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Atami located at the root of Izu Peninsula and facing Sagami Bay, is area with modern hotels, Japanese inns with historical backgrounds.


Atami and Ito, located at the root of Izu-hanto Peninsula and facing Sagami Bay, are areas with modern hotels, Japanese inns with historical backgrounds, and various amusement facilities, all standing next to each other to form one of the leading hot spring resorts in Japan.

In Atami are the famous Atami, Izu-yama-onsen, Izu-Yugawara-onsen and Ajiro-onsen hot springs. At the heart of Atami Hot Spring resort is the Oyu Geyser that spouts huge quantities of hot water. Another attraction is the MOA Museum, located atop the hill on the mountainside of Atami Station, that houses approximately 3,500 paintings, mainly oriental, as well as works of applied arts. A Noh theater and a golden tearoom are annexed to the compound of the museum.

In Ito is the Ito Hot Spring, located along the Matsu-kawa River that runs through the city. The hot spring boasts of an abundant quantity of hot water, with an output that reaches 33,000 liters per minute, making it one of the largest hot springs in the Kanto region. There are many museums of various sizes in the city, including the Ikeda 20th Century Museum that specializes in arts created on the theme "human" by artists of the 20th century, and the Izu Music Box Museum, a sound museum that exhibits antique music boxes from all over the world, as well as about 80 automated musical instruments.