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Izu Islands

The Izu Shichito (seven islands) Islands, floating on the Pacific Ocean south of Sagami Bay.

Izu Islands

The Izu Shichito (seven islands) Islands, floating on the Pacific Ocean south of Sagami Bay, are a group of volcanic islands in the Fuji Volcanic Belt that stretches from north to south for about 540 kilometers. The group consists of O-shima, To- shima, Nii-jima, Kozu-shima, Miyake-jima, Mikura- jima and Hachijo-jima islands, and is a part of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. When Aoga-shima Island and other small islands are included, the entire collection is called the Izu Islands, and it is administratively a part of Tokyo.

O-shima Island, the largest of the islands, is famous for its flora, such as camellias and azaleas. It is a popular resort area with a moderate climate, a fantastic view of Mt. Mihara- yama, and 'anko' a type of clothing worn by local women. Flocks of brown boobies live on To-shima Island. Nii-jima Island is famous for the scenery at Hanebushi-ura Inlet along its east coast. Kozu- shima Island's geographical features are intricate, and there are many historical ruins of temples and shrines on the island. Miyake-jima Island is famous for camellias and hydrangeas. The entire Mikura-jima Island is a vast virgin forest of box trees and chinquapins. Hachijo-jima Island has wonderful subtropical scenery. Each island welcomes many visitors every year.

All of the islands are surrounded by the beautiful ocean, and visitors can enjoy fishing, surfing, diving and many other types of marine sports. Dolphin watching is becoming more and more popular in recent years. As they are volcanic islands, there are plenty of hot springs to be found there as well.