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The most populated city and capital of Kagawa Prefecture also known as the smallest prefecture in Japan.


Takamatsu is the most populated city and capital of Kagawa Prefecture, also known as the smallest prefecture in Japan. It is home to the main port, used as the main entrance to the island connecting Honshu to Shikoku Island until 1988, when the Seto Ohashi Bridge opened and became the favored way to travel. During the Edo period, Takamatsu accumulated great wealth being the port city ruled by the Matsudaira clan, building lavish establishments including the famous Ritsurin Koen Park, which took over 100 years to complete. The Ritsurin Koen Park has received the highest rating from the Michelin Green Guide Japan in 2009 offering a traditional garden with seasonal flowers, 6 ponds and sceneries utilized with Shakkei, or borrowed scenery, constructed by the feudal lord of Takamatsu. The castle town of Takamatsu contributes to the historical factor attracting visitors fascinated by samurai and feudal castles including Takamatsu Castle, also known as the most famous water castle in Japan. Unfortunately, more than 78% of the city was destroyed with over 800 tons of bombs during the World War 2, an effort to disrupt the Shikoku transit systems and industry war supporters of Japan. Takamatsu is also known for the Bonsai plants, as the originating location for this unique and world famous luxurious hobby. These special plants require constant attention for the correct water supply, trimming, and fertilizing which is said to be beneficial towards building ones patience. If cared for properly, Bonsai can live up to hundreds of years with the prices as high as US$1 million dollars. After touring the city, be sure to try out the Sanuki Udon, a local specialty noodle cuisine with restaurants on every corner, giving Kagawa the nickname of Udon Prefecture. Visitors can be overwhelmed by all the different styles of udon available on the menu to choose from with sides each more delicious than the next.