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Inuyama is located on the northern edge of Aichi Prefecture near Gifu Prefecture and is famous for its deep cultural roots dating back to feudal Momoyama period.


Inuyama is located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This location is famous for its deep roots from the Momoyama Period to the Meiji period sites. One of the remaining original castles of Japan is the Inuyama Castle and was designated as a Japanese national treasure twice. Inuyama castle is built traditionally out of wood and is regarded not only as one of the oldest original castles, but also an excellent example of the Momoyama period architectural style in Japan. Meiji Mura is an open-air museum for travelers and locals to experience the architectural building styles from the Meiji period of Japan. Over 60 historical buildings have been moved and reconstructed at this location for visitors to experience the fusion of traditional Japanese with a mix of European architecture style.

Shrines and festivals are also very popular in Inuyama. The Momotaro Shrine attracts visitors from all over the world. It is a shrine dedicated to the oldest and well- known fairy tale in Japan, which is about the peach boy named Momotaro. The Inuyama Festival is one of the top festivals locals attend each year. The small-town festival was first held in 1625. It consists of 13 antique floats as tall as 25 feet tall, with the highlight of the festival being in the evening. At night the antique floats are illuminated by hundreds of lanterns.