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Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Prefecture is known for the Narita International Airport, the busiest international airport in Japan.

Chiba Prefecture is situated to the east of Tokyo. The area is a combination of agricultural and industrial industries. Their agriculture production is second to Hokkaido, but is the leader to the overall output of carrots, cabbages, daikon, pears, negi, tomatoes, peanuts and spinach. The prefecture is most known for Narita Airport, the busiest international airport in Japan. A number of other facilities, representative of Japan, can be spotted in the prefecture like the Makuhari Messe (a large scale convention center), Kazusa Academia Park, Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, and Tokyo Disneyland. The northern part of the prefecture resides in the Kanto Plain and the southern central part is in the Boso Hanto Peninsula.

The Boso Hanto Peninsula is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the east and to the west is Tokyo Bay and Uraga Channel. The oceanic climate allows the area to remain warm even in winter. There are a few attractions that take advantage of the warm weather, such as the Mother Bokujo (ranch) and the Kamogawa Sea World, which is famous for the performances by killer whales and dolphins. In the southern part of the Boso Hanto Peninsula, where it is usually warm, the floriculture is a thriving industry. There are meadows blanketed with rape flowers in the spring, which are a symbolic sight of the Peninsula. Then, there is Mt. Nokogiriyama with thrilling sheer precipices, as well as the Kujukurihama Beach where sandy beach stretches for over 66 kilometers. Chiba offers abundant charms of both the sea and the mountains.