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Norikura is a highland around Nagano's western border with Gifu.


Norikura is a highland around Nagano's western border with Gifu. It ranges in height from 1,400 to 1,500 meters, and is surrounded by white birch, plum and larch trees. Mt. Norikura-dake near the highland is the location of the Ushidome-ike Pond, which was formed by a volcanic eruption. It is surrounded by evergreen trees, and its surface reflects their green leaves and the 23 peaks of Mt. Norikura-dake.

Dairy cows are put out to graze from early summer till autumn in the Ichinose-enchi Pasture, located almost in the middle of the Norikura-kogen Highlands. There are many walking courses to be enjoyed around the pond. The time required to complete a walk ranges from 40 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes. On the walking course near the Zengoro-no-taki Falls, you can go near enough to the waterfall to be showered by its spray.

The Shirahone-onsen Hot Spring in the north of Norikura is said to have already been opened in the Kamakura Period (12- 14th century). The hot water is milky and contains pure hydrogen sulfide. It is drinkable and retains heat, making it good for ailments of the stomach and intestines.