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Central Tokyo

Central Tokyo is the culmination of the Chiyoda, Minato, Bunkyo and Chuo wards of Tokyo.

Central Tokyo

Central Tokyo is where you can find a good portion of the area dedicated to the Imperial Palace or Kōkyo (皇居), the residence of the current emperor. It is the geographical center of the city and is surrounded by public gardens that are reminiscent of the castle town days. Here in the area is where the political and economic of Japan is based out from. Within the vicinity there are plenty bars and restaurants to enjoy with colleagues, friends, and locals.

To the east of the palace are the combined districts of Marunouchi, Ginza, and Nihombashi that form what is known as downtown Tokyo. Ginza is the where the upmarket shopping district is located. There you can find mostly every leading brand name in cosmetics and fashion. Marunouchi is the business center where many big-name companies have offices in the area. Nihombashi is the commercial center with many shops that have been around for centuries. The original wooden Nihombashi Bridge was replaced by one made of stone in the Meiji Period.

Northeast from the palace is Akihabara, the electronic mecca and otaku (geek) capital of the world. It is a popular place for people to get electronic items, but in recent years it has become the center for the geek culture in Japan. Another place of interest is the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is the largest and busiest fish market in Japan. It is there that you can witness the famed tuna auction happen. By Tokyo bay is the Hama Rikyu, which is a large landscape garden. The contrast between the surrounding skyscrapers and garden is a sight to behold.