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Kume Island

An island located 90 kilometers west of mainland Okinawa known for its natural scenery and beautiful beaches.

Kume Island

Kume Island is a small island located 90 kilometers west of mainland Okinawa. Like everywhere else in Okinawa, this island is known for the beaches which offer snorkeling and diving that attracts thousands of travelers to visit every year. Kume Island is composed of two major towns, one of which is inhabited by Japanese locals, while the other is home to hotels, shops and restaurants for tourists looking for a perfect tropical getaway. The 7 kilometer sand bar of Hatenohama Beach bodied by water from all sides, is among the most famous attraction in Kume Island, yet can only be reached by joining local tour group. Aside from the beaches, Kume Island is also home to the Uegusuku Castle Ruins situated on the highest peaks of the island with magnificent views of the surrounding nature. Varies natural rock formations including the Tatami Ishi Rocks, Mifuga Rock, and Tatami Ishi Rocks can be explored by tourists while strolling around the island. The traditional architectural traits of the Ryukyu Kingdom can be seen from afar at Uezu Residence, the home built for a high ranking family. For travelers visiting this oasis of Okinawa, be sure to watch out for the wildlife to this natural habitat, some can be poisonous and signs are made visible for guests to notice.