank you very much.

Joanne from Australia

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