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Kerama Islands

Kerama Islands have been attracting a lot of attention and are the most popular destination for tourists among the remote islands.

Kerama Islands

Okinawa Prefecture, in the southernmost part of the Japanese archipelago, consists of some 160 islands of various size. In addition to Okinawa Main Island, the Kerama Islands as well have been attracting a lot of attention and are the most popular destination for tourists among the remote islands. This cluster of about 20 islands, is 35 kilometers west of Okinawa Main Island, and includes four inhabited islands; Tokashiki-jima, Zamami-jima, Aka-jima and Kerama-jima. It takes approximately 35 minutes to reach Tokashiki-jima Island from Tomari Port (Tomarin Ferry Terminal) in Naha, and 60 minutes to reach Zamami-jima or Aka-jima Island by high-speed ship, making these islands good destinations for a daytrip. With emerald green waters transparent to a depth of 50 to 60 meters, this area is also known as one of the greatest diving spots in the world.

The largest island among the Kerama Islands is Tokashiki-jima, with a circumference of 20 kilometers. Two-hundred-meter-high hills covered with tropical vegetation abound. The highest mountain is Mt. Akama-yama, at a height of 227 meters it gives visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of the countryside. The island's crowning glory is without a doubt the shining emerald green ocean and the long, white sand beaches flecked with coral. You can enjoy all types of resort activities there, including diving and fishing. Or even watch humpback whales as they swim around the islands in early spring.

Zamami-jima Island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Enjoy diving there from spring to fall, as well as whale watching from January to March. Humpback whales mate during this time of the year, and they travel around the sea near the islands, swimming dynamically through the water and attracting many watchers. Cottages and camping sites are also available for outdoor enthusiasts.

Aka-jima and Kerama-jima islands are connected by Aka-ohashi Bridge and are surrounded by vast ocean scenery, with rocks of peculiar shapes and transparent waters. Also, there are primeval forests where the protected species of Kerama deer live, making it a wonderful spot for those who want to relax in unspoiled nature.

Kume-jima is a lush green island lying about 90 kilometers to the west of Naha. There are many tourist attractions there such as the two- kilometer-long, beautifully white Eef Beach and Hate-no-hama Island, which has the only sand beach east of Kume-jima Island. Many visitors enjoy diving and snorkeling there during the season. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the island from Naha Airport by air or four hours from Tomari Port (Tomarin Ferry Terminal) in Naha by ferry.