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Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture is the leading industrial prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast and is part of the Hokuriku Region.

Toyama Prefecture is located in the Hokuriku Region and is the leading industrial prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast. There are abundant resources of hydroelectric power, which makes electricity cheap for the area. It is also the place where the only known glaciers of East Asia can be found. Toyama Prefecture situated near Kanazawa and the Japan Alps. The proximity to the Alps makes Toyama a gateway for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Back in the day the area was once part of the Etchu Province towards the end of the 7th century. There were consistent battles in the area with the power struggles between Uesugi Kenshin and Oda Nobunaga. The region fell under the rule of Sassa Narimasa, a general under Oda Nobunaga.

In the 17th century it was ruled by the Maeda Clan until it was given to the Toyama Clan, whose leader was Maeda Toshitsugu. It was at this time that many irrigation canals were constructed to deal with the heavy flooding. This helped to develop rice farming, which led to the start to various industries like agriculture and medicine making. When the han system was abolished in 1871 many areas merged together to form the present Toyama Prefecture. Toyama has worked towards creating friendly relations with the nearby countries and strives to become a base for active exchange in the Sea of Japan. Some of the places to take note of in the prefecture are the Alpine Route and Kurobe Gorge.