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A city known for its hot spring locations as well as the hells of Beppu located in Oita Prefecture, Japan.


Surrounded by mountains and sea with a population of 123,000 in Oita Prefecture most well-known for the eight hells of Beppu, which is one of the most famous hot spring areas in Japan. The hot spring areas are divided into eight major locations known as the Beppu Hatto. The hells of Beppu attract thousands of travelers as a viewing area of the iconic hot springs of Oita. One of the famous springs also known as the landmark of the hells of Buppu is the Chinoike Jigoku or Bloody hell spring, which glows with a slightly natural crimson red. A wide variety of baths are offered at varies location like sand baths at Kamegawa Hot Spring. While at Kannawa Hot Spring, visitors can experience a special steam bath, which is the iconic symbol of hot springs in Beppu. Local street food at the osen areas are made with local ingredients using hot spring steams to enhance the overall natural favors of the food. Other popular tourist attractions include Umitamago Aquarium, Takasakiyama Monkey Park and Oita Prefectural Art Museum.

The Umitamago Aquarium has a unique architecture structure with intricate displays of different marine animals along with interactive activities and shows, which ranks highly among places to go with families in Beppu. At Takasakiyama Monkey Park, visitors can see over 1500 wild monkeys running around the area. While at Oita Prefectural Art Museum, guests can tour the newly constructed facility filled with modern art, sculptures as well as performance art.